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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by Dragoneer, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Kimmerset

    Kimmerset Banned

    If these haven't been brought up yet:
    - Some sort of wrapping feature when it comes to comments to avoid obscene page-stretching
    - Limit the use of emoticons in comments, not just FA icons.

    Yeah, the hide comment feature would be nice.
  2. Stryke

    Stryke ... That wasn't chicken.

    Probably already been said, but selectable colour schemes (like choose your own colour)? Because sometimes people want variety, and that's a quick, easy way to ensure that.
  3. lolcox

    lolcox I'm all about that Dogecoin, No PayPal.

    Or, you could just, uh, write your own style if you're using a decent browser, since we know that there's no plan for them to do anything with extra styles.

    *shameless self-promotion* :)
  4. Nicolii

    Nicolii New Member

    Might have been mentioned already.. too many post to read through them all. But here it goes anyway.

    Some sort of way to link pictures in a serries/comic. For example I draw a comic over the summer, and everytime I add a picture it goes into my gallery. A fox comes along and sees my comic on page 12. Now he has to go dig through my entire gallery going back and forth to find page 1 and watch the comic in order. I know that i can just add links into the comment of each picture but it is time consuming and it would be cool if FA had a way to simplize the idea.

    Anyway thanks if you read through that... sometimes my brain just works on auto pilot.. the above could sound like lunacy... I like shorts... their fun and easy to wear.
  5. TakeWalker

    TakeWalker I'm a pony now; ponis are cool

    It's already implemented. [#, #, #] where the #'s are replaced by the submission's number (from the URL) will give you something that looks like << PREV | FIRST | NEXT >>. You can leave one out (if you don't have a next chapter, say) by replacing the # with a dash. Check yak's journal mainsite once FA is back up to learn about all this kind of thing. :3
  6. Zeraph

    Zeraph Epic Shrub

    So, just adding my voice.
    Add plants to the species? 8D
  7. Firehazard

    Firehazard I can fix it!

    I liked the suggestion about users creating their own schemes that would apply when they're logged in. If the stylesheets are split up into two files, one for colors and background images and the other for element positioning and sizing, it would be totally doable! Each user could be allowed to upload one CSS file, that would be saved as [username].css, along with a set of small images. Then that style would be added to their list of available themes. If we can ensure security somehow, we might even add the option of making their theme shareable so the good ones can be enjoyed by everyone.

    And along similar lines, THANK YOU DRAGONEER for speaking out against the human rights atrocity that is custom userpage designs. The sheer number of idiots who think this is actually a good idea is truly frightening.

    The Watching/Watched By lists... rather than popping up new windows (a crapshoot in today's world of popup blockers and new-window-equals-new-tab browser settings) for the full list, how about a Javascript based thing that has that pane slide "open" to show the full list. If it's really long, maybe make page turning buttons that change the data inside the pane. And then if you want you can "close" it.

    Along these lines, allow me to mention, if you're not already aware: There is a free library of Javascript scripts called Prototype that lets you do all types of crazy crap with animation and such. My company recently started using them in our sites, and the coders who work with it say it's made complex animations a snap. And it's also designed from the ground up to be cross-browser compatible! Might be worth looking into.
  8. Rabbyadam

    Rabbyadam Carsh n Burn, You're Not Alone

    Hmm... a color scheme... I'd say, for the primary color, a nice, cool, metalic blue. the secondary color, a smoky deep bluish-purple, and for trim Gold or electric blue. :rolleyes:
  9. muddypaws

    muddypaws Bears rock!

    I like your suggestion about the Watch Lists. I don't mind new windows opening up, but if I recall, the list did open along the side of the main window once before. I've found both methods convenient, but I like the latter.

    What would be useful for me are basic are instructions (basic to follow) on how to customize our pages. That would be great!
  10. humbuged

    humbuged New Member

    Being able to put up polls would be nice :)
  11. TheComet

    TheComet DJ Comet

    One quick thing, if you decide to change the color scheme, make sure it's colorblind friendly

    I'm still angry at that one guy who changed his site's layout to black bg with red text, I couldn't read ANYTHING.
  12. keeshah

    keeshah Member

    How about a listing of everyone who has an account on FA?

    Don't know how many times i've found someone on here, an never knew they had an account here.
    It would be great to have a list to scroll through an see if i'm missing anyone i should be watching..
  13. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    A user listing would be nice, kinda like the memberlist of a forum, But imagine looking throuogh 150,000 names and finding a good 31,000 are banned/abandoned/double ones.
  14. WolfoxOkamichan

    WolfoxOkamichan Luffs Buff Wuffs

    User groups... and the ability to group your works in folders and stuff.
  15. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    Now that is a good idea and I support it because then you can make it easy for people to tell different filters (normal & mature) from each other.
  16. Delphinidae

    Delphinidae Competitively intelligent.

    Make the frontpage epic.
    Separate the 3 main categories a bit better and show twice as many submissions in each so it's harder to miss new ones.

    Or do what dA does, the number of frontpage links scales up with the user's resolution (mine is high, could use that).
  17. 7FoxFire

    7FoxFire N B

    I'm all for an overhaul as long as FurAffinity loads as quickly as it does now! That is the main reason I left DeviantArt for most of my purposes, DA was just too sluggish. I think that a significantly better search function is one of the most important things that could be done.
  18. anthroguy101

    anthroguy101 Made in USA

    I hope people get back to this subject, because I, too, support a complete overhaul.
  19. CombatRaccoon

    CombatRaccoon Member



    but actually one thing--
    make mature and adult two different things, so that you can turn off adult but still see mature art. (a lot of refs and the like are marked mature and it's a hassle to toggle the two on and off)
  20. RaptorArts

    RaptorArts Guest

    So far its too early to say what I would want but I did notice you went from horizontal format for the advertisements to vertical. I believe a more pleasant format is horizontal. Vertical just wastes space at the top or bottom of the page and is very annoying.

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