For Sale/Auction: Flat-Priced CYOP Unicorn Adopts!

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  1. AndroKei

    AndroKei Blep. [4/4 OPEN] Flat-Priced CYOP Adopts--$6-$8! by AndroKei

    cyop sale.png

    Flat-priced choose your own palette adopts for sale!

    USD PayPal only.

    #1: Winged kirin $8USD.
    #2: Broken unicorn $7USD.
    #3: Butterfly pegasus $7USD.
    #4: Scaled kirin $6USD.

    I also offer customs with this base! Note me for details.

    Base [purchased and used with permission] © [​IMG]
    Designs © [​IMG] / [​IMG]

    By purchasing designs from or commissioning me, you agree to my ToS.
  2. AndroKei

    AndroKei Blep.

    Bump, still open!

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