Draw the poster above you thread

Discussion in 'Art Exchange and Trades' started by izartist, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. SomeDumbFluff

    SomeDumbFluff woofer

    I'll do you too.
  2. Keegen

    Keegen Star Guardian

    It's look like it stopped in a place where there is noone to draw.
  3. Adrias

    Adrias New Member

    There's still you, silly dragon.

    First time I ever drew a dragon. o_O

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  4. ariamis

    ariamis i like killing people and long walks on the beach.

    i wanna try dis
  5. Keegen

    Keegen Star Guardian

    Oh wow....thanks i didn't expected this! Looks very nice!
  6. lockaboss

    lockaboss hi how are you...just kidding i dont care

    guys just putting it out their after you've drawn something you have to put in a ref for the next person to draw and if someone does'nt draw the person above them then draw the next person who has
  7. AzuelZorro102

    AzuelZorro102 New Member

    Hey dude! I drew your dragon!! :3
    I'm sorry for the horrible picture quality, but I'll be sure to scan this in the morning! XD

    As for anyone who posts after me and feels like drawing, here's a nice little gay sheep dude you could draw --> www.furaffinity.net: Bailey Sheep by AzuelZorro102
    And if you want a better reference, here's this; Bailey is the one on the right! --> azuel-zorro102.deviantart.com: [CLOSED] OTA Femboy Adopts~

    If anything, at least make him look cute? .///.
  8. Keegen

    Keegen Star Guardian

    Oh my thanks, it looks awesome. If you don't mind scan it would be awesome. I could try to color it ^^
  9. AzuelZorro102

    AzuelZorro102 New Member

    Wait, are you asking me to color it, or are you offering to draw my OC? ;; I don't understand XD

    Either way I was seriously thinking about coloring this but I couldn't find any free time-- I was way too tired ;w; I'm sorry.
    I hope you like it, though!!

    www.furaffinity.net: It's A Dergen!! by AzuelZorro102
  10. Keegen

    Keegen Star Guardian

    Oh nono, I meant I want to COLOR my oc that you drew. Thats why i want scan ^^ Many thanks ^^
  11. AzuelZorro102

    AzuelZorro102 New Member

    OOOHHHHhhhh okay XD That was gonna be my next guess. You're welcome!
  12. Skellie

    Skellie An actual skeleton!

  13. AzuelZorro102

    AzuelZorro102 New Member

  14. Corleona

    Corleona New Member

  15. NerdyMunk

    NerdyMunk Only a Book Smart Nerd

    Corleona.jpg for Corleona
    Come on, guys, it's draw user above you thread - I swear the last few pages looked like a Facebook comment wall.
    If you like something someone did - there is a like button to the far right.
    I have a mature reference (nudity) and unfortunately the only one I have and is drawn a bit inaccurately because even though it looks like he has a curve for a nose I'd keep it flat if you so choose to draw my main please and thank you :).
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  16. Alpine

    Alpine The best Renault

    Since I have no character on my avatar, I drew me drawing me drawing you :p
    For @NerdyMunk

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  17. NerdyMunk

    NerdyMunk Only a Book Smart Nerd

    Well, I tried - it's Rexy from your page - I hope you don't mind the humanoid bulge.
    rexy final JPEG.jpg
    As for me - same as last time in terms as last time though it might look like somewhat of a challenge (NSFW). That's the only reference I have of him, so yeah. If you're looking for something to draw him in - here
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  18. Ruby Doomfox

    Ruby Doomfox New Member

  19. Lunith

    Lunith Chubby Dragon

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  20. UBA

    UBA Digital Artist

    Here you are, Lunith. Your Dragon character is very cute and I couldn't resist doodling her up. Please forgive the crude presentation, I only have my miniature sketchbook and camera phone on hand at the moment.


    For the next person that'd like to participate. Could you draw up my mascot, UBI, for me please? The link is slightly NSFW for a bit of bare bum. If you decide to do a full body of her, please dress her up in something chic.

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