Free Art: [CLOSED] Lineless Doodles!

Discussion in 'Art Exchange & Trades' started by Ninth, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Ninth

    Ninth ✨ Lord Fagquad✨

    I'm doing some free, lineless doodles for a little bit! All I need is a reference for your character, and if possible a color palette would be really helpful~

    It would come out similar to either of these.


    sailor miku 2.png

    I'll only have 10 slots! (I might be flexible about it if your character is interesting enough~ or if i enjoy doing this enough)

    1) featherw0lf [Completed!]
    2) Kani San [Queued]
    3)SwirlJelly [Completed!]
    4) Taylor and Co. [Completed!]
    5) Haberdash [In-Progress]
    6) DarithePomsky [In-Progress]
    7) CorgiButt [Queued]
    8) NorthernStorm [Queued]
    9) Cerberus326 [Queued]
    10) Balatucadros [Queued]

    Feedback (positive or negative) and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!!
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  2. featherw0lf

    featherw0lf Lovable Dorky Werewolf

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  3. Ninth

    Ninth ✨ Lord Fagquad✨

  4. Kani San

    Kani San New Member

    Can you do this Please?
    Name: Kani San
    Age: 2 (Dog Years)
    Species: dog/puppy
    Height: 4 11
    Weight: 86 pounds

    - Hair and fur: Red fur with white belly fur and ears
    - Markings:not really
    - Eye color: blue eyes
    - Other features: A collar
    Behavior and Personality: Very outgoing and willing to try anything.
  5. Ninth

    Ninth ✨ Lord Fagquad✨

    Sure thing! One question, this character has a fairly small body type, correct? (Judging from the height and weight) Aha just checking.
  6. SwirlJelly

    SwirlJelly Liquidshifting DogLizard

    My fiance's bday is coming up so I'm trying to get some art together for her! This would be great. :3

    Josphitia the KittyMoo (cow x tiger hybrid)
    She has short nubby horns that she's filed down herself so she doesn't seriously injure me when she cuddles me. XD
    She's also chubby and loves Magic the Gathering and Pokemon. She loves dressing in punk-y denim jackets and shorts! Josphitia Reference 2016 by Purplicious-Tigress Hi There! by Purplicious-Tigress Filing My Horns! by Purplicious-Tigress Josphitia by Z-Afiro by Purplicious-Tigress Sittin' Pretty by Necromercy by Purplicious-Tigress Beautiful Red by Purplicious-Tigress Hai by Purplicious-Tigress PEACE~~~ by Purplicious-Tigress
  7. Ninth

    Ninth ✨ Lord Fagquad✨

  8. Ninth

    Ninth ✨ Lord Fagquad✨

    Ah, that's so sweet of you!~ I'll get started as soon as possible uwu
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  9. Haberdash

    Haberdash Active Member

    Ahh! This is good! This is so very good! The art is glorious!

    I'd love one of my roller-blading pizza delivery shark Lissom!
  10. Ninth

    Ninth ✨ Lord Fagquad✨

    Thank you so much!!

    And oh jeez, I love her!! Very nice design~~

    (Also same @ that comment next to the hand haha, I feel. cx)
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  11. SwirlJelly

    SwirlJelly Liquidshifting DogLizard

    Thank youuuu <3
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  12. DarithePomsky

    DarithePomsky Dari the Smoll Pomsky

  13. CorgiButt

    CorgiButt Member

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  14. NorthernStorm

    NorthernStorm King Emperor of stealing your girl

    Hey if you're available, I want a doodle for a friend who doesn't have a Sona or ref yet. But I'm able to describe any details you need, reply if you're up to the task if not then I completely understand
  15. Ninth

    Ninth ✨ Lord Fagquad✨

    Absolutely! Ahh, I love your characters~! They're very unique, with amazingly coordinated color pallets cx I'm very excited to draw these two~~~

    And unfortunately, I don't have a furaffinity yet, but I'll be getting one up soon :3

    Thank you!! I'll get started on this asap cx

    I can work with details, but be sure to be thorough about the body type and specific details about the fur! Be as descriptive and lengthy as you want, it'd be more helpful to me~ And details about the personality would be helpful as well.
  16. NorthernStorm

    NorthernStorm King Emperor of stealing your girl

    It's not a furry but a scalie, is that ok?
  17. Cerberus326

    Cerberus326 Member

    Do you still have any spots open ?if so please write me a mail. Looking for my first art work of my fur Sona.
  18. Ninth

    Ninth ✨ Lord Fagquad✨

    Yeah, totally! :3
  19. Belatucadros

    Belatucadros Totally customized title

    Would you be interested in doing a gryphon? Here's some refs, thanks! :)

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  20. Ninth

    Ninth ✨ Lord Fagquad✨

    Haha alright~

    @SwirlJelly Yours is completed~ Hope your fiance likes it and has a nice birthday!!

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