Community Ideals and value: building and defending

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  1. ChromaticRabbit

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    What are the ideals of the community that has formed around this fandom? Are they fundamentally different from those in other fandoms, such as anime/manga, video gaming, or general art communities?

    What is the spirit of a community like this, and what is not? What behaviors should be cultivated, and which ones corrected? What's the proper mechanism for correcting socially maladapted behavior, such as bullying and harassment?

    What role do we all share here as individuals to set an example of honor in our dealings with others here for all the community to follow? How might we cultivate an ethos that is one that we might one day push out upon the failed world as a model for others as how to proceed in life? What in an artist's approach might be the missing element the world's sickened heart needs most?

    I'd like to start by encouraging everyone to be nice to one another, and to listen with open hearts. We can make life a little better for people who are kind and want to extend love, and we can make this community a little colder for people whose long-term approach to others is to tear them down with inhuman soullessness, falseness, and distilled cruelty. We can make our village safe from the beasts and we can drive out the corrupt watchmen wherever they may be concealed.

    And we must, the world has turned hostile. Look out your window, observe the gathering storm clouds.
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  2. Ginza

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    Honestly, @Yakamaru has really pointed something out to me about the furry fandom that's really stuck. He pointed out the fact that this is a fandom not a community. We are by no means the same, some not even remotely similar. Only thing that vaguely connects us furries, is the fact that we enjoy anthropomorphic animals. That's as far as this fandom goes when it comes to togetherness.

    What can we improve upon? Learn some social skills, keep furry stuff to yourself, and separate fantasy from reality. That's all there is to it. Don't force your beliefs onto others. Kindness is good obviously. I'd also like to add that is furs (most, not all) need to grow a thicker skin.

    As for me, I'm not interesting in changing the fandom, nor its image. This image is what it is due to what we are. I don't care how the fandom is viewed, nor what others get out of it. I come here and enjoy what I can, then move on. If I see stuff I don't like or that I think "ruins" our image, I turn my computer off and go back to reality.

    Just my take on the subject
  3. Dongding

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  4. ChromaticRabbit

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    I'm familiar with the ideas you bring forward- I guess where I have trouble is that, obviously, community is the central purpose of fandom, so I'm always looking for ways to bring that to the fore in topics like these, because it should be a shared thing we're all looking at together and building/creating/nurturing into a further reality.

    It's to bring folks together with common cause and shared values or ideas, and to connect isolated folks together into a group to which they can belong with pride, even if it's just held in common over an approach to art.

    There is this omnibus aspect to the fandom. There does seem to be recurring discussion about what is or is not part of it, but I think there are some core elements, and I mentioned the other fandoms because, having participated in some of those as well, it's apparent they're all variations of the same form. In fact, if you go to a Comic Con even, you'll see several of these fandoms together under one roof operating as part of a single culture and community. I tend to see this just because of length of view, after all, the very first cosplaying, or fursuiting, individual fan that I ran into was at PhilCon'98, an old literary sci-fi convention (established 1936) that helped serve as a later influence on and template for fan conventions everywhere.

    An organization that built up US East Coast anime/manga/Japanese culture showed we don't do this by standing back and letting a Lord of the Flies social miasma emerge, but rather, by organizing as a community around our values and trying to create an environment that was enriching and nourishing for the community that formed around it, and encouraging everyone to be excellent.

    A lot of small things go into maturing a community like that, and a great deal of love. One is to definitely help establish and cultivate that fandom community spirit in order to help show new folks a path and connect them with others. Some folks are going to reject this idea, even if only out of anti-establishment reflex, and that's only to be expected. Nobody should be forced, but there should be this activity occurring, and, like a seedling, it needs a nourishing space in order to take root. I feel as though the furry fandom was such a space, but in the last ten years, we've seen a lot of elements start to creep in from the margins. It bugs me to see maladaptive behaviors that signal loud optics to others that this space is not a safe one to be a fan, and that people will not be decent, and hearts should be guarded.

    I hope we all do agree in a universal sense that there are values that unite us together, ones worth explicitly recognizing and elevating as beacons. This then suggests a role for community guidance, in order to foster excellence and progress within the fandom and our society. Without those things, why would we even gather together? Fandom is community, first and foremost, after all, because without community, fandom doesn't exist.
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  5. Yakamaru

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    Aaaand here we go again. For the nth time. We're a fandom. Not a community.
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  6. ChromaticRabbit

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    Okay, so here are some reasons why I believe that fandom and community are the same. Basically, if you're really a fan, you care about the community because it's an important part of the fandom, and it's this care that distinguishes someone who is merely casually interested in the topic from someone who is in the fandom and its community, which, yes, I think does exist and is integral.

    Assuming we don't disagree with wikipedia about fandom generally, for which reasons would you say fandom and community are distinct, e.g.: not-integrated, here in this particular corner of fandom?
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  7. Akartoshi

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    Because we're just a bunch of people who like furries. This forum, I guess, is a community because we interact. Fandom is holding common interest. Community is discussion of that interest.

    For example:
    Yeah, I'm a fan of lightly salted onion crisps. So I am in the fandom for it. But I have not talked to other people who like it nor have I joined any communities related to discussing the succulent goodness that is pringles crisps.

    If you are a fan of ___ that does not make you take part in the community of ___. For example, people who like lightly salted onion crisps are not a community. They just like those crunchy motherfuckers.

    You see the difference?
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  8. Foenixblood

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    You do put up a good points here, just because you are a fan of something doesn't make you part of a community.

    To put it in the furry perspective, you can be a fan of anthropomorphic art, like drawing it and sharing it, and just be part of the furry fandom. However, within the furry fandom, at the core of the fandom, is the furry community, which in my opinion, which is keeping it alive and well.

    The community aspect are the people who are active with other furries, such as going to fur meets or attending furry conventions with some sort of fur costume on, whether it be just a tail or a full fur suit with the only common bond being that they are furries. It is the fact that they have that common bond with each other that brings them together to socialize in an environment where they can be open about being a furry without being judged about it.

    This is just my personal opinion based on what i have observed. I am only saying this just to put my two cents in and not trying to get anyone to hate me. Also @Yakamaru , we may not fully agree on this topic, but i don't want any bad blood between us. I love your content and you are an awesome person in general and would really like keeping you as a friend on the forums.
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  9. quoting_mungo

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    I think part of the problem is treating "fan of", "member of fandom", and "community" as discrete concepts, rather than points on a sliding scale. You can be a fan without being a part of the associated fandom. I dig the hell out of Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar novels, but I don't engage with other fans hardly at all (I geek to friends who share my appreciation, but that's pretty much it), so I wouldn't say I'm part of the fandom. Fandom implies some kind of connection with other fans, but you can be a fan in isolation. Community and fandom, as concepts, have a good bit of slop/overlap, and sometimes can shift depending on context.

    Vis-a-vis discriminatory laws, it might be most apt to consider, say, LGBT+ a community. But in another context, viewing them as a community might not make sense at all. It's not black and white.
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  10. Simo

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    I guess I'd just like to see people be more polite, and extend a bit more kindness?

    I get awfully sad at the lack of manners, and the lack of empathy, at times.

    I suppose I wanna revel more in the funloving aspects, and try to, but it's hard, as much of the way I have to 'connect' is online, 'cause I don't drive, and its hard to find meets and such. So I get sort of depressed, as the online community can seem to bicker a lot, and the fun aspects seem to get lost, under all this.
  11. Amiir

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    I don't know man I just like the porn
  12. Yakamaru

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    ^ This, though not on scale. I'd use levels. the definition of fandom
    A fandom literally only describe us fans as a collective, it's a term to define what we are fans of, nothing more. It does not define nor does it describe our level of being into that one specific thing, our personal relationships, what we like inside the fandom itself, what groups we're part of, kinks/fetishes nor does it describe nor define our values or opinions on the plethora of things in existence, such as an ideology or religion.

    Quite frankly, viewing them as a "community" is insulting as you attempt to collectivize them into one group. And in doing so, attempt to apply everything from ideology to interests, views and/or other things you can label/attack someone with.

    Which is why you have people like Milo Yiannopoulos, Blaire White and many others who does not conform to this bullshit labeling. "Community" is one of them.

    Through using "community" you attempt to collectivize people who may not conform to your attempt at collectivizing them. And I hate collectivism. I hate collectivizing people and groups that only share that one thing, like being gay, or being black. It's insulting to the individuals inside those demographics.

    And as we all know, collectives think, feel, behave and act the same way. We're not a beehive, and stop treating us as such. It's insulting to our entire species. I am aiming that comment at people who use the term "Furry community", by the way.
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  13. Remedy_wolf

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    Ok so lets get this down first of all
    Got it?
    All we are is just some fuckers who like furry shit. If we were a community that would mean if one asshole did something bad that would make us all bad. We are individuals, I sure the hell don't want to be related to half you people here, so why pull this "we are a community" card.
    The only thing in common we share is furries. Nothing else.
  14. -..Legacy..-

    -..Legacy..- Sergal Mafia :P

    Mostly because trying to divide every individual aspect, creates a diversity that eventually leads to segregation. From segregation, you lose the community aspect. It also starts the negative division aspect, and therefore potential hate.
  15. Dongding

    Dongding The sheep

    That and they're people first and foremost. It's not up to us to group people as a community when they made no choice whatsoever to be a part of that community. A fandom is something you choose to be a part of.
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  16. Yakamaru

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    That is why all this pointless labeling is toxic. We're segregating people on everything from gender to sexuality. Soon every pimple and missing limb will have their own "community" too. And each will have their own level of "oppression" and victim points to go with it.

    We only need labels on a basic level. Gender, sexuality, race, religion, political ideology, and more surface shit.

    It's easy, really. Treat people as individuals and not part of X group or Z "community".
  17. Yakamaru

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    Unfortunately being a moron isn't a bannable offense. :p

    @Foenixblood Disagreeing is fine, mate. A lot of things are always subjective, and should be treated as such.

    Question is, are you capable of living with other people who disagree with you?
  18. Open_Mind

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    ^^ this. Thanks Simo. You are often a calm voice of reason.

    Tips hat
  19. Yakamaru

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  20. Foenixblood

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    Of course i am, like i said, I don't want to lose you as a friend. We are here to have fun, lets just agree to disagree and remain friends.

    Not sure either
  21. Crimcyan

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    Can we go one day without a shit storm?
  22. Open_Mind

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    ^^ PLEASE
  23. Yakamaru

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    Unfortunately I don't consider you a friend. A potential friend though.

    I like my shitshows like I like my coffee: I don't drink coffee.
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  24. Simo

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    Geez, I can't see why this has elicited so much fighting. Community, fandom, whatever you wanna call it, it'd be nice if folks treated each other with a bit more kindness, and tried to find and celebrate their common bonds, and have a good time.

    I don't see any sense in all this bickering and mudslinging. I mean unless you have a hog fursona, it's just no fun!
  25. Foenixblood

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    Good enough for me :)

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