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Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by Stratelier, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. Stratelier

    Stratelier Well-Known Member

    I did a quick search for "vernid" sorted by newest (date + descending), then reversed the search to sort by oldest (date + ascending) but the first 3-4 rows of the search results are still the newest submissions (as recent as 15 minutes prior to search) before it actually lists oldest submissions (from 5 years ago).

    I did a similar search for "sergal", getting these results:

    sort by newest:
    -- first result #23306550, 30 minutes prior to search
    -- results steadily decrease in ID number

    sort by oldest:
    - - first result #23301571, 12 hours prior to search. #23306550 appears on fourth row (21st in search results)
    - - 22nd in search results is #253367 (from October 2006)

    This does not appear related to how I searched for newest first before immediately re-searching by oldest first. E.g. an oldest-first search for "chakat" returned 3 results within the recent 15 minutes before properly listing the oldest pieces first (oldest piece #5089, from March 2005).
  2. Dragoneer

    Dragoneer Administrator Staff Member

    I've had a few reports of things like this, but I've not been able to verify them (pondering if some search strings work, some don't?). I'll relay this thread over to the techs, and we'll see if we can look into it tomorrow.
  3. Xeralt

    Xeralt New Member

    I have the same problem myself and have noticed that the search function is only broken when I press enter after having written in what I'm looking for instead of pressing the "search" button manually. Have also noticed that certain search results just generally don't appear at all when I use enter compared to the other.

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