Diapers under fursuits for non Babyfurs @ cons

Discussion in 'Fursuiting and Costuming' started by soutthpaw, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. soutthpaw

    soutthpaw DeafFur

    Just wondering if anyone has/does this and if it has too much of a stigma connected with it. Race car drivers, astronauts, pilots etc have been known to do this regularly. Thought about doing it as my suit is a rear zip so it does not interfere with my extensive huggling, and having a dive skin under it and not having easy access, i just about have to completely strip down to go pee. Going to a big con were i will at times not have access to my room easily this could be a good emergency option... The reason i did not do an access front zip is the whole yiff label that goes with it.
    But if its easily detectable under a fursuit or I'm gonna get "branded" by con goers, i will probably forgo it. any thoughts? its really don't want people jumping to conclusions about me etc.
  2. Dokid

    Dokid Member

    I hate to waste me 1000th post on this but...ew. Honestly they do it because they need to. You on the other hand are wearing a fabric costume that is very very hard to clean. You do not need to be in suit so long that you cannot take it off and pee. Nascar drivers cannot stop and pee. Astronauts obviously need it so they don't pee in their very expensive suits that they need in space. A single pilot plane can't just have the pilot take a bathroom break if it doesn't have auto pilot.

    Also most furry conventions has a headless lounge where you can leave someone you know in there with your suit while you run and go to the bathroom. Plan to go at certain intervals so your not ready to pee your pants while in suit.

    If someone see's that zipper there's going to be a lot of stigma no matter what. Plus it'll make people very uncomfortable with you if they see it.

    You should always have someone with you at a big con if you think that you cannot handle going to the bathroom at times so you don't pee your pants.
  3. powderhound

    powderhound Member

    If you need it. Get a Stadium Buddy.

    Diapers are crazy. I dive in a pressurized drysuit for 5+ hours sometimes. The older guys talk about using diapers back in the day. I can't imagine. Everyone uses a condom that plumbs the urine through a pressure equalizing valve out of the suit. Its called a P-valve and its the greatest invention ever. If your working hard under desperate conditions, the leisure of an empty bladder is a must.

    Recently I went to a medical supply store to buy some of the condoms and the lady asked if I was a sports fan. Upon asking why I learned about the Stadium Buddy. Apparently they sell a lot of them. It's just a condom cath with a leg bag. But I still can't imagine you can't take a BR break at a con.
  4. Teal

    Teal Heartless Monster

    Yes, stay in a hot sweaty suit wearing a soaked diaper. I'm sure the smell won't be an issue.
  5. Falaffel

    Falaffel Active Member

    Nothing is truly stopping you.

    No one is gonna know.

    But seriously don't use it cuz its there... only in super emergencies.

    Otherwise, Ew.
  6. Teal

    Teal Heartless Monster

    But what about the smell?
  7. Falaffel

    Falaffel Active Member

    Well you obviously don't just keep them on after wetting yerself.
  8. Teal

    Teal Heartless Monster

    The way the OP is phrased I think that's what he's gonna do. You change that thing right away and I don't care.
  9. Falaffel

    Falaffel Active Member


    Now I'm moving on from this slightly disturbing topic :I
  10. Kishi

    Kishi The one, the only…

    Diapers... Furries.... Possiblity of scat.... Yiff talk.... What next in this thread? vore? I mean this is the center for all of the fettishes in the fandom...
  11. soutthpaw

    soutthpaw DeafFur

    Not sure why I did not think of the smell. Doh! yeah, Just figured after raising my 2 kids where I would have to hold their butt close to to my nose to smell if they needed changing, (obviously when they had clothes over the diapers), I figured technology had done a pretty good job of controlling odor. I do know they are pretty good at keeping the moisture away from the body.
    I think ill prob skip the whole idea and just pre-plan my suiting time better. The more i think about the idea the stupider it sounds.. I did have a better idea and that is to get one of those wetsuit type zipper pulls for the back of my suit and see if I can get the hang of unzipping and zipping without getting fur caught in the zipper.. when suited I can just tuck the pull inside the suit.... Hummmm
  12. Icky

    Icky is the prettiest pony~

    well, since you brought it up~~
  13. TreacleFox

    TreacleFox dem murrs

    The babyfurs will find you, OP. They can sense the crinkle from miles away.
  14. PastryOfApathy


    Why is every post I see you make absurdly creepy, and makes me want to gouge my eyes out?
  15. Fallowfox

    Fallowfox T-Tauri

    It's a shame that fear of being thought of as a sexual fursuiter is enough to merit...wetting yourself. Really? If toiletry is impractical just get a discreet zip, rather than being unsanitary.
  16. Dokid

    Dokid Member

    It's like the hoard.

    It might have to do with the fact that they are older and have the name southpaw. Which reminds me of a time when I turned the SFW filter off once and a softpaw magazine cover appeared on the front page.

    Needless to say its a bad combination.

    I think it would be better if he planned out his bathroom breaks. For some people if they drink a ton of water it's every 20 minutes into the bathroom. So he'll either have to suit less or deal with the hassle.

    Oh and one more thing. Fur in fursuits tend to keep smells around for a long time. So you definitely don't want to smell like pee.
  17. Taralack

    Taralack Hit 'em right between the eyes

    Mate, if your fursuit is as hideous looking as your avatar, you won't need to smell of diapers to keep people away. :V
  18. Troj

    Troj Well-Known Member

    Even though people may chuckle and joke about it, I don't see any real problem with "wearing," provided you're appropriately discreet about it. Whatever floats your boat.

    Where problems and conflicts can arise is when folks decide to "use" just for (literal) shits and giggles.

    I've heard stories about "wearers" who decided to "use" while, for example, carpooling with others to a convention, thus stinking up the car, and messing the seat. Not fucking cool. Don't do that.

    In this particular case, I'd advise against using a diaper as a "crutch"--as opposed to just a "safety net"--here, because you're risking leakage and stinkiness, and you may not notice when you've crossed into the "danger zone."

    As a suiter, I'm already worried about smelling like sweat, so being worried about also smelling like piss and shit would only add to my stress and anxiety.
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  19. Fallowfox

    Fallowfox T-Tauri

    It's weird that some fursuiters would rather stink of urine and mess themselves rather than use zips. If the majority had them they would not be a sex symbol, like the zip on the front of the trousers I'm wearing now, so it's self perpetuating really.

    I understand the 'but you might be mistaken for a furvert' argument, but what is actually more unsanitary; that or a 40C costume full of pee pee?
  20. Inciatus

    Inciatus In the land of bipolar weather

    Well isn't urine pretty sterile? Also that ammonia will kill lots of things for you.
  21. Willow

    Willow *honks la cucaracha horn*

    I kind of feel like having a front access zipper on the front just for going to the bathroom would be grosser just in general. If not because of the whole murrsuit thing but because well, if you sit down with the suit on there's a risk of getting pee or poop on the suit. Which is nasty in itself.

    @ OP: I honestly feel like having someone to help you get out of suit so you can go to the bathroom would be a lot better than wearing a diaper or like someone else said, plan your bathroom breaks.
  22. Inciatus

    Inciatus In the land of bipolar weather

    I feel like the zipper would work far better on males then females.
  23. Willow

    Willow *honks la cucaracha horn*

    But only to pee really. And even then, I really don't think most people would want to touch you after you've been handling your man meat in the bathroom. This is assuming people don't take their handpaws off or wash.

    And to be perfectly honest, con goers have the tendency to be kind of gross.
  24. Fallowfox

    Fallowfox T-Tauri

    As Inciatus said, it's a convenience for males who don't have to sit down. Removable gloves and feet would also be necessary because you don't want to pull the flush with expensive paws or tread on a messy bathroom floor [although somewhat academic depending where you walk in them elsewhere]. The benefit would be that for men it'd be a lot quicker than completely undressing from suit.

    ...I'm not even going to comment on people trying to defecate in costumes though. Eew.

    A fursuit that was divided into trousers and a top would also work and wouldn't even need a zip.
  25. Inciatus

    Inciatus In the land of bipolar weather

    Well sure only to pee, but we pee quite a bit more than we poop and for the love of god don't try to poop in something like that. Sadly many people do not wash their hands after handling their man meat.

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