Constructive Criticism on Speedpainting II

Discussion in 'Tutorials and Critiques' started by Lashzara, Dec 17, 2016.

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    Looks awesome :D
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    Speedpainting? How fast are we talking about? This looks related to a fur-construction method I'd been experimenting with on my own to render fur, but these look maybe ~halfway completed.
    Never watched cgsbgs, but I'll have to check that out.

    Looking at like the recent ~5 things in your gallery. The foremost thing that seems missing to me would be the last 1/2 to last 1/3 of layers I might use, so your net contrast in both value and texture seems pretty muted to me. Generally speaking with fur, the highlights are going to be pretty sharp compared to how blurry other stuff is, unless it's feathery soft. What you've got is an OK foundation, and these last few, the Tailor (gallery), and the Unwelcome are much better about cohesion(?) in strand clusters(?) than prior ones. For "Boop!" this is a problem, consistency in layering to produce a cohesive pattern, if it were me I'd say I pushed for detail too soon in my underlayers when constructing the fur pattern. Also a transparency issue w/ tufts/clusters without a solid base underneath. Unless said strands are sharply rendered and sparse then the 'grain pattern' of the fur behind it shouldn't be this visible. Same issue with fur tufts coming off over the background, they're too soft in both/either rendering or transparency, but that depends on how far they stick out from whatever solid backing. Your leads into/outof a thin clump when I can see you're painting lines via single roundbrush are rough enough that that will be problematic when you made a detail pass over the area EG "Tailor" the darker lines below the eye and above the bottom of the jaw.

    The "problems" I would identify in what I was doing if these were mine would be too consistent of patterns appearing (eg in "Shooting Star", some parallel line groups in one/some of the layers throwing off the fur "grain" pattern.... think as if a greased up rough flat brush scraped over glass over the picture if you look around the head area, and equal sized cluster/strand groups also throwing off how believable the fur pattern is), and some dirty transparency layering. I like "Unknown" the most as the most successful fur pattern, but it's got the net contrast issue making it a bit flat, and the value/transparency in some spots in regards to a balancing act between the layer below and what you're layering on top of it is a little off eg looking at the large lighter blotch to the right of the eye (~same size as eye+tear) the whiter strand highlights over it.

    Dunno. I think if you're speed painting, you're pushing too much fur detail too early/hard in construction of said fur. Scan for and break up or outright avoid parallel highlight lines, go "slower" constructing the fur pattern (smaller steps via more layers), and don't forget fur is really good at catching light with a sparse top layer so get some top layers building up strategic sharp highlights.
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    over rendered fur try a simpler approach (imo)
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