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Discussion in 'Art & Illustration' started by drawain, Jun 14, 2017.

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    Hey, since I kept spamming my art in the "What have you submitted to FA recently?" thread I thought my own thread could make sense. (I hope they are allowed here.) I included a selection from my gallery below and will use this thread to post recent artworks in the future.

    So I am an Illustration student from Germany, enjoying all kinds of media. I'm a very curious person when it comes to art and I try out a lot, even if some stuff is still at it's first baby-steps:
    3D modeling, sculpting, fursuit headbase building, sewing, needlefelting, tablet weaving, 2D animation and of course drawing and painting. And there's a lot I still wanna try out...
    I currently roam in the semi-professional level and hope I can one day fully live off my art, the day when I'm finished studying.

    If you want to add me to your watchlist: Userpage of drawain -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Thanks for taking a look!


    reaction_siren_peasant.gif walkcycle_siren_peasant.gif






    ani_windmill_old_s.gif test_02_WIP02_s.gif

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  2. Emerald_raven

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    Wow ! Just wow ! Awesome work !
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  3. drawain

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    Thank you very much!
  4. drawain

    drawain Artist

  5. Liam The Red

    Liam The Red "Dad" Fox

    Nice work!
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  6. drawain

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    Gift for an awesome someone on FB!

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  7. Fallowfox

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    Your paintings are very proficient.
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  8. drawain

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    Fastly done animation for a course. I had to stick to these horrible colors, I'm sorry. x_x

  9. drawain

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    The game: Dropbox - 8Limbs.app.zip

    My semesterproject, a 2D platformer game made in Unity with the Corgi Engine and the help of a programmer from a local games studio, is finally kinda done!

    There are still a lot of things to fix and tweak, but semester break has started and I have no access to the university's equipment right now. And for a first try and with the limited time at hand it turned out better than thought.

    The game is only playable for MAC currently, sadly. Which pisses me off greatly, I don't even have a MAC! I'll fix that next semester.
  10. drawain

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    Oh and some concept art from the game:

    And my 3D project that will be printed during semesterbreak. My OC Nagaoh Antares. This was my first real 3D sculpt that I didn't just abandoned before the lowpoly version even was completed.
    Started in Blender as lowpoly. Then continued in Sculptris.
  11. drawain

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    PicsArt_07-20-03.44.27.jpg Recent commissions, sketches and studies.
  12. drawain

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    And I'm open for commissions btw!

    I'm on semester break and I want to finance the fur for my first suit or save up for a stylus so I can put my tablet to good use!
    I will be doing several kinds of commissions over the course of the next weeks, but I will accept only small amounts of slot entries at the time so I don't loose track.

    You can contact me via note or via Telegram: as Drawain.

    PAYPAL only
    Payment beforehand or after sketch approval, please.

    Laminating not possible, sadly.

    Shipping costs
    Germany: 0,70€ - 1,45€
    International: 0,90€ - 3,70€
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    Chibi badge for someone on Facebook. Such bad photo quality, I'm sorry...

    Traded art for fur. Need it to practise before I screw up my super expensive premium fur. ¤_¤

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