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Discussion in 'The Tavern (RP Discussion)' started by Inkblooded, Oct 23, 2017.

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    This entire thread, is probably why I am glad RP isn't a big thing for me.

    First goofy comment, and I'll stop playing nice.
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    Man y'all are making me wanna browse the RP forums just to see some of these crazy scenarios play out...
  3. BennyJackdaw

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    I think defying realistic tropes to an extent is fine if there's a counter ballance. Like, if they're super strong against some attacks, but are super weak to others.
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    To all those whom it concerns; RP is supposed to be a mutual activity where each individual enjoys the content being shared, be it fantasy, reality, or some weird furry crap. If you are uncomfortable or unhappy with what another person is RPing with you, tell them and either suggest an alternative or stop the RP. If you are on the receiving end of that, understand that it's not meant to be an insult to you, rather the other person just doesn't share your views. Don't be that guy pretending to like something you don't for the sake of not hurting someone else's feelings, it wastes both party's time. Thank you
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  5. dogryme6

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    Honestly, I'm kind of afraid to enter RPs in the first place because I'm paranoid that some fetishist would try to force something onto me that I didn't agree to. I don't want dogryme being vored, turning destructively mega or hopelessly micro, transformed into a feral animal of any other species, drinking x fluids or getting x fluids all over himself, getting pregnant for no reason, being put into diapers or tied up with a ballgag, who knows what else. And particularly being fattened or inflated without his consent. I don't want that happening to ANY of my characters...
    It's why I gave dogryme pyrotechnic magic AND a shadow form. So he can either competently fight any monster that would try to eat him or smash him, Or become as elusive as the darkness itself. (With a laceration hazard to those who are too persistent.)
    Of course, it doesn't have to get to that point, as I would confront the other person directly and try to tell them I don't want any of those things happening to my character(s). But still, the fear has me on a hotwire ready to go off at any moment as soon as I start predicting where something's going.
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    How about I do what I want and you come at me bro >:c

    bap u so hard with me tiny paws I swear on me mum I will
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    Don't forget force-fed Willy Wonka's roast beef dinner gum and turning into a blueberry.
  8. dogryme6

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    Kinda covered by "whatever else" but yeah I guess I wouldn't want that happening without my consent either...
  9. Dongding

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  10. This entire thread is toxic. Either respect that macro can be done in a story focused roleplay situation or just shut up. You desperate disgraces to RP. You think you are all that with your entitlement to hate and blanket label others well let's see how good it is when you're forced to take the crap you dish out you pathetic good for nothing so called RPers.

    When I started out RPing hardcore 8 years ago I had fun, now? Ha. Fun is far from it. Why? The entire RP community shifted from being tolerant to macro furries to hating them either due to hating macro or hating furries.

    Seriously Rpers. Get your heads out of your tailholes. You are making the TRUE story focused roleplayers (the ones who CAN entwine kinks and story without making a damn thread bitching others out.) look bad. Go back to whining on your SJW Tumblr you ungrateful Republican minded idiots.

    This thread should have been locked by the end of page 1. But I guess no sites these days have competent mods now do they? You just sat back laughing your lazy hinds off because you too hate quality RPers. At least I know which people to never bother for a quality RP anymore.
  11. Diretooth

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    As a person whose only decent roleplay experiences have been through D&D, nothing is more annoying when you are playing a character in a serious setting, dice rolls or not, only to have everything derailed because someone's too busy seducing every single vaguely female-shaped creature they find in a (tavern/inn/village/wilderness/dungeon/extradimensional plane) or trying to get their gay male (insert species here) to (seduce/have sex with/forcibly rape) my male straight (insert species here). Even though I have expressed distaste in it both in and out of character, usually in-character because maybe, just maybe, they're also serious enough to not pursue a person who very clearly doesn't want to be someone's uke.
    Sure, there can be sexual stuff, I'm usually the guy who thinks way too much about how the dynamics of Kobold or Gnoll reproduction works out, or how their living conditions would color their view on how private private is. There is a clear point where someone is very obviously Not Okaywith what is happening to their character and in the roleplay session. There's a player in my current D&D group who is extremely uncomfortable with sexual depictions, and even though I play my Kobold Warlock logically, that being he has no concept of nudity being anything other than a natural state and even asking him if it is his (Aasimar) character's breeding season because he's acting more aggressive than usual, there is a very clear cut-off point where I know I'm pushing the limit of how comfortable he is and that is where I stop. Everyone, no matter how sexually charged, deprived, depraved, or otherwise into roleplaying a fetish, and there are times when I'm tempted to do so, needs to know when it is appropriate to the tone of the session.
    There is a reason why people on this thread are commiserating regarding fetish RPers forcing the subject and changing the tone- Because they're having people, despite being told 'motherfucking no' several times, forcing them into sexually charged situations that they did not consent to in any way, shape, or form.
    I quote the original post:
    This is specifically regarding RP that is INTENDED NOT TO BE SEXUAL, FETISH, OR OTHERWISE KINKY. And thus, I repeat your own words to you. Get your head out of your tail-hole. You are making the true story-focused roleplayers look bad.
  12. dogryme6

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    *witch-like cackle* cyanide calling the citric acid toxic eh? Look in the mirror, dear sir, lest you forget what your tone is.
    If macro is a fetish and you are in a non-fetish RP, don't you think it would be, rude? To come strutting up with your feet the size of apartment buildings and being all like "yeah look at my sexy nips unh I'm totally ready for this adventure" you've just dropped the Instant Mood Killer Pill™ (just add water!) And nobody wants to play with you there then.
    Lets deconstruct this further... A mega furry is typically overpowered because they're unfathomably huge compared to the average 6ft tall human. Furries tend to be of different statures, but one thing's for sure. Unless you do a fantastic voyage kind of deal and take the mega ones out from the inside like bacteria would to a normal person, there is no possible way to defeat them normally without using superweapons, and even then there's the chance they'll destroy it before it can be used. their scale automatically makes them a threat to all things smaller, due to the careless nature of a giant to stepping on every recognizable kind of structure as if they were made of paper and toothpicks. The only way to escape their terror is to not be in the same place they are in.
    If they were subject to realistic physics, they would already be destroyed from having a human-like bone structure that cannot be supported at such a large scale. They would require to breath more air than is possible in order to properly circulate, and they would need to sustain their bodies by eating buttloads of food. Ever seen how people deal with beached whales? They blow em up with dynamite! Straight into eety beety chunks! That's what would happen every time a mega furry's leg were pelted with a bombshell, pops part of it open like a giant zit! GROSS!
    That's why they godmod, their very existence relies on them being invincible to all these conceivable ways they could get hurt! And because of that, no one else but other macro furries would want to play with them.
    So I must ask... Why do you ABSOLUUUUTELY have to be at such a gigantic size? Why can you not play at the same level the OTHER players are playing at, just be at the same scale they are on? Is it that important to you that they have to be on your level instead of you being on theirs? Sorry fam, people don't comply like that. *mic drop*
    I agree with this man's statement.
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  13. -..Legacy..-

    -..Legacy..- Sergal Mafia :P

    Dire usually doesn't post much, but he certainly makes every one count.
  14. Diretooth

    Diretooth Dire Wolf and Dragon Therianthrope

    There's no point in posting, at least as far as my own posts go, if my posts contribute nothing. I appreciate the sentiment, makes it worth it.
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  15. ellaerna

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    Oh come off it.
    No one is saying you can't be into Macro.
    No one is saying that Macro can't be done in an RP.
    No one is even saying that Marco can't be done well in an RP.
    What this thread is about is people NON CONSENSUALLY putting kink into roleplays. Macro was just an example.

    Now, as someone who is both a self-proclaimed "hardcore roleplayer" and a fetishist, you should understand the importance of consent when it comes to both roleplays and kinks. So maybe get your head out of your tailhole and realize that you're making the Macro furries look bad by blowing this whole thing out of proportion and blatantly ignoring the importance of consent in this discussion.

    Like, ffs, you talk as though the only decent roleplayers in the world are the ones with your kink and the ones who don't enjoy it are somehow lesser and how dare we pleebs speak out against you. And if you are the great roleplayer you say you are, then you should know this thread isn't about you. You should know that this is about the shitty roleplayers who literally and figuratively walk all over an rp and the people in it; the shitty roleplayers who, again, as a self proclaimed hardcore rper, you should agree are awful.

    So yeah, come off it.

    First of all, what does this even mean?
    Second, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself. Cause someone is seeming mighty triggered by this thread and is, I dare say, trying to censor other's free speech on this forum. Here's a hint: it ain't the rest of us.

    edited to add quotation marks.
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  16. Inkblooded

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    Oh, hi there Jake. Figured you'd show up eventually.

    Sorry but forcing your fetishes on other people, especially in GENERAL RP rooms, is not "quality RP" nor acceptable in any way. Quality roleplayers don't make people uncomfortable with their detailed fetish descriptions, especially not on purpose.

    Even if the actual RP content isn't sexual, everyone still knows that you're getting off on it when you put excruciating detail into describing traits of fetish characters. Often without putting any detail into anything else.

    I'm beginning to think people like you have a kink for making others uncomfortable, or trying to "recruit" people into the fetish. There is literally no reason why you can't just find or make a community that welcomes macro fetish RP, instead of making everyone uncomfortable by pushing it on others and having an exaggerated cyber-meltdown when someone tells you it's not okay.
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  17. BahgDaddy

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    You stole my life's motto! :D
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  18. Azrion/Zhalo

    Azrion/Zhalo The Felynes have arisen!

    There's a reason why your post doesn't have a damn like anywhere to be seen on it, and that's because you blatantly ignored all of the valid points already given in this thread.

    And I'm not about to give you the reasons because they already exist, just that you were too IGNORANT to understand them and then proceed to call everybody else in the thread with any common sense as "being toxic".

    But remember, keep your kinks outta my actually story-based RP or I'll have to kick ya outta the clan for dat ;)
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  19. KimberVaile

    KimberVaile Edgy teenage apathy.

    Gracious, judging by the replies here, you're infamous for forcing your fetish into places were it doesn't belong, and here I was, convinced that that petulant little freakout you had on my server was an isolated incident. You have my utmost appreciation for unmasking just how irredeemably deluded and entitled you really are. You refer to Macro Fetishisists as if they are some sort of oppressed minority(who is the SJW here again?). Woe is to the marco fetishist, who can't stomp on realistically proportioned furries! Truly, I cannot fathom why so many roleplayers do not desire to be associated with your illogical fantasy fetish world, the reasoning simply eludes me!
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  20. dogryme6

    dogryme6 Destructive Faffer

    Ohhhh Yes, the sweet juice of sarcasm, this reply is dripping with it. And that is delicious!
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  21. Steelite

    Steelite Way too much salt and edge

    Let's be real here.
    You are too
    BIG to fit in the server.
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  22. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru I stubbed my log on a car!

    "Everyone who does not conform to my fetishes at all times are Republican minded idiots".

    Such hatred. Did a Republican tell you you suck over Twitter or something?

    SJW is a term mainly attributed to Left-wingers such as yourself. Ever head the term "your own actions caused the thing you wanted to prevent", aka irony?
  23. AkuroZinnui

    AkuroZinnui Femboy Music producer, at your service~

    Look, hun, I could go through your argument and rip you a new one no problem. However, I think the rest of FAF beat me to it so I'll keep this brief. Firstly, I do respect that ANY kink can be put into a story-driven RP. Believe me when I say that I've done it more than enough times. However, you musn't forget that not everyone wants to have kinks in a general story. If you truly were such a competent player and have been RPing for those 8 years that you claimed to have done so, I think you'd recognize that quality RPs don't come when there's elements in it that some people don't like. Maybe try to find compromises instead of looking at it the wrong way and pissing yourself.

    Secondly, and pardon my contradictions in these next few lines, but if you want to be taken seriously, STOP WHINING LIKE A GODDAMN BABY!!! Seriously?! Name calling, generalizations on BOTH sides of your perspective. Did no one teach you how to present an argument?! Look, this may be just me, but using things like "
    The entire RP community shifted from being tolerant to macro furries to hating them either due to hating macro or hating furries." and "You are making the TRUE story focused roleplayers (the ones who CAN entwine kinks and story without making a damn thread bitching others out.) look bad." makes you look like a goddamn Elitist. Again, if you've been playing for so long then you should know by now that NO ONE LIKES TO PLAY WITH ELITIST TYPES. No one. Also, really? "Go back to whining on your SJW Tumblr you ungrateful Republican minded idiots." is what you decided to use? Can't believe you're one of those that brings political standpoints into an argument that's unrelated to politics. That alone explains a LOT about how your argument was formed.

    It's time to face facts, hun. Instead of ranting at others over issues that really only pertain to you and others with that Elitist mindset you've got, you should pull your giant head out of your equally giant ass and realize that the world doesn't revolve around you and your desires.
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  25. ellaerna

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    I'm not even sure that is what they meant. I think they meant that we're all whiny SJWs who have Republicans on the brain, not that we're Republican SJWs. But that still makes no sense in this context.

    Oh, and we're ungrateful. About something. Maybe they think we should all be so thankful that they exist.
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