Does keeping your account "public" help?

Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by PlusThirtyOne, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. PlusThirtyOne

    PlusThirtyOne What DOES my username mean...?

    i think i remember asking this before but do posters feel they get more views, comments, favorites, etc. if their profiles are shown to EVERYBODY and not just other FurAffinity accounts?

    One could easily assume that since EVERYBODY's posts (sfw) are shown on the front page at the time of upload and in other users' favorites lists regardless of "public" or "private" profiles, that their viewership would be the same regardless of if their profiles are hidden from guests or not. Also, guests can't post comments or favorite submissions or watch users at all so it shouldn't matter in that regard.


    Me, i only ever seem to get new watchers (1 or 2), comments (very few...) and favorites right after posting something new; usually only within a 1 hour window of whenever i post. -Same goes for all my other galleries like inkbunny, Weasyl, etc. All of them are set to "members only" but today i went "public" with my FurAffinity gallery since this place is where i get the most attention.

    i dunno. i don't want readers for fame and glory. i just want to share my art and stories and it feels like nobody's looking. Forget the view counts, i want comments!! -They don't even have to be nice comments! Hell, i'd settle for a Korean spam bot!! Hey, Mungo! Next time they take over the forums, send some of them my way, would ya? :V
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    It can help to give people who don't have an account, to see your stuff. But on the other hand, if they like your stuff and don't have an account, you most likely won't get any feedback for it due to a lack of favorite/watch, etc. Unless they make an account and do so, though I'd say "don't count on it to happen".

    Personally at least I've set my account, at least here on the forum, to be set in a way that only those I personally follow can see it. Over at FA I've forgotten what the setting is, but I am pretty sure it's set to "members only".

    A lot of people can read/watch/see your stuff, but refrain from liking it and/or commenting on it. The ones who do comment/like/favorite your stuff tend to be your "true audience".

    If it's writing, it's more of a niche market/audience, unlike art and music.

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