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Discussion in 'Art & Illustration' started by CrazyDragon, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. CrazyDragon

    CrazyDragon Canadian Dragon

    Just a few of my latest works, feel free to visit any of my other sites to see more!
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  2. Silverphoenix

    Silverphoenix New Member

    Great work, two thumbs up :))
  3. JesterKatz

    JesterKatz But, surely you jest.

    *Scottish accent* DRAGONS!! :eek:

    I like your coloring.
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  4. Langepon

    Langepon Member

    Are those markers? Those are defintitely markers! Your pencil work is also very dynamic, I like the variations in thickness and all!
  5. CrazyDragon

    CrazyDragon Canadian Dragon

    Thank you!
  6. kidchameleon

    kidchameleon Active Member

    Those first two (especially) blow my mind. No idea how you can do that with markers... you may be a wizard :p
  7. CrazyDragon

    CrazyDragon Canadian Dragon

    I sold my old Cintiq and find my Bamboo tablet puts too much stress on my wrist, so until I buy something new my markers are my only colour outlet. I use them a lot!
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  8. Tecwyn

    Tecwyn Loves Chatting

    These are simply amazing, the coloration is vibrant yet not too wild. Keep doing what you do, because you're doing it right
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  9. CrazyDragon

    CrazyDragon Canadian Dragon

    A new one for a long time supporter, Badroy!

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  10. Langepon

    Langepon Member

    The tails looks so soft and squishy and comfortable. And once again, the pencil shading is great. You have a very good eye for values and line thickness
  11. Tigers-on-Unicycles

    Tigers-on-Unicycles National Treasure

    Beautiful work! That pencil. My eyes want to eat it.
  12. CrazyDragon

    CrazyDragon Canadian Dragon

    Thank you! Glad the squishy-ness of the tail reads. I don't opt to pencil shade often so thought I would practice

    Quite tasty
  13. CrazyDragon

    CrazyDragon Canadian Dragon

    Just finished this latest commission, a HUGE challenge for me and my markers, but i'm happy with the result!

  14. Tigers-on-Unicycles

    Tigers-on-Unicycles National Treasure

    Good god it's beautiful. Are they all dried up now?
  15. LadyFromEast

    LadyFromEast Traditional Artist, Architect

    Your artwork is truly amazing and an immense pleasure to look at! I eslecially love the diverse poses you employ for the characters you draw and the way you choose to colour your art! It makes so lifelike and vivid! You work miracles with your markers <3
  16. CrazyDragon

    CrazyDragon Canadian Dragon

    Hahah the great thing is, it required my darkest markers which I don't typically use. Win!

    Thank you so much!

    A new one from yesterday, because pizza space love

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  17. LadyFromEast

    LadyFromEast Traditional Artist, Architect

    Exquisute! I love how you did the galaxy and the pizza on your newest one!
  18. MissNook

    MissNook New Member

    Really cool! I'm impressed by your use of markers and the quality of your lines <3 I think you must be quite polyvalent. I can see you use volumes quite well, you have some composition skills (maybe you could refined them a little but really not that much), there's a lot of energy too (which for me is one of the most important part) and you're great with colouring!
    Really awesome!
  19. Langepon

    Langepon Member

    Just curious, what are the approximate sizes of your artworks? You're getting very fine details there with the markers. I often have the feeling that the tips of mine are too thick... or maybe just too old.
  20. CrazyDragon

    CrazyDragon Canadian Dragon

    Thank you!

    Thanks! My schooling helped a lot with understanding form, composition, silhoutte, etc. etc. The hearts composition is garbage I will say that, it's really unbalanced and uneven. Going back I would have repositioned the largest heart and increased the scale for sure. Ink lines and marker skills comes from a long history of using specialty art markers, ShinHan Touch markers were my first but after upgrading to Copics in college I never looked back.

    I work on a 9x12 Canson pad so I don't feel cramped with my drawings, typically I use 3/4ths to half of the page. Not intentionally, just depends how the drawing turns out.
    Pictures below show the scale of the image vs the page.

    My markers are the Ciao Copics, which are really great because the tips are thin and flexible. They still bleed though so if I have really fine lines (like the hair on the galaxy god image), I have to almost 'dab' gently and wait as the bleed fills in the rest.
    What markers do you use? I don't think age really matters, I have had my original ShinHan set for... probably 13-14 years and they still work fine. I use them in emergencies or if I don't have a certain colour in my Copics set.

    20170702_094611.jpg 20170702_094547.jpg
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