Feetpaw Drying Help (Urgent)

Discussion in 'Fursuiting and Costuming' started by Aurag2, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. Aurag2

    Aurag2 Esme Caza

    So I washed my suit last night using this tutorial ::

    Everything went great. All parts dried, except the feet.

    All the fur on the feet are dry and brushed. But the insides, which are slippers are still pretty wet.

    On a scale of 1-10, the slippers vary from a 2-4 on the wet side. Not very wet, but damp.

    Its been 24 hours since I've let them dry. Like I said, the foam bottoms (which were very wet) and the fur has all dried. But I'm worry they may start to mold if they don't dry soon.

    Any reccomendations or tips are helpful.
  2. Karatine

    Karatine cat

    I have no idea... Use dry rice? As long as you can pick it all out, I hear that works good for drying cell phones. Not sure about fursuits.
  3. Belatucadros

    Belatucadros Sláinte chugat!

    Only thing I can think of right off the bat is to just bombard it with fans... Not sure if that will help though.
  4. Ashwolves5

    Ashwolves5 Miss Fluffy Bottom

    Could sit them on top of your heat vent over night. I do that with wet shoes. I don't think the heat would do anything unless it held with glues.
  5. Aurag2

    Aurag2 Esme Caza

    I'm just worried because heat damages the fur >.<
  6. Ashwolves5

    Ashwolves5 Miss Fluffy Bottom

    It depends on the fur type and how hot it gets. Putting just a short aways distance from it should be enough to produce dry air but not hot.
  7. HallowQueen

    HallowQueen Candy is dandy~

    just a personal reccomendation, lots of wadded up paper towels inside and carefully applied pressure until they start coming out dry, then position them overnight where a fan in blowing down inside <3
    best of luck, my darling!

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