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Discussion in 'Tutorials and Critiques' started by Bodie_Z, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. ShioBear

    ShioBear EH b0sss

    like how hard would it be to make just the head?
  2. Birdkisses

    Birdkisses Member

    Hmm! Maybe you can round the toes out a little more? right now they're long and skinny. I think you're going for a cute friendly foxy vibe. Think of bugs bunny toes. They have a lot of height and they're big and round. I love the shape done in this tutorial.
  3. Bodie_Z

    Bodie_Z Member

    Alright! I managed to make the suit a bit more slim and it fits much better now :) I also started fresh on a new head and its coming along nicely! (Yay progress!)



    Im gunna be working more on the head tonight. I hope to add some ears soon :)
  4. Misomie

    Misomie Lazy Artist

    I'd make the muzzle pointer (cause coyote) if I was you. It being bulky looks more like a dog or wolf. Pointy snouts for foxes and coyotes helps define them. Otherwise you're doing great. The pictures of the feet never loaded for me so I can't give advice on them.
  5. Bodie_Z

    Bodie_Z Member

    Thanks :D ill post some more pics as I change the shape so you can keep correcting it haha :p

    Im scrapping the feet and starting over. That one was just bad haha :)

    Does this look better?

    Psych is my fursuit making show :p
    Im only shaping the right side right now. Ill shape the left side to match once I get this side right :)
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  6. NitroCollie

    NitroCollie New Member

    You suit is looking awesome!! but with your feet paws I think they are too narrow, in proportion with your foot if you are trying to get a more toony look, i would make them wider in the toe part so that it will look more proportionate with the rest of your suit! :)
  7. Misomie

    Misomie Lazy Artist

    Yeah, looks much more coyotey than dogish now. :3
  8. grassfed

    grassfed Indica Dominant

    Looks awesome so far! I like the changes to the muzzle
  9. Bodie_Z

    Bodie_Z Member

    Alrighty! I think I finally finished shaping the head. I finished up the cheeks and added eyebrows and ears. What do you guys think? :)


    Next up is eyes
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  10. Bodie_Z

    Bodie_Z Member

    So I made some eyes! Tried to go for a follow me effect and I think it turned out pretty well! :D
    (not only am i an amazing photographer and videographer, I also make incredible gifs! :V)

    I shaved the eyebrow ridges down a bit because they were massive and Im gunna bring the bottom jaw down a bit to give him more of a smile. Then its time for fleecing! What do you guys think? :)
  11. Hutch

    Hutch Keep Smiling :)

    If you want a smile, I would add a bit more foam to the cheeks. At the top, a little under where the cheek meets the eyes. When you smile that part if your face rounds out a bit :)
    Also, you may want to tilt where the nose is going to be a bit more at an angle. So it's not going to point straight out. It looks awesome though. I can't wait to see it finished.
    You said you are going to use fleece? Is that for the whole thing or did you get fur too?
  12. Bodie_Z

    Bodie_Z Member

    Expressions have definitely been the hardest part for me so thats super helpful! :D Do you mean tilt the snout up or down for where the nose will attach?
    The fleece is just to line the inside of the mouth and stuff. Im using the same fur as I did for the body suit :)
    Unfortunately, after saturday i wont be able to work on it for about 2 weeks :( Hopefully i can have it done by the end of september though :)
  13. Hutch

    Hutch Keep Smiling :)

    I am talking about the flat part at the front of the muzzle. I would have it so the nose tilts a little more back to the head. So it faces up in the air. The nostrils shoul be facing straight out. So I would tilt to so that happens.
    Expressions are totally the hardest part lol. Just look at yourself in a mirror and have a straight face--then smile and see what muscles in your face change and add the foam to the same places on the mask. :)
    okay good lol. I figured you would be using the same fur.
    It's turning out great!!

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