Can Furries Exist the Fine Arts?

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    I go by the name Destiny (Paola de la Peña), I'm a pink Unicorn that happens to be an Artist. I create artworks centering around the Furry-Fandom. I'm interested in breaking the hierarchy between what is deemed as "Low" and "High" culture though the integration of Furries into the Fine Arts Sphere. This was made by a Furry, for the Furries! Come show your support!

    All Furries are invited to come hang out, look at some stuff and drink some drinks.
    This is a great opportunity to meet new Furries and bring visibility and understanding to the community.
    You can come and go as you wish,
    Drinks are Free if you come wearing a Fur-suit.

    See you there [​IMG]

    Date: December 2, 4pm-7pm
    Where: London
    Address: 199 Eade Road, N4 1 London
    Building: New Rivers Studio
    Facebook Event Name: Art-sans-crafts at New River Studios

    You can view my works at: paoladlp
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    That sounds so fun. Sadly, I live in the states (or is it?) and I am 13. Plus, I don't own a fursuit. Hope you guys have fun!
  3. paoladlp

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    oh that's a shame, yeah there are definitely more Furries in the US than Europe.

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