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  1. Today I decided to draw something for the first time in many years. I watched some videos on Youtube a little bit before I began in order to give me an idea of how to draw cartoon-like animals. Though when I began drawing the animal, I ran into some problems - namely the teeth, tongue, fur and the eyes. I was going to make the tongue sticking out, but it always looked bad so I just kept it in mouth. I also struggled a lot with the eyes and fur, which I'm still not convinced I like.

    Anyways, my drawing isn't very good since I'm just a beginner and I never did finish it, but I was hoping that someone could give me advice on how I should have drawn the eyes, fur, teeth and tongue. (by the way, I'm sorry for using lined paper)

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    You were watching guides on how to draw cartoons? Always always always do studies more realistic than whatever style you're going to do. Cartoons are derived from realism. If you master the real form you can derive any style from it, but studying a derived style doesn't grant you that control. There's a dozen things you need to study before you can really do heads, other than general placement and proportions. Do studies on eyes, mouths, ears, etc, until you can do them well before attempting a whole head with all of them together, and don't neglect proportions and placement of said features for the head. THEN try for "cartoon" by exaggerating and diverging from "realism".

    You jumped into Art 102 when you need to start at 101.

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