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Discussion in 'Tutorials and Critiques' started by RhelArts, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. RhelArts

    RhelArts catboy connoisseur

    Hey folks! I just redesigned my old fursona and I'd like some input on his anatomy, design, and how my art is overall. I'll give you guys the colored and uncolored versions of both of these (a lined fullbody and cleanly sketched headshot) so you can get a good feel for it.

    He isn't really a cat so much as he's some ambiguous feline monster of some sort, so the somewhat strange look (big pawhands, slit nose instead of cat nose, odd ears) are intentional, but I'm all for hearing what you personally think!

    FULLBODY; colored - uncolored
    HEADSHOT; colored - uncolored
  2. BahgDaddy

    BahgDaddy Voice of reason

    OK, yeah, I was about to comment on the forepaws and lack of wrists, but since they're intentional, never mind. :) So, I like it. Only thing about the head shot I might change would the eye pupil color. I think a little bit more gold instead of orange would look more natural/believable. Otherwise cool
  3. RhelArts

    RhelArts catboy connoisseur

    he's designed to fit into a very alien universe (multiple planets, species, races, cultures, etc.) so i thought an outlandish look would be pretty cool with his eyes, but i'll be sure to experiment with what looks more natural!

    thank you for your input!
  4. -..Legacy..-

    -..Legacy..- Sergal Mafia :P

    It's clean, it's proportional, and the color makes you look at the entire image.

    Anything else is just nit picky. :)
  5. fralea

    fralea Member

    The foreshortening is a bit off on his knee, and the elbow bends look a bit wrong. If you want I could try to do a redline for you? Its not big changes but I think it would help your drawing really 'wow'.

    The only thing about the design I would comment on is the pattern on the tail, I don't think it fits in with the rest of the design as well. My initial instinct is just to change the top floof from dark gray to white or the palest gray so that the three tail sections would make a kind of gradient (assuming his back is mostly white). But its hard to say without doing a little experimenting.

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