Sketchbook: Denji's daily doodles

Discussion in 'Art and Illustration' started by Denji, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Denji

    Denji Good scaleboye

    So, as a challenge for me I want to do atleast 1 sketch per day to try and improve in some way.

    I will also include some other art if I end up doing some.

    I don't have access to my computer since the motherboard is broke so there's not gonna be anything digital for a while.

    First things first, the one good artwork I've done so far.
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  2. Denji

    Denji Good scaleboye

    Having some trouble posting the pictures, I'll get them up later
  3. Reserved_Krolik

    Reserved_Krolik Active Member

    Nice! Hope you post more.
  4. Denji

    Denji Good scaleboye

    IMG_20170910_033105.jpg I had to make the images less than 1 mb so I got that sorted out now, here's yesterdays pic.
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  5. Denji

    Denji Good scaleboye

    '17 9/23 Random dragon. IMG_20170923_141030-1.jpg
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  6. Denji

    Denji Good scaleboye

    2nd pic '17 9/23, this time a bust shot. IMG_20170923_155634.jpg
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  7. Denji

    Denji Good scaleboye

    17' 9/24 Renekton & Nasus sketch. I can't for the life of me draw hair tufts and such for canines, etc. But I think Renekton turned out nicely the, the body seems a little wonky though. IMG_20170924_191923.jpg
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  8. Denji

    Denji Good scaleboye

    '17 9/25​

    The proportions are wrong but meh. Somehow managed to make a decent-ish fist.
    The mouth is 3d but not the head or anything else so I need to practice on perspective.

    If you have a scalie OC, feel free to dm me the ref sheet since I don't want to draw only my own.

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