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Discussion in 'Writing and Prose' started by Scails_and_tails, Oct 23, 2017.

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    hey guys! I'm kinda new here, so sorry if this is a stupid question but I am very curious about the answer to this. I've seen people commission art before, and I'm good at drawing, don't get me wrong. But I don't have my tablet yet, but one thing I'm very good at is story writing. Is it possible to commission stories? And if so how would the process of doing so be like exactly? Thanks for any help I can get guys!!!
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    It is done occasionally, and the process isn't much different than any other form of art.

    For specific writing: You'll need all applicable details of each character, the world it takes place in, premise of the story arc, etc.

    Other times will just be "put my character in this situation", and give you latitude as a creator to fill in the blanks.
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    I thought so, just making sure. Is it possible to charge money for a story? And if so how much would be a good amount? Appreciate the help!
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    You can absolutely charge for a story. Most writers I see charge a flat fee up to a certain word count and then have greater word counts come with greater costs. Look around FA at some of the more successful writers and see what they charge. That said, FA isn't the biggest venue for writing and a lot of written work struggles to get more than 50 ish views on here. Other sites might bring you more writing-based success.
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    Thanks so much for the help! I think I'll start getting to work on posting my first commissions;)
  6. Well the thing is that writing is super easy and anyone can do it, so with it being such a commonplace ability, and with so much of it in existence already, why would anyone pay much of anything for it? It's definitely a buyer's market. You can't GIVE it away. If someone asks me if I have any special talents or skills and the only thing I have to say for myself is that I'm a good writer, I might as well just say "no, I have no skills whatsoever, I might as well work at mcdonalds or walmart".
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    It is true, pretty much everyone here is a "writer" by definition.

    The deviation is that there is a vast open space between general information, and being able to eloquently convey the simplest of things to catch the reader's imagination.
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    There is a difference between basic communication, and actual skill based writing. Not everyone can write like Tolkien or George R.R Martin. In my eyes writing is a skill based talent that does require dedication and practice in order to do well. As such, the amount of work and intellectual research and thought that goes into several pieces of literature people can write certainly have the ability to be sold for monetary value. Writing is something everyone is basically capable of doing yes, but writing well is something that takes time, dedication, and practice.
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    Stephen King is also an extremely tactical writer. You'll probably never have to re-read anything, because you couldn't figure out where you were.
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    Okay, go write a novel, get it published, and get back to us. :)
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