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  1. M. LeRenard

    M. LeRenard Is not French

    The original rules were written up by Poetigress, with changes made by your friendly neighborhood moderator, M. Le Renard.

    For ease of access, in your thread, consider providing

    * The title of the work
    * A brief summary/description of the work
    * Any content advisories (adult language, sexual content, etc.)
    * Any specifics on what you want critiqued (plot, grammar/spelling, pacing, etc.)
    * The link to the work on FA or wherever else it may be posted. Please don't post the work directly into the thread.
    * If you can't post online due to publisher restrictions on first publication rights, please make it known how you want to distribute the work in question.

    Moderator Note: to get more bang for your buck, please critique others' works before or after posting your own requests. This is for your benefit, as the person you crit may be inclined to crit you back.

    And don't worry about your qualifications. You don't need any. Quoted from Poetigress: "If you read, you can crit. You don't have to be able to tell the writer how to fix things; you just have to tell them whether something worked for you or not."

    Addendum: Keep critiques constructive, and keep the threads on topic. That means no personal insults. Derailing a thread in such a fashion will result in a warning or infraction, depending on severity.

    If you still think you need help, try these links:

    How to Critique Fiction

    How to Cope With Critiquing (from both the critiquer's and author's perspectives)

    It's Not What You Say, But How You Say It

    How to Critique Works That You Find Awful

    Due to people consistently not reading the rules here, I've decided I'm going to start deleting all story/poetry text that's posted into threads here. If your text gets deleted, please refer to bullet point number 5 above for the reason why.
    Currently existing threads will be grandfathered in, but future threads that violate the rule will be edited.
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  2. Scarborough

    Scarborough Cliched & Trite

    Re: Critique Guidelines

    Should we be posting the critique in the FAF thread, or on the FA story itself?
  3. M. LeRenard

    M. LeRenard Is not French

    Re: Critique Guidelines

    Looks like my answer got wiped. Posting this for reference.

    The answer is: post the critique wherever you want. It doesn't matter.
  4. derektehwolf

    derektehwolf Lord of Void

    Re: Critique Guidelines

    Is it allowed to ask for private help if we don't wish to post our work publicly?
  5. M. LeRenard

    M. LeRenard Is not French

    Of course. These are just the guidelines for using this forum.
  6. M. LeRenard

    M. LeRenard Is not French

    I've decided to add a new clause to the original rules. Please read it, because it will affect you when you post if you don't or choose not to follow it.
  7. Poetigress

    Poetigress Panthera tigris libris

  8. M. LeRenard

    M. LeRenard Is not French

    Cool. I'll add it to the list up there. Thanks, PT.
  9. WolfUrameshi

    WolfUrameshi MA in Creative Writing Student

    What about works that you do not want to put up on the main site for privacy/copyright concerns, or that you'd like to submit to an editor or publisher? They can't get any critique or help because putting them on FA regardless of the writers' wishes is mandatory? I can't help but feel that that's very unfair.
  10. Fay V

    Fay V Lost to this world

    Why not use google docs or something then?
  11. WolfUrameshi

    WolfUrameshi MA in Creative Writing Student

    ...oh yeah. XD But that still might make some people iffy, unless the file on Google can somehow be secured, like with a password or with a unique link that only some people can access, like in Flickr's temporary pass system.
  12. M. LeRenard

    M. LeRenard Is not French

    You can still use this forum to solicit for critique. Just make it known that you can't post it online because you need to preserve first publication rights, but that you can e-mail it around, post it to Google Docs, or maybe if you have an account on Critique Circle or something you could tell people they can find it there.
  13. WolfUrameshi

    WolfUrameshi MA in Creative Writing Student

    That seems more appropriate. :) You should add that to the first post. I couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks!

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