Drongo a post apocalyptic role playing LARP experience

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give feed back what do you think?

  1. $2000 is too expensive for me but its worth the money for what it is

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  2. change the price to $1000 and make people pay real money for in game items

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  3. two weeks seems kind of short it should be a month

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  4. there should be a concession for international players seeing as they paid thousands to get there

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  5. i think its cool but the blank guns might scare me a little

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  6. i'd like staff accompanying us to feel safer it might be too intense

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  1. GreenZone

    GreenZone Well-Known Member

    so me and my mates were talking cause we're looking for things to do once we leave our current jobs how many people would be interested in this its basically a fallout live action role play on a massive scale (also i'm so so sorry about no punctuation on this i was a difficult child to teach and my teachers eventually gave up on it)

    ignoring cost this is purely hypothetical we with to basically recreate fallout in a live action role playing game we've talked about it which started off as a joke at first but it seems every day some one comes up with a new idea

    this is purely would YOU play to play this live action game atm cost would be around $2000 per head


    pack explosion before and after the event no exceptions (pack explosion is when you empty out any bags webbing and pockets before going onto the range to be checked by staff to make sure you don't have weapons drugs etc)

    no combat or savaging past 2200 hours though players may follow main roads into towns this is so that on item re spawn days players do not know where staff are placing items

    two day orientation and blank firing weapons safety course is mandatory refusal means you will be exited from venue the course will also include firing the weapons (if people have never fired a gun before) and how to strip and clean them

    if a staff member calls out stop, stop, stop it means you have or about to breach safety you are to immediately stop and place down any weapons however you will not necessarily be in trouble staff will simply correct you

    if any staff member calls out "code med" this means that the experience is paused due to a medical emergency

    no role players are to role play with anyone with a fluro vest as this can mean they are staff or a player who feels the experience is too much and wishes to exit the venue or take a break in a town

    though the aim is for the experience to be realistic you will not be allowed to starve to death or die of dehydration but expect your body to be pushed to the limits

    players are not to physically harm each other or actors even if melee combat is requied (e.g ghouls or what ever our "not" fallout live game will have)

    players are not to enter buildings if asked by staff or if there is signage as this may indicate the structure has been deemed unsafe is under repair or is for staff use only

    though there will be occasions where players may have to "repair" generators this will be purpously set up so they just need to find a fuse or flip some switches players are not to tamper with any generators or electronics within vaults (yup vaults!) as underground facilities often require some kind of filtration device

    periodically for a quest, ambience or even random encounter purposefully made structures or car/tank hulls may be lit on fire players are not to go within 15 meters of these objects and are not to go within 30 meters if they have a blank weapon of some kind

    occasionally a group of staff posing as mercenaries may hunt you down they will be well equipped and have higher tier body armour if this happens the player(s) are not to protest this will often be the result of staff deciding you are preying on fellow players too much as there will be enough quests and actors for you engage to not attack other players constantly however if you manage to fight off the mercenaries you will get big dick wasteland points but also take it as a warning to stop

    players must provide a valid drivers licence before driving vehicals and are not to leave the venue unless cleared by staff a staff member must be present in the passenger side in order to operate a learners break this is purely for safety reason

    players are not to enter white vehicles which are for staff only

    blank firing weapons are to be treated as live if found they are to be picked up and cleared the weapon may be taken off the player if staff deem them too hazardous with the weapons

    there's probably more feel free to pitch some

    blank firing weapons to add realism
    factions played by actors that can give out quests
    underground vaults (if its financially possible)
    NPC "monsters" like Ghouls and Super mutants
    randomised loot
    abandoned structures
    abandoned usable vehicles

    game play

    death/re spawn

    a player will have "hit points" of 5 and another of 5 if wearing body armour which will reset after combat or a firefight (rules may change if found not to be fun or too easy to die) once a player dies staff will return them to the main FOB where they will re spawn at 0600 the following morning and yes that means if you re spawn at 0600 then die at 0620 then that's your tough luck however players may buy or pick up revival items to revive fallen party members however these are single use if a player dies too many times they will be given a 3 hour invincible period however the period ends if the player engages another player in combat

    the currency of the game is bottle caps players may choose to buy 10 caps for $1 (max of $10 for 100 caps) at the beginning of the game or they can try their luck in scavenging the wasteland

    players may take part in quests however normally these are to be put on hold at 2200h

    the wasteland is open and free for you to explore any items found within the range have been put there by staff and are free for you to use/consume these can range from bottle caps and food stuff to larp knives and even blank firing weapons and blank ammunition

    players can set up camp for the night or even make use of structures however fires are to be fully extinguished when leaving and cannot be lit within structures unless there is a specific fireplace or fire barrel

    players can claim structures as a stronghold once a stronghold is established other groups may come and stay within the stronghold factions can be declared after a group of 10 or more people are within a stronghold but staff may choose to create a special event where other groups or factions can attempt to take the stronghold within a specified time

    players may play in groups of up to 5 (for the sake of staff managing them)

    players may cosplay if they so wish (inc fursuits) however they should do so with the expectation of the clothing items becoming dirty or ripped

    players may bring electronic devices onto the range however once again they may become damaged and charging ports may be limited if players wish their items can be locked away if players require the use of a phone they can contact staff

    Towns: no combat towns will be dotted in the wasteland this is to serve as a safe haven for confident players but also as each game lasts for two weeks it is also where staff will be staying as most staff will only be available for two weeks at a time towns will feature a general store, bar, hotels, medic, etc etc players can use caps found to purchase items at these stores which can range from ammunition food over the counter medical items like panadol and aspirin weapons and ammunition

    blank firearms: there's been talk at how to balance these but they WILL NOT be purchasable from towns as players would need to fork over 1000s of caps which is impractical to carry around instead players can barter items for weapons (they would be high value items though) or they will be found dotted in the wasteland or given after completing quests (no you would not be able to run off with a blank firing gun the venue will have massive electric fences and camera's along it)

    Energy weapons: there will be Energy weapons of some kind they're likely to be prop weapons which flash red/green/blue/ light when they fire and emit a loud noise of some kind


    probably main one "why not make it airsoft?" believe it or not its actually easier to get blank firing weapons and real firearms in Australia than it is to get airsoft plus we want realism

    Australia has stupid crazy large amounts of land available for cheap this is normally land that cannot be farmed as it may be too mountainous rocky too much rain forest etc etc and is deemed useless however lucky for us it means 100s of acres for as little as 200k sometimes
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