Commission (Selling): Custom Fursuit Tails!

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    Please note!: I only have one photo example for tail, and yes I know they are very poor quality photos because they were never meant to be used as commission examples. Sadly for the time being they are all I have, if I get at least one tail commission I will take example-quality photos and remake my price sheet.


    So I really like making tails, plus I could use some extra cash so I thought taking commissions would be fun and good sewing practice.

    Things to note on prices; these prices are not definite, they are just a rough estimate. Things such as cost of fur, many different colors (ex. if you have a tail with a rainbow of colors they could cost up to 100$ to cover material cost), and different lengths will raise the cost. Also if I have your color in stock, you won't need to worry about covering material cost for that color (not applicable right now, all I have is navy blue).

    Tails can be limp, a static shape (ex. an s-curve, husky curl, etc), or have a wire sewn through it to make it pose-able. I can do just about any shape! But I do ask for reference, something as simple as an MSPaint mouse drawing will do. I can't work off description alone.

    All tails are mounted on either an elastic band (10-20'') or thick luggage-band type straps (30''+), the reasoning for this being if they're too big and heavy the elastic might sag or snap.

    Shipping cost is calculated after the tail is finished, as I need to weigh it to figure out price. Unless your tail can fit in a flat rate shipping box, then shipping can be included in up front cost, but I do prefer it be after even if this is the case as it will take at least a month to finish your commission and I don't want to accidentally spend it. I do not take payment plans.

    Comment on this thread or note me on FA if interested ( Userpage of soundwavekun -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ).

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