FAU 2016: Did You Know: FAU Hotel's Other Events

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Did you know AGDQ is also hosted in the same hotel as FAU?

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  1. Yuukari

    Yuukari FAU Operations Director


    Did you know? If you're a fan of Awesome Games Done Quick, a speedrunning marathon for that's hosted once a year in January for the benefit of the Prevent Cancer Foundation, you may know that they use a hotel for their annual fundraising event.

    The Hyatt Regency Dulles, FAU's new hotel in Herndon, VA; is also the home to AGDQ for the last 3 years! Their main room for the speedrunning on-camera to millions of people during that week-long period is also where our Main Events will be!

    So if you're a fan of AGDQ, or have attended an AGDQ event, you're already familiar with the hotel!

    Did you know it also has a koi pond? :3c

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