FAU United 2016: Attendance estimates?

Discussion in 'FAU Discussion' started by Simo, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    I was just wondering on what the estimated attendance might be at this con, based on past numbers, and given the new location. I just went to Fur the 'More, only my second con, and had a great time. Attendance was 990.

    I'd really, really love to go, and plan to, so long as I have the cash, which I should, by August.

    But do you think it will pick up in size from last year? (attendance 658) Not to sound negative, but will it be big enough to be worthwhile? I'm really into the fursuiting and 'fun' aspects of things, so I'm curious what this con has been like in the past, and what this one is shaping up to be.

    Oh, and is anyone here going, from this site, or from Baltimore?

    So many questions!

    Guess we'll know when it happens...
  2. Ricky

    Ricky Well-Known Member

    You know, I'm not as big a fan of really large cons anyway. AC is way too big for my tastes, there's a lot to do if you're into their programming which is too didactic for me. I like more of a social atmosphere and that's how smaller ones often feel to me. It sounds like this falls more into that category too. I'm not sure what I'll be doing or where I'll even be in August, but who knows. I've wanted to go to this one, it's one of the few I haven't been.

    Thinking more about the Reno one ATM...
  3. Ragshada

    Ragshada College Student

    If I have the time or money. Would like to go to one of the cons. Even it's a smaller one because I find the people who populate the fandom to be more interesting then the people I live around. If I decide to go I'll let you know.
  4. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    I hear the one in Reno is especially fun, and bit more wild and loose, so to speak. I'd also love to go to MotorCity Furcon. That, and one in Chicago, 'cause I hear that one has the most rubber-furs, and I never seem to see many, so that would make me happy, or at least maybe less alone feeling, in that aspect of things.

    But I agree: I've never been to AC---it appears so huge, that I think I'd feel sorta lost, and I wonder if it would be as friendly? And it does seem like at bigger cons, you could get that pedantic tone, or that didactic feeling, which is never fun. I think it's telling that even though they still have an adults only area, they banned Bad Dragon from setting up...as if that's somehow going to rescue our evil, sex-crazed image in the public eye. Gimmie a break! It's like saying, "Look, world! Behind that 'adult' curtain, there's no more silicon doggy dicks! Just hundreds of people drawing them, in various states of penetration and arousal! See how normal we are now!"

    There does seem to be a kinda critical mass, though, to have enough panels/events. to make it work, and I think at about 600, you hit that.

    One thing I noted at any fur con: Say you go to 6 or 8 panels, whether on similar or diverse topics. It seems there is guaranteed to always be (at least) one really, really annoying person who never shuts up, thinks they are brilliant, and even if they are not there right away, will wander in later, as if guided by radar. This probably happens at all kinds of cons, but there needs to be a name for this phenomenon.
  5. Ricky

    Ricky Well-Known Member

    Yeah, they had that big room (I forget the name) that was supposed to be the social area. It looked and felt like a High School cafeteria. No thanks. Nothing against Kage, well okay that isn't true I have a lot I could say, but in this case I understand how it would be difficult. The thing that annoyed me, when I was there it had the Westin as the main area, which has a lobby with like two chairs and a fish restaurant nobody ate in, and a bar upstairs where nobody else was drinking. It was also spread out all over the place, as the different hotels were several blocks away from each other.

    LOL - "teacher's pe-" no, not a teacher.. what is the worrrd

    Eh, it's just a dork - that's good enough :V

    Yeah there was always that kid in class, too. The thing is, I usually would say "shut up" but then you find out they've got ASD or wernicke's aphasia because they can't listen to what they are saying and understand how ridiculous they sound to everyone else.
  6. Moderator-Gazelle

    Moderator-Gazelle Forum Moderator Staff Member

    I'm going to guess in the 400-500 range.
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  7. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    That sounds like a friendly kinda con...am exited about going, and having two cons in the Baltimore/DC metro area is nice. You know...'cause we're so bad-ass :) I'm even gonna try and recruit some friends who have been curious about furries, to go down there.
  8. Glaice

    Glaice Why use FA anymore? It's junk now

    With the recent security breaches the site had, I wouldn't be surprised if it went down from last year.
  9. Yuukari

    Yuukari FAU Operations Director

    I'm going to say about 550. FAU last year was some 658 I think, and since we've moved to a new area we're prolly gonna need a year to recoupe numbers.

    COINCIDENTALLY We also have restructured some upper-level management, so who knows what'll happen after this year~ I for one am excited~~~

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