Finding local furry meetups.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Tavi, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. Tavi

    Tavi Bunneh Boi

    How to? xD

    I've glanced around the forums and haven't had much luck. I'm in Washington; Seattle area, and I know they're around here! I got invited to one by a fur on Grindr, but then I deleted my Grindr and I could never get into contact with him again (/imdumb).
  2. Toshabi

    Toshabi Banned

    Where a shirt that has the word "YIFF" on it, while being pantless with a tail butt plug up your buns. Go to a highly populated area and just sit there. Overtime, furries will gather and before long, you will have a local meet up congregate.
  3. Aetius

    Aetius Бог је Србин

    Run from them. Run away as fast as you can.
  4. Brazen

    Brazen Terrorist Scum

    Grindr is for squares, Fetlife is how all the cool and hip people meet up these days.
  5. Jags

    Jags Shepherd of Fire

    Go to the nearest zoo, and wait. They will come to you.

    Serious suggestion? Facebook, google, even FA are your friends here. It's not difficult to find at least one person nearby, let alone what'll likely be a group.
  6. Smuttymutt

    Smuttymutt Member

    Look online.
  7. BRN

    BRN WTB Forum Mod Powers


    I'm a UK-guy with friends in Seattle. I can't offer you much myself, but I know for a fact there's folks in Seattle who meet up regularly.

    Try browsing the 'seattle furries' group on FA and message a few folks. You'll hit and you'll miss, but hey, worth a shot.
  8. Nashida

    Nashida *merping*

    Facebook and FA. I found a bowling meet through FA, went to it, started getting friend requests on FB and group requests, now bam I'm in like 5 furry groups and meets. YMMV.
  9. Troj

    Troj Well-Known Member

    Check out, in addition to FA and Facebook.

    There are apparently some really neat furs who live in Seattle, like Kijani the Lion.
  10. Harbinger

    Harbinger The Last of Us.

    When i first signed up here i gave my city a search, came up with a couple, if i remember rightly in the members list you can sort by location. Never though of meeting up though, never know if they're whack jobs :p
  11. Leo McDowd

    Leo McDowd Author

    Here are places to check for local meetups:

    1. Yahoo! Groups (yes, people still use it!)
    2. Google - Type in "<insert where you live> furries" and research the results
    3. Facebook - Search Facebook groups for "<insert where you live> furries"
    4. - Browse, browse, browse. If you can't find a local meetup, create one!
  12. Dreaming

    Dreaming Active Member

    You mean, something like... RainFurrest? Or this?
  13. Tavi

    Tavi Bunneh Boi

    Either! And that was a great link, thanks :]
  14. Batty Krueger

    Batty Krueger DJ Nailbunny

    Rainfurrest is by far one of the better furcons, and its in Seattle. You're lucky
  15. Fallowfox

    Fallowfox T-Tauri

    Whenever I check for meet-ups in my city I get suggestions for meet-ups in American cities of the same name, however specific my search terms.
  16. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    Wait... You actually want to meet other furs?

    If they are anything like they are on the forums, then stay clear of them.

    I'm joking, of cause, try looking for groups on FA - or just wait until the next con.

  17. Wydo

    Wydo The Furry Phil

    Just do what I did and Google it! you WILL find at least one person because its such a large place just look around the internet. I found 1 person and there are only about 200,000 people in my town so you can do the same!
  18. powderhound

    powderhound Member

    OMG there's a crap ton of rad furs in WA. Most of'em are super outdoorsy too.
  19. Darth Aislin


    Try FA Groups! :D There's normally a bunch of shouts/journal posts on region-based furaffinity groups advertising furmeets and the like.

    You can also try finding a bunch of furries in your general area, (Using the FA groups would help for that) and organizing your own furmeet around your schedule. It's really simple! Just tell everyone you're going to X, and that if they come to find you, you'll give them X amount of redbulls.

    Or Pixie Stix.

    Furries love pixie stix.

    (Also Rainfurrest. )
  20. Shoiyo

    Shoiyo The grumpy skunk

    Get a fursuit, a large wooden crate, a stick, and a rope. Tie the rope to the stick, place fursuit on ground and prop up the crate over the fursuit with the stick.

    Then wait.

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