Casual Anthro rp?

Discussion in 'The Tavern (RP Discussion)' started by DemonSukaii, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. DemonSukaii

    DemonSukaii New Member

    Anyone interested in an anthro rp? Sexual things are okay and if so keep wild fetishes or anything of the such to a minimal. I have discord for anyone interested!

    Honestly just normal conversations are fine as well so don't feel afraid to just want to make a new friend ^w^
  2. Vorelover467

    Vorelover467 Gut cuddler

    Are you willing to do vore?
  3. theCRAZYshow

    theCRAZYshow Member

    Sure! Here is my discord:
  4. Vorelover467

    Vorelover467 Gut cuddler

    Which one of us are you talking to?
  5. theCRAZYshow

    theCRAZYshow Member

    To the person who posted the thread.
  6. Vorelover467

    Vorelover467 Gut cuddler

    Oh ok.
  7. Julen

    Julen I'm not an antifa BUT-

    Learn to read

    Vore isn't a wild fetish or anything.

    Not at all
  8. C4theSlime

    C4theSlime RP Enthusiast

    Sure! I'll send you a pm with my discord!
  9. DemonSukaii

    DemonSukaii New Member

    Sent a request sorry it took a bit

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