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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by Dragoneer, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. foxystallion

    foxystallion Born Furry

    I'd really like and use that!!!
  2. foxystallion

    foxystallion Born Furry

    I very much like the idea for a folder for commissioned and gift art. I would also like two fave total counters - one for my art, and one for commissioned and gift art. Some flexability would be needed here for art that is both, such as a collaboration. However, this may require a substantial back end change.

    If this isn't feasable, the issue should be left up to the artist, not universally prohibited. If the artist gives his or her permission to post the commissioned or gift art in the commissioner's or reciepient's gallery, that should be allowed. Forbidding such posting would discourage commissioning art, at least to some extent. Do you really believe that any of Michangelo's or DaVinci's art would ever have been commissioned if it could have been displayed only in the artist's own studio? Finally, an artist may want the benefit of a wider exposure to his or her works. The list of those who watch Wovstah is not identical to the list of Foxystallion watchers. Please leave this up to the artist, as it is under the current rules.
  3. foxystallion

    foxystallion Born Furry

    Pretty please with cream and sugar on it! Please either allow the user to create their own fullview template or have an option that provides a true fullview. What I mean by a true fullview is that the upper left hand corner of the image appears in the upper left hand corner of the viewer's monitor screen. Currently, there is a huge amount of unnecessary clutter at the top, and especially along the left edge of the monitor, even with a nominal "fullview". User defined templates would solve this problem, as would a user settable option to eliminate the clutter and provide a true fullview. I have a 1280 pixel wide monitor, but if the image is wider than 830 pixels, I have to scroll to move the left hand clutter off the screen and the right hand side of the image onto it. This would make a very substantial improvement is the FA fullviewing experience. I have been so frustrated by this that I am considering learning whatever I would need to know to write an an addon to Firefox to do this. Thank you very much for your consideration.
  4. yak

    yak Administrator Staff Member

    You can always use the "download" link to see the pic in full in the same or the separate tab/window.
    Just press "back" in the browser to comment on it, if you feel like it.
  5. foxystallion

    foxystallion Born Furry

    I like this idea very much! My friends have given me several pieces of gift art to color, and it would be wonderful to have the same art and comment file appear in both their gallery and mine, and to have faves for the colored piece add to both the line art artist's and my total fave counter. This would also save some hard disk storage space. Example:
    Although I always ask viewers who like the colored piece to fave the line art so as to give the artist the credit that he or she deserves and provide a link to the image in their gallery to do so, I have found out that only about 20% do.
  6. foxystallion

    foxystallion Born Furry

    I like this idea a lot and would certainly use it! I, too, would really like a subgallery feature where the order of the submissions could be manually controlled. I write a little story to go with most of my art, and some of the stories continue from one art piece to another - in one case, through four images. To get rid of some inappropriate comments, I had to delete one submission (the first in a series of four) and then resubmit it. Now it is out of order in my gallery, and I can't rearrange the order. Moreover, there are other submissions between the pieces that comprise the four part picture/story saga. Tinintri's idea would solve all these problems and more.

    For example, I have three canid characters: BeastInShow, Coyote Beautiful, and Coyote Seductive. A canid folder with subfolders for each character would be delightful. I'd also create a folders for commissioned art
    displayed in my gallery (with the artist's written permission, of course), gift art, gift line art given to me for coloring, and art that is solely my own creation. It would be nice to have total view and total fave counters on each folder and subfolder. Views and faves for my own art mean a lot more to me than views and faves of commissioned art, however much I love it. Right now, I'd have to manually add it all up, which would be quite a job. Moreover, I'd like to have a fave of a commissioned art piece in my gallery pipelined to the fave counter in the artist's gallery. I always provide a link to the piece in the artist's gallery and ask viewers to fave it there, but only 20% do.
  7. foxystallion

    foxystallion Born Furry

    I think that the problem with FA hosting .wpe files is their frequently multimegabyte or even tens of megabytes sizes. If viewing the OC event history files were popular - and I'll bet that it would be! - the data transmission costs would be substantial. One solution is to do what I do with my oversize images: I host the original images, which are often 1,500x1,500 to 1,600x2,400 pixels on Photobucket and provide a link to them from a smaller (830x830 to 1,280x1,280) FA submission.
  8. foxystallion

    foxystallion Born Furry

    Thank you very much for a very simple solution! (Boy, do I feel dumb - but I'd much rather feel dumb than remain clueless.)
  9. Werewolfhero

    Werewolfhero Mageknight Werewolf

    An actual Opencanvas Catagory would be nice. Till now I've been just uploading them as traditional (as if they were hand drawn)

    As far as wpe uploads, not really something i'll probably lose sleep over.
  10. TehSean

    TehSean weasyl.com/profile/naoki

    So. Out of curiosity, what are the chances of a comprehensive OC(Opencanvas) category making it onto Ferrox seemingly years from now? Maybe you're being complete dorks and planning on releasing it on Christmas, but that doesn't seem at all evident.

    Is it planned on being implemented? Or was like. Your approval just emotional, something you'd like, but feel is infeasible due to bandwidth woes as I believe .wpe or any other form of artistic video-like replay would end up being far more popular than music uploads and would be used far more widely.
  11. leeter

    leeter HADOKEN!! Solving all Problems

    A few things that may or may not be well received:
    1. use asp.net as it's currently the fastest thing on the net and precompiled and can be run on freeBSD using mono
    2. vectorize all non-user created graphics including banners, this makes these much smaller and reduces bandwidth load and puts the load on the client machine
    3. normalize the database as much as possible without being lossy say third normal form, yes this means you'll have to do more joins in queries but overall it will increase the flexibility of the database and should ultimately make it faster.
    4. use precompiled views when ever possible inside the database, because they're precompiled they run MUCH faster than straight queries and will increase overall response time.
    5. rename all pictures using a unique id in asp.net this is a GUID, this provides a nice name for the picture on the disk because, overall people are not creative and are very likely going to reuse names. Resave the originals as png's to disk, NOT in the database, and create a thumb at upload time, saved also to disk as a jpg for ease of bandwidth.
    Thats all for now take what you will
  12. Theyain

    Theyain New Member

    Lets see, here are a few that may have already of been mentioned, but I'm going to mention it again.

    Sometimes when I log on, I see I have a new comment on something. Well, If its on something that has a TON of comments, I find it a pain in the tail to try and find that person's reply amongst all the others. So I suggest making it so that when you click on the link in the CP that says the name of the submission, it brings you to the comment. I mean, we already have links to the comments, why doesn't the system just use those links?

    I suggest making an option that allows a person to see a thumb image instead of the flash right when they go to a submission that is a Flash Animation. That way if someone goes to a flash submission just to see a certain comment or two, they don't have to worry about using up bandwidth or lagging their computer (mind you that would have to be an older computer) or some such because there is a flash animation in the page.

    I hope that makes sense ^^;

    EDIT: I also suggest making FA Open Source if it isn't already. It would easily and greatly beneifit FA.
  13. StormKitty

    StormKitty Member

    Sorry if this has been brought up before...

    Would it be possible to have the option to display friends' new journal entries in a format similar to the friends page on LiveJournal? Basically it would display up to 20-50 entries at a time, from all friends in the order listed on the user's User control panel display, without comments but with a link to view journal entries individually with comments. This would make it much easier to clear out a backlog of new journal entries from all my friends.

    I currently have >1100 friends' journal entries on my UCP screen, way too many to have to click each one individually to see if it's something interesting. I could cover a lot more of them a lot faster with an option such as described above. As it stands now, I have little choice but to nuke the list, unless there's already a feature like this I don't know about. It would also help if it were possible to sort the entries by username, since it often tends to be the same friends whose entries I am most interested in reading. I think others have suggested the option to friend someone's gallery only, not their journal - that too would be useful in keeping the list manageable in the future.
  14. Krazy3

    Krazy3 New Member

    Tops on my list would be the ability to edit comments on the main site, and see who has favorited your art.
  15. AnonIhmus

    AnonIhmus New Member

    I have a couple ^^

    **Moar stats... Somewhat like they have on DurrviantArt with Most Favorited, Most Commented On etc.... Not all watchers respond to "What do you like best" journals, so it's hard to get an idea of what my watchers like and want more of...

    **Can you put the PMs link up with the rest of the message ones so I don't have to go to control panel for it? Or make the control panel be a drop down menu up there in the top corner?

    **Groups would be awesome! That way people can join it and the GROUP gets updated when artists post stuff -there- instead submissions box being FLOODED.... (For instance in the Hurt Me critique group we have to watch the artists to get HM updates.. It would be nice if I could just click "New Group Submissions/Journal/Whatever" and instead of seeing -everything- all those arists post, I'll just see the things they want critique on..... I won't hold my breath, I imagine it would be a PAIN to put into place, but it would be SO COOL..

    **Nuke Journals Option Plz?!?! I miss a day and it takes me two hours to delete the old and irrelevant journals every some-odd of them at a time TT_TT

    **If not a "delete" comment, how about "hide" comment feature? If that would be easier...?

    **Animation option besides FLASH... I can't list my animations as such because I don't use flash and you only have Flash Animation option....

    I'd just like to take this time to say I'm not bitching about the above- I just love the site and want it to be the best it can be, so if my suggestions would help, that'd be cool. ^_^

    Color Combos~(Main & Details/Highlights)
    Silver and Black
    Green and Orange (Think Jagermeister, heh)
    Brick Red or Crimson and Black
    Any color with White
    Country Flag color layouts (Though that would lead to a LOT, so maybe not a good idea, lol)
    Self-Choose color scheme? List three drop-down menus where users pick their own color scheme?
  16. Aquacoon

    Aquacoon Guest

    A collaboration system would be nice. That way artists would essentially share faves and comments, though I don't know if you could literally do that. Maybe all it boils down to is a colaboration button or notice.

    It'd be nice to friend people, without actually watching them, or maybe simply to be able to filter things based on what people submit. Like only watching people for art, or only for journals. Or is that already out there? The only problem I could see with making that distinction, is it would validate watching people for purely social reasons. For the most part that's good, but it also will lead to alot of drama and attention whoring.

    Gallery scrolling, ie next or previous buttons when viewing a submission [okay granted I'm stealing that from Y!Gallery].

    In fact, Y!Gallery. Do that. That's an awesome system. I'd love to see extreme filters, at least for a couple of more serious fetishes that cause alot of drama. Like cub and gore and stuff like that. that does bring up a large list of problems though, like what classifies something as an extreme fetish, and how to enforce the labeling of such things?

    As for colors, Id like to see a brown or sepia type. Brown, dark brown, light cream, and maybe some orange, or green or blue to add contrast.

    I have a hard time finding a way to make journals sometimes. I'm not sure why, but it's like the button I have to press to get to it seems a little obscure.

    Also, you have to go through notes one at a time to delete them, if I'm not mistaken. A select all, or check box selection feature would be appreciated.

    OH, and I think it would be nice to have a check box when submitting something to lable it as gift art recieved, so that people who are posting art that they recieved as a gift to their gallery, won't have to explain that when they post it.

    I'm sure alot of these ideas are really out there or too hard or expensive to do, but I just figured I'd throw it out there in case it sparked something better.
  17. Aquacoon

    Aquacoon Guest

    Just for the record, I vote AGAINST a hide comment option. As far as I have seen, it leads to a lot of bullshit [see deviant art]. It sounds like a good idea for people getting harassed, or if someone makes a mistake on a comment, but often times it's used by people who do harassing, or do something really stupid or mean, and then try to hide it later. People shouldn't be able to just 'undo' being an asshat. as far as keeping a lid on the drama, it should be up to an administrator to lock or hide comments that come from drama.

    I must stress though, that I'm not trying to put down anyone who suggests this idea, I certainly see the merit in that sort of function. I just know that it's easily abused.
  18. Aquacoon

    Aquacoon Guest

    yesyesyesyesyesssssss! I agree. D:
  19. Eevee

    Eevee Banned

    Or tell an admin that someone was an asshat? The point of hiding comments rather than deleting them is so owners and admins can go back and look at them later, as well as to reduce the amount of babysitting admins have to do.
  20. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    I'm not speaking on behalf of the team here but voicing an opinion.

    If FA were to be open source this could possibly benefit FA but could also not benefit FA.

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