Commission (Selling): Colourful illustrations [$30-$60]

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    GROZENTAL Makes great tea

    Why hello there, good sir!
    (or madame, or just hello there, good person in general, if you prefer that :D)
    Can I interest you in some car insurance?
    No, ladies and gentlemen, and also gentlepeople, whose genders I'm not going to list, there is too many to count! :D I am not going to sell car insurance, though that would be rather profitable, I shall probably think about that.
    Instead, I will be selling something, what you are probably here for - art! Comissions! You know! More synonyms please!
    Albeit my forum name being GROZENTAL, this is not the only nickname I go by. You can also know me by the nicknames of KRAFANGAU and ArrivinGordessa, which I use not so oftenly as this one. So, if you recognized any of these, let me know >;3

    So who's the dragon that you just saw waving at you? Me? No, that's not me.
    His name is Sweetheart and he will be your guide in this thread alongside with me. Say hello to him!

    Heyyy... How you doin'?

    That being said, let's start!
    Cool. So? What do we start off? Ah yes of course.


    Preface: I don't take comissions by the standart template of headshot-halfbody-fullbody. Usually characters on my works are pictured in the perspective that lets the viewer see at least half of their body. But if you ask me to do a headshot specifically, I will gladly agree to do so, but never ask me to do a fullbody - I will decide how the character is posed on the canvas.

    1. General illustration.


    Common features of general illustrations:
    Viewer's attention is focused on the scenery whole, not just the character or background, and I put a lot of work to make the character stand out from the background. Characters are usually illustrated in fullbody and not as close as on character illustrations: they are set in an enviroment that is worth noticing aside the character iself. Center of attetntion: scene and plot.

    Price: $40-60 (USD,) highly depends on the character complexity

    2. Character illustration.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Common features of character illustration:
    The character is posed to represent their temperament, and they are also the main focus of the picture. In this case it's not the enviroment that affects the character rather than the character that changes the enviroment. Even though all of my works are as detalized as it's possible with my skills, here the time spent on character detalization is huge compared to detalization of the background.
    Price: $30-50 (USD), highly depends on character the complexity.

    As of about what I don't draw and what I will be more willing to draw.

    I don't draw:
    - NSFW. Just no.
    - Extreme gore. I might do some fancy pagan stuff with blood from the eyes, nose or other natural openings, battle-worn character or some scratches and scars, but I won't do exposed guts and rivers of blood, especially if you want to comission me because it's your kink.
    - Kinks that include extreme body dysmorphy (vore kink, obesity kink and etc.) and kinks in general.
    - Humans. Simple as that, I just didn't learn to draw them good enough in my opinion yet.
    - Anime. I might be burned for saying that, but I hate anime and I don't want to draw it.

    I'm good at:
    - Cats. Dogs can be included too, but I'm really good at cats since I've started drawing from them.
    - Dragons. As you can see, I really... really like dragons :D
    - Anything small and cute that it's head shaped like a nut. But it's more generally anything small and cute.
    - Ponies. I like ponies, they are so fun to draw!

    - Multiple characters. +50% per character.


    I accept payment via PayPal, QIWI and Yandex.Money.
    I don't accept art trades and I don't accept payment with characters.

    That's all I've got for you folks! Hope to get comissioned soon.
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    GROZENTAL Makes great tea


    GROZENTAL Makes great tea


    GROZENTAL Makes great tea


    GROZENTAL Makes great tea


    GROZENTAL Makes great tea

    Ah nu I don't have a snake pic, sorry :(

    GROZENTAL Makes great tea

    I'm still thinking about prices...
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    Hey I'm interested.
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    Your art is amazing. Also I love all the dragons and adorable snakes : )

    GROZENTAL Makes great tea

    Thank you! ^_^
    Here, have a snake!

    GROZENTAL Makes great tea

    Waaaah! Scared yet?
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    GROZENTAL Makes great tea

    Thank you for fixing my hat, good sir.

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