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Discussion in 'Art Exchange and Trades' started by izartist, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. izartist

    izartist King o' the bushy tails

    Draw the person above you thread

    Okay, so a while back a few FA friends and I started a thread called the "draw the person above you" thread.

    Seeing as I can't find the thread after being nonexistent on the internet for some time, I must assume the worst... it has been assassinated by ninjas...

    So, I being the person I am, must resurrect the thread.

    The rules are simple.

    1. You don't have to participate. But should you NOT participate, don't expect to get free art. Spectators and commentators are welcome.

    2. More importantly, should you choose to participate, you draw the person above you... or somebody in the thread.

    3. Keep it civil, this is all about fun.

    4. Keep it clean, I want this to be a parent/kid/work friendly game. Don't be posting anything others might find highly offensive. I personally don't care about obscenities, but blatant nudity is something that catches eyes quickly, tasteful nudity is acceptable, especially if the character in question wears no clothes anyway.

    I personally will be a spectator, seeing as I have no longer got a scanner, and my primary medium is traditional, it'll be hard to post anything I come up with. However, I will probably stick around to watch and comment. I'm here to have fun.

    For the sake of consistency, and the fact that there is nobody above me, I shal post the first piece of art, and since I have no scanner, it'll be one that's kinda old... but what can you do?

    Minda description:

    Minda is a quiet fox, calm and reserved. Minda works at the local library. Blond hair and blue eyes, reddish/orange fur with dark brown paws toes and on the tips of her ears. White tips her tail. She dresses casually most of the time, a very modest lady she usually wears a pair of slacks with or without a cargo pocket and a button up blouse, other things she's been known to wear are usually quite modest and classy. Large sweaters are some of her favorites as well as elegant skirts and dresses.

    Minda pic attached:
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  2. Gavrill

    Gavrill ladies~


    Though granted, it is pretty much dead.
  3. Aurali

    Aurali Banned

    I remember those. They were great <3 sorta got changed around a bit.
  4. izartist

    izartist King o' the bushy tails

    Like I said, slain by ninjas...
  5. Gavrill

    Gavrill ladies~

    Can't find OP's character so I drew a generic fox :3

    Edit: if anyone wants to draw me, just draw a generic pit bull. I like pit bulls and may make a character out of them one day.
  6. izartist

    izartist King o' the bushy tails

  7. Gavrill

    Gavrill ladies~

    Original poster. You. x3
  8. izartist

    izartist King o' the bushy tails

    *blinks* guess I had a dur moment. The attachment is actually the char I usually go with, don't have a representation of myself, so she's the closest thing to it. My avatar is her colors.
  9. Gavrill

    Gavrill ladies~

    Ah, okay. Tomorrow I'll have to pull out some pencils and do a real sketch instead of retarded MSpaints xD
  10. izartist

    izartist King o' the bushy tails

    Lol. It's been a little while since I posted here so, and looking like an idiot is something I do well. XD

    I just hope this thread takes off instead of fizzling.

    Also, retarded MSpaints make cute foxes apparently. ^^
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  11. Lobo Roo

    Lobo Roo turtles natures suction cups

    Welcome back, dude! I'm visiting my parents right now, but when I get back home with my scanner, I'll definitely try and keep this going. Mind you, I'm a horrible artist, but whatever. It's all in good fun.

    If anyone wants to draw me, I'm actually trying out combining my two fursonas into one - a kangaroo/cougar hybrid. So here's references for both of them - you can draw either, or if you wanna give a whack at combining them, that's cool. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2858310 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2283830/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1769360/
  12. hmm.. nice thread and idea :3 I'd love to participate here. I just see one problem. What about someone posts an answer to this thread and two persons decide to draw the poster above them? who will be the next one who will get a picture?
    or will they both get pictures from the next poster?

    I don't understand this o-o
  13. izartist

    izartist King o' the bushy tails

    You can draw the person above you, or choose someone who has a character you like, or who hasn't been drawn yet. The rules are bendable depending on the context. And if someone gets more than one drawing, then they are lucky. Not a huge deal, this is all for fun anyway. ^^
  14. Elessara


    Ooo... This seems like an interesting idea!

    ~Gets out her pencil~ :D


    I can't draw hair worth a crap... DX
    Can't really draw well with a mouse either though... so... ~sigh~
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  15. Chandraken

    Chandraken Member

    A way to get around the issue of people drawing the same person unneccessarily is to have everyone make their initial post "To be edited"

    Once it's posted then they go back and see who is above them in posting order ;D

    This way people don't get confused n_n


    I don't wanna participate ^^; please draw the girl above me if you post first below!
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  16. Elessara


    Sad... No one seems to be much into this... :(
  17. Lobo Roo

    Lobo Roo turtles natures suction cups

    I'll be home tomorrow and I'll draw! Of course, like I said, I'm not really an artist...:/ This thread was so fun back in the day. There were lots of people who participated.
  18. Azure

    Azure 100% organic vegan hubbas


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  19. izartist

    izartist King o' the bushy tails

    That, is, AMAZING!

    The lighting, the composure, teh way the mustache compliments the spots...

    P.S. Also, joke posts like this are awesome, like i said, have fun.
  20. Elessara


    You got her eye color wong... I DEMAND THAT YOU FIX IT! :V

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