Does FA have an Developer API

Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by tht7, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. tht7

    tht7 New Member

    Hi I'm a mobile developer (for both android and ios) and to show my support to the site and the community I thought I could make an app for FA
  2. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    At the current time FA does not have any form of API to connect to.
    Also given FA hosts mature and adult content, it would render the app inadmissible to almost all app stores, unless the app was locked to general only content.
  3. tht7

    tht7 New Member

    that's a shame cause even if locked only to general FA is AWEOMSE and I would pay for that app (or just make it if FA had an API)
  4. katalistik

    katalistik People used tap, it's not very effective.

    That sounds so nice.I am not a developer nor the skilled guy but we would really need an app.I mean,most of us(me included)use phones all the day and using Goolge Chrome is so annoying and slow.

    I totally sustain you.Like,having pop-ups and notifications whenever someone replied/liked/quotes you etc.
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  5. MrFranco

    MrFranco 550 polygons

    It would be great. Sometimes my browser messes up the comments I want to post, and I don't wanna change it...
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  6. PlusThirtyOne

    PlusThirtyOne What DOES my username mean...?

    Wait. isn't there a Pornhub app for both Android AND Apple????
    i've never thought to look for (or use) it but a quick Google search suggests that there is.

    As if it mattered in the first place, seeing as how FA won't be getting an app anyway, it would understandably need to be rated 18+. Even if a developer made two versions of said app, one for general and one for 18+, there's far too many dipshits, trolls and noobs posting adult art as "general" already. i could see that being a problem.
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  7. tht7

    tht7 New Member

    We could have a community flagging system - so if a post gets too many NSFW flags it will be moved outside "general"
    But yeah an FA app (or API) is (probably) far into the future so I guess this topic is null
  8. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    Yes for Android and No for Apple.

    Although strictly speaking, You can submit an app that contains adult content, such as FA, to Apple's app store under a small section of their acceptable guidelines, (See Developer Guidelines Section 1.2 "Objectionable Content"). It would require a website based "Switch" that the user has to manually change to enable the content.

    This is much like the "Allow NSFW in app" on picarto's website.

    Since there is a "rewrite" currently going on with FA, it could possibly be in the works, but I can't say anything for sure, haven't heard any updates in over 2 years.
  9. tht7

    tht7 New Member

    2 years!??!
    can we add an API for the wishlist?
  10. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    Yeah, this journal, was the last time the rewrite was mentioned.

    I don't see why it couldn't be added, but i'm not any part of the staff, just a regular user, so thats up to Dragoneer and the coders.
  11. Dragoneer

    Dragoneer Administrator Staff Member

    We do not have an API yet, but it's something we do want to work towards. We have some other things which takes priority, but it's on the list of things we want to offer.
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  12. lostfoxeh

    lostfoxeh No! I must Dance

    I have interest in this as well. Not just mobile but also other platforms. Integration app that allows artist to post work to multiple sites in a single step. Also user app that allows monitoring watches, comments and direct messages from multiple furry web art sites.

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