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Discussion in 'Fursuiting and Costuming' started by Elisa Rune, Apr 7, 2017.

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    Hey everyone! Looking to get into the fursuiting scene eventually myself since love the fun/cute/awesomeness of everyone I've seen/met so far, but had a question!

    So I've been looking to get concept art for the character I'm making and am wondering actually how simple it should really be. I know lots of details don't transfer into a suit, but I plan on having a simple-ish fur pattern anyways. I'm more talking about how many of the concept artists I've seen draw muzzles very similarly despite what kind of animal it is - in this case, dogs. Character is going to be a Newfoundland and they have distinct muzzle shapes, so if the concept sheet has a more husky/fox-ish looking muzzle, will fursuit maker follow that or do Newfie shape? Or should I ask concept artist I eventually pick (since have lots of options!) to try and make the muzzle kinda like the actual dog's on the sheet? Kind of thinking the latter, but not sure; just want things to go smooth and no confusion!

    Thank you for any answers you can give and everyone have a wonderful day!
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    Hey, Elisa! ^^

    Awesome to hear you're looking to get into fursuiting - I was in exactly the same position a few months ago, and now I'm lucky enough to have a fursuit maker bringing my character to life, so I feel like I'm in a position where I can give you some good advice, hopefully!

    Obviously, if you're going to commission an artist to create a reference sheet for your character, you can include specific reference images of the Newfoundland and its muzzle, and emphasise the importance of the reference to retain its distinctive shape.

    What I ended up doing was colouring a pre-existing line-art myself, and then specifying to my fursuit maker with other images that features of the suit should differ slightly from the reference. An obviously advantage of this is that it's a lot cheaper, ($0 costs a lot less than the standard going rate, at least the last time I checked) and less time-consuming, as you wouldn't have to wait for the artist to be done. The downside is obviously that the stock character won't look as much like your character. This isn't a problem as far as your maker's concerned - sending them the sheet along with some real-world pictures of the breed and instructions, along with requests to see WIP pics early should allow you to direct the design of your fursuit nicely. But it does mean that your reference sheet probably won't be pretty enough for you to have on a wall.

    Whichever option you end up going with, I wish you all the best with your character! It's a real whirlwind-ride, going from character conception to character creation, so remember to have fun with it! ^^
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    Ooh, that has been very helpful, actually! Not very new to commissioning and ref sheets, but for getting things ready for fursuit making, I am, so I am very grateful to have input from someone that was in the same position before! :D

    I sent the person that does concept art for a maker or two (and is one of the big ones) a message to ask. As far as template ones, I asked about that and the fursuit maker I was inquiring to at the time said that they don't really accept that. XD; But I'd rather have a more custom piece done anyways, so it works out!

    Thank you so much for the info! Very helpful and reassuring for me! <3 And oh yes, it's been fun so far despite little snags and things! Take care, have to show us when get your fursuit done! And maybe we'll meet each other some day at a con! XD :D
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    Hey, you're welcome! And I'm facepalming pretty hard right now - I completely forgot to tell you that some makers don't accept template references, haha! Sorry about that. But it sounds like you'd be happier with a custom one, so good to hear it's all working out well anyway. I'm right there with you - I'd like to get a better looking one when I have the money. ^^

    I'm glad I reassured you (if nothing else!), and I'll make sure to show T off to the world when he's finished. I'm in the UK, so if you ever attend CFz, of course feel free to say hi! :D

    And likewise, tell us how your suit comes along as and when. I'd love to see it! ^^
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