Community Ideals and value: building and defending

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ChromaticRabbit, Nov 13, 2017.

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    What's the difference?
  2. BahgDaddy

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    I don't understand the resistance to considering the furry community a community . This forum is a community, and it is a furry community. The furry fandom as a whole is also a community, albeit a rather amorphous one with only one central tenet - a love of animal and anthropomorphic art. But the resistance to considering it a community I find odd.

    We will never have organized governing boards though, unless someone makes a concerted effort to create an organization that promotes furries in a positive manner. Currently, the fandom is nothing more than a large population of people who share a common interest, like people who do puffy paint or scrapbooking or something.

    Organizations like that, however, often become much different than the original intended mission. And by definition, many furries are artists and despise an orderly system of governance, so why do that? Don't think of trying to create a unified organization, but rather a community centric atmosphere that can grow and become something else. But there is power in numbers.
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    Well I think we do agree. I can see that it really seem to bother some people, which I can understand seeing the arguments that have been used. I guess that I'm too new to get it, probably a lot of things happened before about that, but man, seeing how people react to that kind of make me feel guilty of using the term "community" once. I'm kidding, of course.

    Just wanted to point out that I appreciate that someone else thinks that kindness is still an option.
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    It's just not a community. You could consider portions of it to be communities within the fandom, but not the other way around.

    Although some take the nitpicking a little further than necessary, there's still right and wrong.
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    Hello, community member! :)
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    Well if this guy is putting this subject into one tidy topic instead of derailing other topics around I'm all for it. I'm glad they took my advice to settle down and form a well structured argument calmly and maturely. Now on point I'll address the subject of this topic directly. I think the best definition of the furry fandom is less of a fandom per-say and more of a community. When it reaches beyond the level of preference to the point of having communities based around it there's at a sub-culture for some within that bracket. Personally I'd say a forum in general like this one here counts as a community as everything is somewhat coordinated by teamwork or familiarity rather than anonymity and isolation. However one forum does not denote a culture or fandom. Within a certain theme such as anthropomorphism there are many separate bands, groups, clubs, etc which each have their own independent management. Rather than sects of a big community they are separate communities that run themselves. True these communities might work together sometimes but helping your neighbor fix their fence doesn't make you part of the neighbor club or something. Just because people meet up at conventions that doesn't mean they form part of the same community. Just like any other convention its a gathering of people from all around and though they may be friends of each other they're not part of the same groups as each other. True that sometimes they often are but the same rule applies to any gathering of people who share a common interest. Most likely you'll meet people who are from the same clubs as each other if those clubs are centered around the same theme. If you went to a book signing don't be surprised to see someone else from your book club. Saying it's a community means they are all part of a singular group. People are individuals and as such they form their own groups with their own interests. Occasionally these group meet on a shared opinion, trend or fandom but that in no way means they are sub-components of a bigger grand master community. Fans of toys might have a community about it and fans of cartoons might have a community about that and then suddenly when a product is both there will be merging between the two but being a fan of toys doesn't automatically make you a fan of cartoons and vice versa just by association. It's putting things into boxes and when you do that you're often using your own judgement or that of your friends as to what goes in what box rather than the people who are part of the group itself. To some degree that's a form of prejudice as you're associating people with things they do not associate with. Furries are really a network of individuals with separate tastes. Just like any group of people they each have their own separate like and dislikes and differences of interest. Could you imagine the outcry if you were to put certain races into boxes like this? You see our point.
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    If I read that correctly (Very distracted as I really shouldn't be on my phone right now...) thank you for elaborating my point. One encompasses the other. It's like calling Houston in Texas, America. They might very well all be American (well... maybe Texas was a bad example.) and people in Houston also all happen to be Texans, but Houston is a community within a state, within a country. It can't be reversed.
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    I agree with plenty of the replies on this thread already, but to further my point:
    I don't think the furry fandom is a community in itself. It's too wide for that. Trying to enforce rules or to regroup people having similar ideals within the fandom can only lead to divide, in my opinion.
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    Just because we are fans of something doesn't make us a community. Even if there are communities inside the fandom, it doesn't mean everyone inside the fandom are part of those communities, nor does it mean we even remotely have the same set of beliefs. Those communities doesn't represent the fandom either. I refuse to be put in a box because it's convenient for you to label us all the same. Sorry, mate. We're not the same. Not by a long shot. I am against it because it's an attempt to put people who are just not compatible in any way, shape or form with one another into the same box, as if we're some sort of collective and try and force us to get along. Definition of FANDOM

    This is a fandom, nothing more. We do not share anything beyond being a fan of anthropomorphic animals. Even our interests inside the fandom vary a lot, not to mention our interpersonal relationships, ideologies, values, cultures, +++. I for one don't care about diaperfurs or babyfurs. Definition of COMMUNITY

    "I like anthropomorphic animals". <-- This statement doesn't say anything, other than you liking anthro stuff.
    "I like cars". <-- Same deal.
    "I like Star Trek". <-- Same shit again.
    "I like collecting butterflies". <-- Same as above.

    The fandom itself can never be a community. You can however have communities inside the fandom. Like Jay said, some communities inside the fandom may cooperate on certain things. However, not everyone participate. They may even disagree.
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  10. BahgDaddy

    BahgDaddy Voice of reason

    Calling the fandom a community does not mean everyone is the same - why would you think that? Of course everyone is different, and we should embrace those differences and explore them. But you relentlessly decry any attempt to use the word "furry" and "community" in the same sentence. FA is pretty obviously a community, for instance. So we can restrain discussion to what we should do on FA, or this forum, for instance.

    All people living in Norway are considered Norwegians. Doesn't mean they're all the same either.
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    It's ironic that some of you don't seem to be able to participate in a topic about building and defending positive values without resorting to personal attacks against other forum members. This is not acceptable behavior, which you should be full well aware of. So please stop derailing the thread or attacking other posters just because you happen to have personal beef with them. Either participate in the thread by weighing in on the topic, or get out.

    Please show me the respect of not chopping up my sentences to twist my statements into something else just to fit the retort you have in mind.
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    BahgDaddy Voice of reason

    Hi Admin,
    My goal is to contribute to interesting discussions where we get to talk about different things and exchange opinions in a constructive manner. If you don't feel like I'm doing a good job of that, can you let me know so I can adjust my parameters accordingly. Thanks.
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  13. BahgDaddy

    BahgDaddy Voice of reason

    Yeah, I think any type of regulation would be horribly stifling for the overall *cough* community. Fandom. Et al. :)
  14. Jay98

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    Well I think what's been said actually discusses the point rather well. The first post was saying what ideals we strive for as a collective and the somewhat answer to that is that there is no hive mind. I think as individuals we have our own opinions rather. Just because we can come together over a shared interest that doesn't mean we have shared values. It's less of a club and more of a meeting place. To answer the question you might as well ask each individual directly rather than an open question to the group as a whole to answer. If it was phrased more like what is everyone's opinion rather than what's general consensus it would be more inclined for a direct answer. I think the question has an answer. Assuming the alternative I would say I'm a fairly open individual that kinda believes that everyone is entitled to their own way of life unless it causes harm. Personally there are many things I wouldn't partake in myself but I don't judge others for their choices. I think in a lot of respects many of us share a similar ideal. I mean it's not wrong to flinch at things you personally can't stand but to make it an issue and cause a flame war over it or use bait is unacceptable behavior. For a better guide I suggest you look at the rules regarding this forum for what's deemed acceptable. Anything else is really just personal preference.
  15. Dongding

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    Yaka is a bit enthusiastic but he's correct. I make the mistake of calling it a community sometimes, but it is a very small mistake to make that doesn't really matter. One term is simply more accurate than the other, as shown in my metaphor. The dictionary is a pretty good place to go for definitions too if anyone wants to click on the links he provided.

    The term fandom encompasses every furry, and the term community represents furries as well, but is more precisely furries that also share common interests.
  16. -..Legacy..-

    -..Legacy..- Sergal Mafia :P

    This entire thread was/is a poorly veiled attempt to recreate dissonance anyways. Seeking peace while silently promoting war, in an effort to humor a hidden agenda.
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    Embrace differences? Why? We're as different as day and night on literally any topic in this fandom. Be it abortion, religion, ideology, fetishes, kinks, sexuality, you name it. Just because we're different doesn't mean we have to get along or embrace differences. You will always find people you disagree with and won't get along with, the same way you will find people you do agree with and get along with.

    I will keep differences at an arms length, where I have control over them and can cut contact at my leisure.

    Norway is as broad as the fandom is in terms of differences. Doesn't make Norway as a whole a community. Doesn't make the Furry fandom a community either by that same logic. The only thing we have in common is living in the same area of landmass. And by that same logic, will be applied to Furries. Some individuals inside different communities interact, that is true. However, that does not apply to everyone, and as such, does not make everyone into a community. For there to be a fandom-wide community we'd need fandom-wide interaction between the fandom members themselves, which just doesn't happen.

    FA is a community of sorts, with sub-communities inside it, though FA is not the fandom, nor does it have all the fans on it. Only on a surface level do a decent amount of people interact, but at the same time, a lot of people also doesn't. Unless it's a thing you can more or less objectively use as a label on everyone, it's not going to work. An example, again, would be car fans. You don't call car fans a community, do you? Being a fan of something doesn't imply nor specify anything. Which is the same for the Furry fandom.

    I am not interested in someone else in an attempt at forcing some sort of association with other Furries. If I want to associate myself with someone, that is on an individual basis and by my own choice.

    Community, by its very definition, would imply and define some sort of social cohesion, some sort of common and shared social behaviour that is unique to that community. Some sort of shared value or interest. And another key part for that, is for people to get along and have some sort of connection with one another. In our case, we don't. We only like X.

    My point still stand, mungo.

    But yes, it's a matter of the context of interaction/connection between individuals inside the fandom. If you can't apply something to everyone inside that group, you shouldn't apply it to everyone, or you will end up forcefully throwing an unwanted association with those individuals who don't want to associate with that sort of label, and you will end up alienating people as a result.

    This very thread should be an indication that this fandom is not a community, as has been seen already by previous threads as well. You can't force social cohesion, nor can you force people to get along, which is one of the key ingredients of a community: We must have shit in common apart from something on the surface, such as liking anthropomorphic animals. Anything else that is not "liking anthropomorphic animals" are all subjective, and brought in from outside the fandom, and IMO, does not belong here. At all.
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  18. BahgDaddy

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    You've created an artificial version of the word community and expect everyone else to agree with you on your new conceptualization of the word. Community is a broad word and we can use it however we want. Those of us have every right to consider the furry community a community who wish to do so.
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    Lets use words however we want then, because fuck the dictionary, am I right? the definition of community the definition of fan
    No. I use the god damn dictionary. You don't, it seems.
  20. RuffusTheLynx

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    I want to be good with all in the fandom to make this community grow as a non-toxic fandom. It's hard to help everyone, but i'm trying doing it by myself.
  21. -..Legacy..-

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    *Raises hand*

    If my vagueness earlier wasn't clear, this entire thread was meant to divide you all.

    In the first two paragraphs alone, there are 5 (five) polarizing opinions to be fought over. You're all succumbing to another's amusement, regardless of your side.

    Quit feeding the troll.
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  22. Amiir

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    No offence Chromatic but I think you dwell too much on politics and the like. If you want my two cents, I say, simply enjoy what you like and don't think too much about it. It's just animal people we're talking about here
  23. -..Legacy..-

    -..Legacy..- Sergal Mafia :P

    If you want to prove me wrong, stop posting.

    If you want to prove me right, do the same.

    I promise, taking part in this experiment of mine is well worth it.
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    Like legacy said
    If you look at his replies in the other threads he tries baiting people to start arguing, he just takes whatever you say and says what you dont want to hear then makes you look like asshole. There's no point in arguing him on anything he says
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