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Discussion in 'The Tavern (RP Discussion)' started by Inkblooded, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Inkblooded

    Inkblooded Active Member

    Please do not force your fetish onto other people in general, non-fetish RP servers. It can be really uncomfortable for other people, not everyone will like what you like and some might even find it repulsive.

    If you are looking for fetish roleplays, please find a designated partner or group for fetish roleplays. There are plenty of people on FAF looking for fetish RP, if you post an ad you will probably catch someone's interest.

    So far I've only seen this happen with obscure fetishes where the fetish itself isn't a sexual act - for example inflation, macro, or feet. I guess that's why they think it's alright to bring fetishes in a non fetish RP. But I don't think they understand that a fetish character/scene is very obviously a fetish character when they take a lot of time and detail to describe said fetish.

    When I see this happen, and people are told not to do it, a lot of people personally take offebse as if you just insulted them personallty.

    Please don't. This has nothing to do with who you are as a person, it is just that pushing fetishes on others is inappropriate, even if that fetish act isn't inherently sexual. If it were a more conventional fetish, nobody would tolerate it.

    Also, these kind of fetish roleplayers tend to "godmod" (in RP, write that they hurt/kill/main/do something to your character without your consent) as well. There was an incident recently in a RP group I am in regarding a macro fetish roleplayer who posted a reply about "stepping on me hard" while going into detail about how smelly and musky their character's feet was. (Of course I dodged in reply and everything, even when they trie again)

    The person also never interacted with me before, and only did this IC because they hated me OOC for expressing my discomfort for bringing their fetish into a casual RP server.

    I just don't understand why this is a common thing, and why fetish roleplayers even WANT to roleplay in non-fetish communities when people are clearly uncomfortable. I don't have any of those kind of fetishes, so I won't ever get it, but even if I did I would know to keep it to myself and not to push it on others.

    Please keep macro, inflation, feet, weight gain, and anything else like those in designated RPs specific to those fetishes.
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  2. Pipistrele

    Pipistrele Smart batto!

    Is it, really?
  3. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru I stubbed my log on a car!

    A lot of people don't even read these forums in the first place, mate.

    Here's what you do:

    1. Be friendly and courteous when contacting them directly. If you're not contacting them directly first you're doing shit wrong
    2. If they don't listen, ignore them. Worst case scenario, block them
    3. If they are breaking actual rules, poke a mod
    4. If none of that works, add the people you like to your friends list, and leave the server to find a new one

    Also: The same way that pushing fetishes and kinks onto others is unacceptable, pushing your opinion onto others is also unacceptable.
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  4. SveltColt

    SveltColt Well-Known Member

  5. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    As a furry I regret to inform you that I have no moral compass or sense of social etiquette and decorum therefore everything I do and say must be cringy, unnecessary and ruin everything; it's the furry way! :V
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  6. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru I stubbed my log on a car!

    It seems the more Furries I get to see/meet the moreFurries I find who are incapable of understanding social cues, not to mention personal and social boundaries.
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  7. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    I say if you're part of a culture that has a specific stereotype it's usually better to embrace it, it makes it a lot easier to be a part of said culture and enjoy it for what it is.
  8. Inkblooded

    Inkblooded Active Member

    Yep. At least judging from all the roleplaying communities I've recently joined. It seems that if the roleplaying group is anthro/furry based, even if it's SFW, there's a 50% chance that someone's going to join with a fetish character.

    That's not the point. I posted it here just in the chance that some might see it. Of course, most won't see it and I doubt most of them will change.
    It's not like I haven't tried talking to them either, but like I said in the first post most of them take it a personal attack and overreact.

    I honestly thought it was common sense. Nobody would do this with a more sexually obvious fetish.
  9. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru I stubbed my log on a car!

    If they do take it as a personal attack they are 0utright morons, simple as that.

    The problem is in that case them, and it should be addressed properly. Either by the people there, or by a mod/admin if rules are broken.

    If nothing's done and the idiots continue with their crap, find a different server. Or you can just go 101.

    101 is way better if you want some actual RP'ing going on. Groups are better for finding partners.

    But then again it's kinda become expected to have people inside the fandom who are socially inept.
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  10. Inkblooded

    Inkblooded Active Member

    I honestly often prefer group over 1 on 1. I often find it difficult to keep 1 on 1 roleplays going.
    Groups are better, in my experience. But unfortunately there's less control, too.
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  11. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru I stubbed my log on a car!

    Heh. Each to their own.

    I much prefer 101 as they are organized, and your partner won't "skip" your turn, so to speak, not to mention easy to keep track of where you are in the scene/scenario.

    I'd recommend keeping everything in text files to make it easier to keep track of things.
  12. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    I have to admit I'm terrible when it comes to fatfurs. Any time I go into an RP, my character's usually a big, tanky fatfur in an action setting. I often go as far as to make fatfur-themed RPs, and even when it's not I often times add one, usually as a main, but sometimes as a side. In Pokemon RPs, if I want to play as a normal Pokemon, it's still usually a Drowzee or an Emboar or something heavy.

    BUT... I usually try to keep things tasteful. Most of the time, characters are heavy because they're supposed to be huge, intimidating meat tanks. I generally don't go into full details like that Macro RPer seems to have done (o_O I don't think I could stomach that). I also tend to have a certain style I use, generally smooth and round without too many details. I've never had a problem with people telling me not to add fatfurs into RPs because of this, and I usually try to keep it to to when they actually fit into an RP or a situation. ...Still I can see how it may be a problem.

    Any chance this topic could be stickied? I think it's worthy of that.
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  13. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    Sometimes I wanna meet those kind of people JUST to see how ridiculous they can be. So I can laugh my ass out when I feel tired.
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  14. RoseyTheCuteDragon

    RoseyTheCuteDragon New Member

    Amen brother/sister whenever i see someone using random rp prompts where it's clearly not wanted it's so cringe inducing i feel bad for the poor people who deal with the fetish side of those unwanted prompts. I roleplay but I roleplay with other people who actually want to and are ok with the kinds of things I do.
  15. Azrion/Zhalo

    Azrion/Zhalo The Felynes have arisen!

    Aside from that word being slung around with wild abandon by those in the fandom, I do wish that fetishes are kept to themselves and not try and force them on others.

    Ya know, so some people don't have to question their life choices after hearing some fucked up fetish stuff
  16. KimberVaile

    KimberVaile Edgy teenage apathy.

    What particularly concerns me is that the macro fetishism seems to often correlate with disturbed fantasies that involve destroying cities, crushing people and consequentially becoming aroused by it. It's rather amusing too, because something that big destroying a city would realistically be reduced to bloody gibs by a single rpg or tank shell, let alone getting blown to pieces by an incendiary bomb, making it one of the least consistent and believable power fantasies among other things. I recall a couple voreaphiles approaching me more than once, remarking I 'looked tasty' and of course would try to god mod and 'put me in thier maw'. I didn't play along though, and I was tempted to make a reply describing how the person trying to 'swallow me' choked themselves to death trying to eat something far larger than the size of their throat.
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  17. It'sBlitz

    It'sBlitz Pilot in training

    I''ve thought the exact same thing, and that's why I don't like Macros.
  18. Arko90

    Arko90 Dragon Lover

    Me too
    I don't like macro, vore, or make my character dying... and will never understand why some people like that... it's just my opinion, so, don't wait me to beat me up lmao XD
  19. BennyJackdaw

    BennyJackdaw Active Member

    I have a friend who's into a lot of that kind of stuff, including vore and babyfurs. And while I like him as a person, when we're RPing, it kind of hard to stomach some of the stuff he puts in an RP. I've been switching between trying to be tolerant about it and pointing out how gross some of the stuff is, mostly cause he's my friend so I don't like to be mean.
  20. Arko90

    Arko90 Dragon Lover

    I understand your feelings, but maybe you should explain him, if it's your friend you could RP on what you like too no? ;)
  21. KimberVaile

    KimberVaile Edgy teenage apathy.

    You should probably mention some of the rp content bothers you if you're in a roleplay with him to be honest.
  22. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    A Fossa put you in his maw once, but he was just a normal sized Fossa : V

    And, he did not eat you!
  23. KimberVaile

    KimberVaile Edgy teenage apathy.

    The context of the action was different. :p
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  24. Inkblooded

    Inkblooded Active Member

    Because their fetishes operate by cartoon logic -where things have no consequences, bodies are made of rubber that can stretch infinitely, and things that would logically kill someone don't even leave a scratch.

    I remember reading something years ago, a discussion on a forum, I think, claiming that many of the "typical" furry fetishes luke vore, inflation, and other cartoon physics were caused by anthropomorphic cartoons, and a lot of furry vore fetishes said they watched older animal cartoons as children. But I have no idea how true that is.

    Anyway, that's why I think bringing these kind of fetishes into a serious RP is kind of insulting. Even if the fetish RP thinks they're being serious, it's super annoying to have to deal with people pushing silly, godmoddy cartoon logic on a roleplay setting that's trying to be serious and realistic.

    Of course it's not just fetish roleplayers who do that. It seems every time my character gets injured and I want to explore their weaknesses / use their injured state for the plot, someone always tries to instantly heal me with some overpowere healing magic or something.
    (I ended up making most of my characters immune to these because they annoy me.)
  25. KimberVaile

    KimberVaile Edgy teenage apathy.

    I try to remain respectful towards them, but it leaves me with a lingering disdain when these fetish furs try to impose the fetishes on me, so I sympathize.
    And yeah, having a 50 foot wolf trying to stomp on you when your trying to make a grounded, believable roleplay kind of kills the mood, and unfortunately, it's way too common. In that same space, you'll have creatures made entirely of rubber, tentacle monsters, and fat furs trying to eat you, among alll sorts of other different concepts that makes for a wildly inconsistent tone. Which is primarily why I never enjoyed group rps. Because even when you think you've stumbled upon the right guys, you have this one guy who's a 2 inch dragon remarking out loud that he 'hopes nobody eats him'.

    Honestly, it sounds like your forums or server just needs a new sub forum/sub-channel. Something like 'serious' or restricted rp, wherein things like macro, micro, vore, fat furs and all powerful magic are against conduct.
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