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Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by Ciderfine, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. Ciderfine

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    Being a 3d artist for a long time and a photographer and art student In the past I am deeply worried about a rising trend of original and self creative content I am seeing on FA as of lately.

    I've been noticing a line of 3d animations that have been asset flipped or just smushed into SFM and uploaded as "fresh content" and even to image files as well.

    Reporting all these users via trouble tickets sounds not only like a nightmare but I feel the grounds of the AUP have completely been ignored or changed by the people who read them as see something else. Being a 3d modeler and sometimes and animator I feel disappointed and hurt by the fake content being served when the real robust work is ignored for these fake treats.

    Real work takes a long time and the ugly futa mlp models thrown out or sfm or asset flipped models being used in full while people like me having taken months to stabilize our works and push them out are met with a sea of fake content and crappy made assets to make so called porn animations is just not only hurtful but damaging to the artistic real holistic talent of individual users that pride themselves in anthro artworks only to be met with modded screenshots of Skyrim characters, things lacking tags or content that isnt artwork.

    I know the real issue is people not taking a stand on the AUP and enforcing it, it takes users of the site not just admins to keep the site in peace and running smoothly.
  2. Dragoneer

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    That's sort of the issue in general. There will always be those who merely rip game assets, pose them, and then state they've created "art". The problem is that art is inherently subjective from person to person, and for many, there's little differences between using something from SFM and modelling something in Poser. This has been been a long back-and-forth to protect 3D modellers/animators in the past, and I generally sided with those who really put a lot of work into creating something unique and from scratch. But there's a lot of counter discussion from other sides as well.

    We tried to come to a compromise. It's not perfect, not by far. I believe those who put a lot of work and energy into creating something from scratch DO get rewarded. Their watchers recognize the difference, and they create a bigger following over time.
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  3. Butt_Ghost

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    FA being such a big host for adult art and 3D/SFM being such a big thing I doubt policy's going to do anything to stem the flow of renders with premade models. They're already knowingly infringing copyright when they start doing paid SFM, it's doubtful they're going to think much of site guidelines.

    I feel like more defined options for categorization would go a long way. If it were separated into something like "3D - Modeling/character art", "3D - Scenes/renders", "3D - Animations" and possibly a split between animations/renders using self-made assets and unoriginal ones would work, particularly if you're forced to pick a category when categorizing. It'd effectively separate content using self-made models from content that uses premades and that'd benefit artists that choose to focus on animation/rendering as well. Railroading it into picking a specific category would mean they'd either be more likely to pick the one that closest fits their content or just not have their stuff categorized alongside 3D at all.
  4. BahgDaddy

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    I've really got no idea what this means. Can someone clarify this and pretend I'm a 5 year old?
  5. Butt_Ghost

    Butt_Ghost Caffeine-based lifeform.

    People are using a program called Source Film Maker to mass produce pornography using characters from videogames and it's clogging up the 3D section of Furaffinity so severely that people who make original 3D art are having their work buried under all the low-effort SFM porn. The SFM porn is also against site policy and a lot of the users producing it are even running patreons and infringing copyright in many instances.

    I think the thread title might be a typo of "Content lacking artistic merit" - saying that the mass produced SFM content doesn't have much artistic merit and is obscuring real art on the site.
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  6. BahgDaddy

    BahgDaddy Voice of reason

    Thanks for the clarification, and I agree. Porn can be art just like any other art form, and mass-producing it almost always is cheating and low quality.
  7. Butt_Ghost

    Butt_Ghost Caffeine-based lifeform.

    The same thing's happening on Deviantart's 3D section and it's, uhhh

    Even worse somehow. Since there's restrictions on posting straight-up porn there it's 80% Daz3D models with the muscle slider cranked up to extreme.
  8. BahgDaddy

    BahgDaddy Voice of reason

    I haven't been there. I generally peruse more tasteful art, anyhow, so cheap 3D porn usually throws me off.

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