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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jarren, Aug 5, 2016.

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    Lol 1873 peacemaker .45 Colt??
    We're not talking about single actions black powder loads,we're talking modern magnum double action revolvers..In that class nothing beats a Ruger Redhawk in that department..
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  3. Kellan Meig'h

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    The real Colt .45 LC Single Actions were good with the very low pressure black powder loads of the day. Even the modern smokeless .45 LC loads can cause cumulative damage to a real SAA. An honest, actual vintage (pre-1940's) Colt SAA belongs on the wall as a display, in all honesty. If you're regularly shooting .45 Long Colt, get a Cimarron or Umberti replica. Superior metallurgy, excellent fit and finish. Plus, they will put up with continuous range and action shooting without complaint.
  4. GreenZone

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    well it was given to me when i was like 10-11 so i didn't understand the value of it but apart from that there was really nothing wrong with and i used to shoot it a lot the only thing is the cylinder pin snapped and i had to make a new one out of an old bolt

    you need to keep in mind when i was given it, it was for doing "chores" around my mums hobby farm

    i don't know if they have this deal in America but here you can buy like 1000+ acres but you can only build on something very small like 5 acres and the rest is semi national park the upside of buying these properties is that you're entrusted with managing the pest animals and stuff

    one of my chores when we stayed at the farm was actually riding around on ATV or Horseback with the colt on my hip looking for pest animals and also to protect myself from poachers since there were a lot of deer and shit

    the property covered half a mountain and had a lot of rain forest and steams we found funny shit all the time
  5. Jarren

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    I snagged a new range toy. Yeah, this is entirely for my own amusement, no real collector's value here, just something to bring with me as a frequent shooter at the range.
    It's a nice clone of the Saiga 12 gauge shotgun (an EM12B, to list what it calls itself) and it's got some of the best AK ergonomics I've ever handled.
    I was planning to try and pick up and AUG or one of it's clones, but the price scared me off, as well as getting some hands on time with a few. The ergonomics aren't quite as good as I thought the first time. So, shelved that plan.
    That sounds really fun, actually (apart from the dealing with 'pests'). My family has a fairly large chunk of land, but it's all private and entirely wooded so getting anywhere off the beaten path requires some bushwhacking and rock climbing. Plus, with all the moose and bear on our land, it's normally a good idea to go armed. We've had to chase a few people off our land before as well, mostly people wandering the trails, but occasionally we'd get hunters trespassing, trying to get at the critters on our land.
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    I've been wondering. How does it feel to fire an AK, a 9mm, etc?

    Hey, that reminds me of this video:
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  7. Shane McNair

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    I'm glad somebody's making a clone of the Saiga shotguns. There really needs to be more focus on developing domestic industry to produce firearms like this as a hedge against sanctions on other countries and resulting import bans/restrictions. Hopefully these will be as good as the genuine Saigas.

    And yeah, the AUGs are definitely not cheap. They're attractive, but they're kind of a boutique gun imo, and also something of a curiosity in a country dominated by the AR-15. I'd like to see a more diverse range of guns like that available here, but the problem is that they just don't have much to offer over the AR-15, which seems to be the primary factor in determining popularity.
  8. Shane McNair

    Shane McNair Adrenaline addicted Arwing pilot

    How does it feel to fire an AK?

    It's a little bit subjective depending on the person, but when I'm shooting an AK, I'm usually so focused on aim, breathing, sight alignment, and trigger squeeze that I don't really notice the recoil all that much. But when I pay attention to it, I would describe it as a brisk, light thump against the shoulder. An AK's recoil is actually pretty minimal and easy to manage. Just think that a 10 year old child soldier in South Sudan or Somalia can handle it without any trouble. The recoil is greater than what you'd feel with a 5.56 rifle like an AR-15, but not by a huge amount.

    As for a 9mm pistol, it kind of depends on how a particular gun is designed and constructed. There are lots of different guns chambered in 9mm. It also depends somewhat on the powder load of the ammo you're shooting, but in general the recoil of a 9mm pistol is also pretty benign. Most people find 9mm guns relatively easy to learn how to shoot well because of this, and it is the reason why more women prefer them over a bigger caliber like .45 ACP. The light recoil also makes it easier to get the sights aligned back on target quickly for another shot.

    Once I had the opportunity to shoot a registered, full auto Sten submachine gun (made in 1942, according to the owner). There was really no perceptible recoil at all. The gun is very crudely made and it feels like it too. It feels clunky and a little awkward. It had basically an angled piece of sheet metal for a grip, welded to the underside of a tubular metal stock. Not very comfortable or intuitive. It's interesting to think that, nonetheless, a small, crude gun like this that wasn't terribly accurate was still an effective tool in the hands of European resistance fighters and British commandos.

    Another time, I was at the range with a guy I know who let my shoot a .458 win mag that he had. It's a bolt action rifle of the type you would use for hunting big, dangerous African game animals. Now that thing had some RECOIL. I handled it okay, but I put 5 rounds through the thing and a few minutes later I swear I could literally feel a headache coming on.
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  9. Telnac

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    I love the AK. Downsides: it has got a decent kick and it's certainly LOUD. The 7.62 round drops like a rock. Worst safety ever. Upsides: it certainly has some helt & stopping power behind it. I dunno, I just love the simple elegance of the weapon. You can field strip it with minimal training in under 10 seconds. Even an idiot can figure out how to use & clean an AK.

    I'm not a big fan of the AR-15. Don't get me wrong, it's a great gun and is accurate as heck but it feels like I'm shooting my son's .22. The round is laughably small. I know it still has plenty of stopping power; it's lethality is all in the round's speed. But the gun is more plastic than metal and cleaning it is a pain in the butt! Why would they put the gas tube's exaust port right in the middle of the bolt carrier group?! The main advantage is the round's flat trajectory gives it greater accuracy & range than the AK. That and there are more ways to customize an AR than there are ways to customize Barbie!

    As for 9mm, I love the Beretta 92FS. It's a heavier gun than the Glock but that means it handles recoil better. Physics says heavier guns that shoot the same round will recoil less. The double action/single action design has a LOT of haters but I love it. The first trigger pull is heavy & deliberate but every other round is silky smooth to put downrange.

    Want the opposite of silky smooth? That's the 1944 Mosin-Nagant carbine. The 7.62x54 bullet is the same width as the AK-47 but the powder load is almost double for the Mosin-Nagant. The shell was designed for a full length barrel but the 1944 carbine is a military conversion of the popular hunting rifle so it has a shorter barrel & a bayonnet. The shorter barrel means the powder doesn't completely burn begore the shell is out of the barrel. That unburnt powder turns into a 4 foot wide fireball! And talk about LOUD, the concussion wave feels almost like a grenade went off. And yes, you WILL have a nice a bruise on your shoulder after a day at the range! The advantages? A bullet with the helt of an AK-47 but the speed of the AR-15. And talk about accurate! The Mosin-Nagant is legendary as a sniper rifle and even with iron sights it's easy to hit a target a long range.

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