FAU 2016: Did You Know: Getting to Hyatt Regency Dulles

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Did you know that there were all these options to get to the Hyatt Regency Dulles?

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  1. Yuukari

    Yuukari FAU Operations Director

    Did You Know? The Hyatt Regency Dulles is a super accessible hotel! From mass transit to train to airplane to bus and being located right outside the beltway of Washington, D.C. it's never been easier to come party with the coolest animals around :3

    By Air you are literally across the street from IAD, the Dulles International Airport, and a few miles west of DCA, the Ronald Reagan International Airport. Serviced by multiple airline companies you can find a flight that suits your budget and take advantage of the complimentary (fancy word for FREE<3) airport shuttle!

    Edit 6/30: Since some users in the replies have pointed it out, there are some corrections to this info further down. Here's a snippet from @Macrowolf who knows the bus and rail system much better than I do!

    Also as a side note, Safetrack shouldn't affect Silver Line during Surge #7, which happens during the con, but be aware of it's affect on the red line if you are using the red line to come into the system. www.wmata.com: Metro - Service Status Advisory

    *These fluctuate like ALL the time, this is what I've seen personally on these ticket prices.

    By Car you have multiple options! North and South can take advantage of the I-95 East Coast extravaganza along with the comfortable Dulles Access Toll Road. If you're on a budget, VA-28 runs parallel to the airport and the hotel (It's the "right across the street" street for the Airport!) If you leave at the right time, you can avoid lots of traffic, especially around the beltway! But if you want my advice.. be on the beltway between 4-5AM, 10-11AM, 1:30-3:30PM, or 8:00PM-12:00AM (Be warned! Morning, Afternoon, Evening Rush Hours are face-destroyers! Also 1AM-4AM is around the time that the Beltway crews do road maintenance.)** There's also free parking at the hotel! WOOP WOOP!

    **This is based on my own experiences commuting extremely often into the D.C. area from Philly!

    Uber/Lyft! Uber & Lyft is strong in the D.C. area! If you ever find yourself stuck be certain that there's an Uber or Lyft driver around at any point in the day!

    Walking? Sure why not! There are sidewalks and crossings for days!

    Boating? Hey why not :3 If you can get docking on the Potomac somewhere in Virginia or D.C. you're just a short metro away!

    For more info on Travel, visit FAU's website and click on the Hotel/Travel Page!
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  2. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    That's great you can get to this via the MARC/Amtrack trains, and the DC Metro. I'll have to see if I can make it down. Gonna go to Fur the More, which is also off the Silver Line. I don't drive, so from Baltimore, all I do is hop this free Ciculator bus, take the MARC to the Metro, and all for about $12 each way. Way better than flying or driving, especially in DC/NoVA traffic.

    Would love to see more cons on mass transit lines...well, and more mass transit, as well :)
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  3. Sforzie

    Sforzie Professional Kuja fangirl

    If I wasn't way down in GA I'd be tempted to go just because I can use my Marriott discount and stay at a hotel near FAU for like $35 a night. T_T I hate driving, though, so even something as relatively close as FWA is too far away.
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  4. Yuukari

    Yuukari FAU Operations Director

    Yup! You can take MARC/Amtrak to Union Station then transfer Red to Yellow to Silver! FAU would be on the Dulles Airport exit still under construction at the time of this writing, but WMATA offers free metro shuttles in lieu of that. It's pretty cheap indeed!

    Check what kind of mass transit is available to you! I know Amtrak goes through GA with the Crescent Line, otherwise airplanes are fine too! :3 Buses as well!
  5. Croconaw

    Croconaw #1 Most Requested Croconaw

    OP seems like sarcastic mockary. I like that version.
  6. Macrowolf

    Macrowolf New Member

    There is quite a lot of inaccurate information here. You have got to do your research!

    1. The Dulles phase of the Silver line expansion has been pushed back to 2019, at the earliest.

    2. There is no official information that I can find of WMATA offering any buses whatsoever from Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station, let alone a free shuttle. Metrobuses along the Dulles corridor, with the exception of the 5A to Dulles, do not go past Tysons.

    3. The hotel is only accessible via public transit if you get your timings right.

    The Fairfax Connector is the bus system that operates in this area. After you arrive at Wiehle-Reston East, there are a few options depending on timing to get to the hotel.

    On a weekday:

    1. Get there in the morning before 11 AM and you can take the 985 bus straight to the hotel. This is by far the best option as they all head downhill from there and take much longer. This bus only operates one way at a time and switches in the afternoon, so if you take it back home, don't plan on leaving until Monday afternoon.

    2. Take a bus from Wiehle-Reston East to the Herndon-Monroe Park & Ride (924, 926, 929, 950, 951, 952, 980) and then catch the 927 straight to the hotel. The 927 is rush hour only, but since it operates in a loop, you can take in the morning and afternoon.

    3. Take the 950 to Centreville Rd and Sunrise Valley Dr and walk to the hotel.

    4. Take a bus from Wiehle-Reston East to the Herndon-Monroe Park & Ride (924, 926, 929, 950, 951, 952, 980) and catch the 937 to Dulles Technology drive (you want to get off at the stop next to Wireless Matrix) and walk from there to the hotel. You can pretty easily cut through the office park. That will save you some walking from option 3.

    Over the weekend, options 3 and 4 are the only ones available. And many of the buses I listed to get from the park and ride to the station are weekday only, but you'll still have the 950 as a link.

    Honestly, unless you're a light traveler, you may want to get a cab/uber from Wiehle-Reston East. There is also the option of taking the 5A to Dulles and calling for the hotel shuttle once you get there. From Union Station though, you need to get on the metro and change trains to get to L’Enfant Plaza to catch the bus.

    If you don't already have a Smart Trip Card, order one now and have it mailed to you. It will save you the hassle and added cost of trying to figure out WMATA's complicated fare system, and you can use it on the Fairfax Connector. And for Fairfax Connector, if you want to get on, you need to wave the bus driver down.
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  7. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    Thanks for the update. I was thinking to myself that the Silver Line didn't go that far yet, as I've only taken it a few times.

    Well, it still sounds doable; I've got a smart trip card, and am fairly light traveler. Given my mate will also be with me, the cab/uber option sounds pretty appealing, as it won't be too much, split two ways, and will save some hassle. Still, it beats flying, in my book. Just the whole up-tight security check delays, cramped, smelly planes and luggage restrictions have made flying to a con (and in general) less and less appealing.
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  8. Yuukari

    Yuukari FAU Operations Director

    Thank you for this! I actually got most of my data for this from the project planning page for the Silver Line Expansion.. I'm very grateful for the correction! :D
  9. ShamonCornell

    ShamonCornell Active Member

    The good news is, the place has a HUGE parking garage, so those driving to the con will have an easy time of that whole process. The same is true at the smaller hotel, across the street...just be mindful of the drunken yuppies staggering around outside the Bar Louie. They WILL leap in front of cars, and stagger around the middle of roads, drooling on themselves.

    Anyone wants restaurant or hangout suggestions not listed in the main page, I'll toss some about to the best of my ability if asked. I actually live in walking distance to the hotel, hilariously enough...which is funny, because until now, almost every con I knew of was in some major city that required plane tickets and hotel rooms I could never afford.
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  10. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    Are there any places to buy groceries in walking distance? Last con (Fur-the-'More), we did the 'buy stuff for sandwiches and snacks' (hummus, pita bread, yogurts, fruit juice, sodas), and made stuff in the room, 'cause it had a fridge, and it saved a ton of $.

    Also, remember to bring your own liquor and drinks to Virginia...the state is really weird, and hard to find liquor in. You have to go to these special stores that are few and far between. So if you're coming from Maryland, be prepared to bring your own stuff for mixing cocktails!

    I'm still hoping to go, and also hoping the DC Metro is working well enough to get me there :)
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  11. ShamonCornell

    ShamonCornell Active Member

    There is both a Giant Food (grocery chain), AND an ABC store, in a few minutes' walk!
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  12. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    Thanks, that's good to know! There was a Wal-Mart right next to the Hotel at Fur-the-More, but no ABC stores for miles...saves a lot of money. I do like to eat out one night, though, an a nicer place, and have a few drinks at the hotel bar, as it's a good way to meet people...but eating out during the whole con really adds up.
  13. ShamonCornell

    ShamonCornell Active Member

    If you're a night owl and need a 24-hour place, a few blocks away we have an Amphora...basically, imagine a Greek diner that expanded into everything else. Can be spotted a good distance away, it's covered in Chrome and neon lights.

    Update, due to me not checking the maps:

    Sorry, all the bleedin' hotels look the same. Assume all above directions are from the Worldgate Shopping center, which is, itself, a relative stone's throw from the Hyatt Regency.
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  14. RailRide

    RailRide The Real Wheels of Steel

    So, it's been something like four months since this "official" post has been pointed out as inaccurate and not only has the original erroneous information regarding the Silver Line not been edited, but there is still no public transit info posted on the FA:U website.

    I figured it out based on Macrowolf's corrections and built an itinerary based on that (and the Amtrak+WMATA+Fairfax Connector websites) from NYC, but how many people are going to look at the top post and assume it's correct as-is and not look through the replies?

  15. Yuukari

    Yuukari FAU Operations Director

    Good point! I've added the corrections to my top post :3 thanks for the feedback! I'll also talk to the other staff and see about getting public transit put onto the travel page for the site~
  16. Seosa

    Seosa New Member

    I live very close to that hotel, and I bet we can convince them to host a furry con. That would be so cool right.
  17. RailRide

    RailRide The Real Wheels of Steel

    I have something to add, having just completed my trip to the con hotel a few minutes ago, entirely by public transportation:

    The schedule as posted on the bus bays at Wiehle-Reston don't explain this, but the 985 also carries passengers from the Metro on weekday afternoons. I just took one at 4:30pm from Wiehle-Reston (after waiting in the heat for 45 minutes, having let one or more of the other bus routes slip by me). There are bus bays on both sides of the highway--I was on the side without the parking structure.
    route 985 schedule.jpg
    How it works is that the 985 follows the indicated route (red) in the peak direction, but instead of retracing its path back to it's starting point like a normal bus route, it makes a non-stop run back to Wall Road to set up its next run. You can see this part of the run superimposed in blue on the map photo below. Not mentioned on any map or schedule is, unofficially you can ride the 985 back to its starting point from Wiehle-Reston (as I did in 2016)...
    PM route 985 for FAU.jpg
    You'll have to wait through a layover at Wall Road (if there isn't already another bus there ready to start its run that you can jump to), but according to two drivers I spoke to (and a handful of other passengers on the same bus whom I didn't) you can still ride the 985 from Wiehle-Reston to the hotel if you get there too late for the direct routing. Whether this is just an undocumented feature of of Fairfax's bus system, or a courtesy that is available at the drivers' discretion is unknown. Annotations on the map image above are via my Inkscape skills at the con :D

    So there is one more (unofficial) option to get to the hotel from Wiehle-Reston (oh, and for some reason the 927 isn't shown on the bus maps at the shelters at Wiehle-Reston,... wiehle-reston bus map (left side).jpg ...but if you look at the system map on the www.fairfaxconnector.com site, it's quite there (in fact, one passed me going back to the park/ride a couple of minutes after I got off the 985)

    (edited in 2017 for increased clarity)
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