First fursuit ever - Head complete!

Discussion in 'Fursuiting & Costuming' started by MillieMoo, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. MillieMoo

    MillieMoo New Member

    Just finished my Fursona Sachi's head! It was my first fursuit project ever so I'm really proud of it!
    Base by Stuffed Panda Studios. Everything else by me!

  2. CreatureOfHabit

    CreatureOfHabit The Bumbling Blind

    It looks adorable!
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  3. Ninth

    Ninth ✨ Lord Fagquad✨

    Super cute! Ahh, I love it~
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  4. LoEM_1942

    LoEM_1942 Curse of The FenceHat™

    Nice. I hope my first turns out half as good, haha.
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  5. MidnightDragon

    MidnightDragon ∂єαтнℓєѕѕ

    that's pretty damn good ESPECIALLY for a first head! Awesome!
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  6. MillieMoo

    MillieMoo New Member

    Thank you all so much! ; _ ; I had a lot of handholding from a friend who makes fursuits. He instructed me and guided me through it. Hopefully the rest will be done soon!
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  7. Scales42

    Scales42 Snek

    Your first? This is beyond awesome! :rolleyes:
  8. MillieMoo

    MillieMoo New Member

    Thank you! :3
  9. Kydashing

    Kydashing Snackholic

    WOW! Wonderful job! I really want to look into creating my first one, but im not sure. So cool!
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  10. Vermilion

    Vermilion Member

    Looks cute! Amazing for a first time!! Man so awesome. I would suggest staying away from airbrushing the orange and grey spots. They look pretty small you maybe you could order like a sample size and it might work for it. I saw a video where someone used a brushing technique that showed how to get the color in all of the fur for markings. Besides that small observation, I really love your whole look. Sorry if I sound mean, I don't mean to be. Looking forward to seeing your next suit!
  11. Bam_Bams

    Bam_Bams Fur-real!

    Well done mate.
    Very impressive. Possible future side career?!!!
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  12. MillieMoo

    MillieMoo New Member

    It's not mean at all! That's not airbush though, it's paint pen :'D
    The only issue with using small pieces for her is that her colors overlap a lot. :/
  13. MillieMoo

    MillieMoo New Member

    Oh gosh. Only if I got better ^^'
  14. CL4M0

    CL4M0 clam chowder

    oh my goooooosh this is so cute! You did a wonderful job! Do you have a lot of experience with crafting/plushies?? JW O:
  15. MillieMoo

    MillieMoo New Member

    I've done a few plushies here and there and done some hoodie work c:
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