Chibify The Person Above You Thread!

Discussion in 'Art Exchange & Trades' started by SwirlJelly, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. Sivath

    Sivath ㅇㅅㅇ

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  2. SwirlJelly

    SwirlJelly Liquidshifting DogLizard

    I just wanted to say that I'm super happy this thread is getting love and I hope it stays active for a long time. :D
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  3. thatOrion

    thatOrion Member

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  4. KiokuChan

    KiokuChan Active Member

    I'll edit and upload it but just posting here because I drew one late by accident then drew a more recent one but can't upload it yet so just posting that I have one of thatOrion and of MsRavage.

    I don't need art in return but I have one picture I can post if you do want to draw something for me. I'll wait until I have mine up so you don't think I'm just trying to get free art
  5. kidchameleon

    kidchameleon Active Member

    Aww, he's so cute, I love it! XD Thanks :3
    Took another pop at your boi now that I could see the reference lol.
    Hope it's okay, I'm never sure where to draw the line when it comes to simplifying/stylizing :p

    References; Chammy by MissMal Chammy by ArcticVeil

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  6. thatOrion

    thatOrion Member

    Absolutely amazing! X3
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  7. SwirlJelly

    SwirlJelly Liquidshifting DogLizard

    Go ahead and post the art you made and tag who you made it for with the @ sign and then their username(no spaces). And to keep the thread going smoothly, add your ref please!
  8. SwirlJelly

    SwirlJelly Liquidshifting DogLizard

    @thatOrion & @kidchameleon - both of you made super cute chibis. XD
    And for everyone participating, please include your ref with each post you make, even if you make art frequently. If you contribute, you receive every time!
  9. kidchameleon

    kidchameleon Active Member

    Have you tried using Imgur? If you upload it there first and then use the link it gives you it might work?
  10. KiokuChan

    KiokuChan Active Member

    I'm sorry for whatever reason this has been really hard for me to get to work. I also can't even directly upload things from my new phone to my computer.


    Again I don't really need art in exchange but if you want to draw something for me than maybe her: Alien magical girl 2

    I may draw some more over dinner and post them here : )
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  11. thatOrion

    thatOrion Member

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  12. KiokuChan

    KiokuChan Active Member

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  13. SwirlJelly

    SwirlJelly Liquidshifting DogLizard

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  14. KiokuChan

    KiokuChan Active Member

    Thank you! I'm glad you like it : )
  15. CrazyDragon

    CrazyDragon Canadian Dragon

    Oooh I wasn't expecting someone to draw me again after my first post, thank you so much!
  16. MsRavage

    MsRavage Hello!

    AWWWWWWWWW <3 i love it!!!! thank you!!!!

    I need to whip out my paper and colors and jump back in this thread
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  17. KiokuChan

    KiokuChan Active Member

    You're welcome : )
  18. kidchameleon

    kidchameleon Active Member

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  19. xofrats

    xofrats The cat said what?

  20. BlackDracon

    BlackDracon rawr!

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