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Discussion in 'Tutorials and Critiques' started by Stalagmike, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Stalagmike

    Stalagmike The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

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  2. Prometheus_Fox

    Prometheus_Fox Fire Thief

    Are this guy's hands supposed to be as big as his head?
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  3. Stalagmike

    Stalagmike The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

    omgosh yeah my friend said the same thing, i was tryna give him big paws but i guess i want too big whoops
  4. Prometheus_Fox

    Prometheus_Fox Fire Thief

    Also, now that I look closer, the hand is at quite an uncomfortable angle.

    Otherwise, I like him.
    He actually has a similar body type I do, so that's nice to see. lol
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  5. Rykhoteth


    The arm going behind his head feels detached from the torso somehow (musculature? Lines? Not sure.), and feels like it gets bigger towards the elbow (foreshortening?). Maybe fix the farside of the mouth where the upper&lower lips meet.

    Hand is freakishly wide as pointed out, but I assumed that was part of the kink? Not sure, not my thing. Stubby fingers, same uncertainty.

    Can't tell if the green spots are on the skin or the fur, what's colored-skin vs fur, but the ambiguous "floating tatoo" is pretty par for the course with most furry content.

    Pulled up the tumblr since I'm too lazy to make an FA gallery account to browse the submissions that aren't being shown otherwise. Greenspots here is a bit more competent in general contrast than some of the other stuff on the tumblr, which is just a general skill progression, but I'm going to guess a good reference and/or personal subject interest paid off on this one. Or a lot of studies inbetween which you didn't post, which hell I don't think I'll ever post mine either. Congrats.
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