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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Shotgun Fishing, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Shotgun Fishing

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    Myself and two friends are looking to hop into a new online weekly 5e Dungeons and Dragons campaign with a DM and maybe another player or two. The three of us are pretty new to the whole thing, with myself and a friend having played 5 or so sessions of 5e online using a variety of web services to keep track of player sheets and dice rolls and having combat be theater of the mind. The third has played offline 3.5e but is reading the 5e handbook.

    We’re looking for a DM who can handle a mixture of serious and light-hearted RP and is willing to let us work out a couple homebrew races, as we have new character ideas already in mind for the campaign. Apart from that, anything goes really – we love the creative effort that goes into world building so an entire homebrew campaign would be pretty awesome.

    As for scheduling, we are in GMT -6, GMT -5, and GMT. Weekends or Friday evenings for me (GMT -6) would work best, since I work a 9-5.

    Let me know! We’re eager to play again. Send me a note on the main FA site - username Shotgunfishing

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    You're probably better off looking at proper DnD communities instead of DMs here in a furry art forum. The only RPGs here are degenerate fetish games.
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    this is the second time ive seen something about DnD im sorry but who the fuck has time for that?

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  5. Shotgun Fishing

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    Thanks for the reply. Don't worry, I'm advertising in multiple places.

    target destroyed
  6. GreenZone

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    dude i don't larp that was a weird idea the guys at work put ahead to do after Army so i made a thread about for general input its running around for two weeks surviving off stuff you find in the field with blank firing weapons not a bunch of neckbeards running around with foam katanas going "lighting bolt! lighting bolt!" for like an hour
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    heh... i see ur to weak to face a real challenger like myself *twirls dragon switchblade between fingers* lets dance
  8. GreenZone

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    something about dishonering anime *Katana comes out of Urethra* make your move

    nah for real don't derail the thread we'll get yelled at
  9. particle_pony

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    I'd be willing to run y'all through an intro oneshot. How about tonight?

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