Request: Can I please get some anthro art?

Discussion in 'Art Exchange and Trades' started by PrettyRex, May 19, 2017.

  1. PrettyRex

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    I've just recently been gifted a character that doesn't have any anthro art. If you feel inclined to, can you draw some for me, pretty please? I can feasibly do a trade if you'd prefer to get something out of it, but I can only write stories. I wanna be a great artist someday but I can't get into it atm. :(

    I'd like her to be roughly 20-21 years old, and a Wolf/Fox mix (not sure what the original species was, but I'd like her to be a mix of Wolf and Fox). Otherwise, I don't care what kind of art it is (so long as it remains SFW). Seeing as I'm requesting this, I feel I shouldn't be too picky over many specifics, and I don't mind if you're not a super great artist, either! I just ask that you have fun with drawing her, should you choose to!

    Posting the pictures I have asap.

    EDIT: Here they are!

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  2. Vyyan

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    Hi! I could possibly make you something! I mainly do traditional art and, due to the fact that my mobile phone hates me, i can only post it to Instagram or email it. But if you'd be willing to deal with that, you can find some examples of my work here: Magnum frates spectat te (@xdeer.pantsx) • Instagram photos and videos
    Let me know if you'd like me to draw you something!
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  3. PrettyRex

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    I'd love it if you did something for me! But, that's completely up to you!

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