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Discussion in 'Art Exchange and Trades' started by Peachfurr, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. Peachfurr

    Peachfurr Member

    Hello! I am just starting this new account so I am opening 5 slots of requests.

    Two of which will be Pixel animations like this.



    And two will be like this.



    Only they will be much more defined than these.

    The rest will be like this!


    That being said, I will be opening up the requests!

    Game Style Pixel:
    1: chaleur (!!)
    2: DravenDonovan (!!) "Flattery will get you quite far, Stranger. Kehee~"

    Animated Pixel Sprites
    1: Jarren (!!)
    2: LinnyChanPL (!!) DONE

    Digitally Painted/Cell-shaded
    1: Komainu (!!)
    2: Borghild (!!)

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  2. chaleur

    chaleur New Member

    Hey! I like your style, can I request my sona in a game style pixel? Thanks!
  3. Jarren

    Jarren You can't just quote yourself! -Me

  4. LinnyChanPL

    LinnyChanPL Linnie :3

  5. Komainu

    Komainu Just a big floof

    Oh, wow! Such lovely artwork! I'd be honored to have any type of art done of any of my characters, which can be found here.
  6. Keegen

    Keegen Star Guardian

    Well, I would love digital painting. I don't have my own character sheet so I would love if you decide to do it. But hey Its your choice, you are an artist . [​IMG]
  7. DravenDonovan

    DravenDonovan You can call me Oni~

    Can draw my Oni, if you'd like ;3


    Game Style Pixel would be awesome~
  8. Borghild

    Borghild Sharky Queen

  9. Peachfurr

    Peachfurr Member

  10. Peachfurr

    Peachfurr Member

  11. Peachfurr

    Peachfurr Member

  12. Peachfurr

    Peachfurr Member

    Only if this lady tells me what she wants ^^

    Also thanks! It was a test with a new program. I made a snas one too but the mouth is buggy
  13. LinnyChanPL

    LinnyChanPL Linnie :3

    Well I'd enjoy anything! Pixel or Cell. I'm sure you will choose best place for her ^w^

  14. Peachfurr

    Peachfurr Member

    I'll probably find you a Painting slot but goodness gracious! AYAMAMORU is so beautiful I would love to do him but I would probably butcher him terribly.
    So I'll probably do JAIXUBE or DANDY.
  15. Peachfurr

    Peachfurr Member

    You got it! Any requests for what she will say?
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  16. Peachfurr

    Peachfurr Member

    Oh goodness any later and you would of missed it! I have found a slot for you in Pixel animation.
  17. Peachfurr

    Peachfurr Member

  18. LinnyChanPL

    LinnyChanPL Linnie :3

    Hah! Thank you! Can't wait to see the finished piece ^w^

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