Come on post a picture of your fursuit. Just do It!!

Discussion in 'Fursuiting and Costuming' started by Martin2W, Feb 4, 2017.


Do you have fursuit?

  1. No

    3 vote(s)
  2. Im broke, I dont have fursuit.

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  3. I wont show you, fak off

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  4. My fursuit is awfull

    2 vote(s)
  5. Im still a kid

    3 vote(s)
  6. Will get one soon

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  1. Martin2W

    Martin2W Tombstone The Huggable Sergal

    do It!! Just do It!!
  2. Martin2W

    Martin2W Tombstone The Huggable Sergal

    I know I might be asking much, but I love seeing other people fursuits. And I will definately post mine once I get it.
  3. Keefur

    Keefur aka Cutter Cat

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  4. Martin2W

    Martin2W Tombstone The Huggable Sergal

  5. Keefur

    Keefur aka Cutter Cat

    Thanks. I'm very open about being Furry.
  6. Huluvoo

    Huluvoo Galaxy Hitchhiker

    Here's a little headshot of my frankendutchie partial lol
  7. Crimson_Steel17

    Crimson_Steel17 The night is my solace; the day is my prime

    Gotta make him, first... I'm considering a DIY build (Eagle Scout. That should explain everything)
  8. LouGarou92

    LouGarou92 Crafty Coyote

    Working on mine but I'll post pics within the week!
  9. Andromedahl

    Andromedahl Unlicensed UFO Pilot

    eh why not.
  10. Paulosaurus

    Paulosaurus Lord of Rawr

    Which suit? Main one is in profile pic:

    Others include:

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  11. Cerberus326

    Cerberus326 Member

    I don't have one to broke...But I wish I a few quotes and ya...The easy one will run me around 3.5k to 5k the really big one is around 12.4k to build...Might just do it myself if I don't work six days a week..So sad.
  12. Ashwolves5

    Ashwolves5 Miss Fluffy Bottom

    i got a really old pic of the first one i made. and some wip pics of what working on now. 1375839472.ashwolves5_dscn1116.jpg 1455936396.wolfiewear_new_canvas.jpg
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  13. Keefur

    Keefur aka Cutter Cat

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  14. Kaprima

    Kaprima woof


    two dogs in one!
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  15. GhasterRedPanda

    GhasterRedPanda New Member

    Here are my two beauties! Rocky the Boar and Addison the Goat
    I have more coming but these two are my current ones!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  16. xaliceonfire

    xaliceonfire Kiralee

    Bad light, but Kiralee!
  17. MadKiyo

    MadKiyo Villainous Fly

    Do sideburns count as a partial fursuit?
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  18. Randon

    Randon Harbinger of Bullshenanigans

    Can't really show right now. But I have gotton it started. It's awful in the sense that it's terrifying. That, and my nose occasionally falls off.

    It's not "awful" I guess. Like said it's a work in progress. Nothing looks dirty, I've done a pretty clean job. It's probably just due to the character's overall design and my experience level as this suit is my first. Some designs and artstyles don't translate that well into the real world if not done right and end up... Well, disturbing to say the least.

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  19. Glaedr

    Glaedr King of Laziness

    It's an impossible feat for me to try to build one so I'm most likely going to have one custom made.

    *stares into empty wallet*

    One day...
  20. Wolveon

    Wolveon I swear I will not kill anyone

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