FAF 2016 Guidebook: Mentioning!

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    Quick tips for FAFing about

    Did y'all know you can mention people using the @ symbol?

    Once you start to type someone's username a box will appear with auto-complete suggestions!

    If you are mentioned in a thread, you will receive an alert similar to ones you receive for replies!

    An example would be... well.. @Moderator-Gazelle !

    The BBCode for this is:
    You can grab someone's user ID from the URL Slug of their profile page!

    Have a great day everyone!
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    The (at) is a good shortcut, but if there is BBCode for it, then any text oughta work:

    Lupin Vulcanus Wolfe

    And hopefully I'm not sticking my foot in my mouth as i click post...
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