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  1. fluffgator

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    I'm currently accepting applications for all types of commissions that I have on offer;
    which includes sketches, busts, full-body character portraits, polished pieces, and icons.
    All information, including prices and links to examples, is listed here on my website*.
    * while being hosted on Tumblr, this site makes no use of any of its blogging features and is purely CSS/HTML.

    I specialize in drawing a wide variety of species/characters ranging from avian to
    dragons and humans too, with emphasis on emotion, interaction, and posing.

    Tall, short, overweight, toned, muscular, stocky, and everything in between is well within my experience.
    Please reference my FAQ for specifics as to what I will/won't draw.
    I'm available for both SFW and NSFW work, as well.

    Below are breakdowns of the different types of commissions I offer:






    If you're interested please read over my Terms of Service and fill out an application.
    Please feel free to contact me via note on FA (same username) or private message with any questions, too!
    You can find my FA gallery here.

    Thanks for your time.
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  2. fluffgator

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    ..~* b u m p *~..
  3. Izzzyzzz

    Izzzyzzz ~*Pastel Ned Aesthetic*~

    Bump! If I had the money I would, friend... your art is totally gorgeous! <3
  4. Cercis Lycalopex

    Cercis Lycalopex King of the Vulpes, First of His name

    How nsfw are we talking? Are we talking like on the level of cockvore and cuntboys? Or are we talking tasteful male on female injection?
  5. fluffgator

    fluffgator Member

    Thanks so much for the kind words and the bump, hun!

    To be honest, I'm probably somewhere in that middle territory when it comes to NSFW work. I'm not too big on hyper-inflation of isolated body parts or genetalia, nor am I comfortable with drawing any scat/filth/diaper fetish pieces or nonconsensual BDSM.

    I'm completely open to drawing characters of all kinds of body shapes participating in consensual sex scenes/foreplay regardless of orientation (e.g. intersex, gay, lesbian, trans, straight, polyamorous, etc.) If you'd like to know if a specific fetish/theme is in my ballpark, though, send me a PM, note me on FA (same username), or email me. <3
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  6. khoufu

    khoufu Member

    Definitely considering getting a sketch, especially since you don't mind the commissioner coloring it, not to mention that it looks well done. Ever done a turtle?
  7. fluffgator

    fluffgator Member

    Thanks, hun! I've never drawn a turtle character before, but I do have a lot of practice with other reptilians, so I'd be more than happy to give them a shot.
  8. fluffgator

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    ..~* b u m p *~..
  9. fluffgator

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    ..~* b u m p *~..
  10. -Praydeth-

    -Praydeth- The Trickster coyote.

    Jesus fucking Christ this is impressive the lighting is impressive when you look closely you see it's simplicity in each level of tone. You didn't even go low enough to not actually put individual scales on the reptile. *suddenly realizes it* the eyes on it seem to glow............. they even have light refraction's on them i'm..... i.... am, just utterly bewildered . I said why the hell not just look at the post and i did not fucking regret it. Please tell me you do something outside of the furry community because this is impressive beyond compare. holy shit.
  11. fluffgator

    fluffgator Member

    Oh'gosh, thanks so much, haha! I used to do a lot more just plain human character art, but I've been putting more focus into furry art since this is one of my newest online galleries. I also do feral dragon things from time to time too.
    I illustrated the last chapter of the Aikonia webcomic, and I'm very slowly trying to get up the courage to start my own webcomic with a close friend. Other than that, though, I'm pretty much out of work and trying to drum up Commissions to survive, and working to get a newly launched Patreon off the ground so I can resume work on my game project. Whew!

    So I do have a few things going on, but not as much as I'd like. ✦
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  12. -Praydeth-

    -Praydeth- The Trickster coyote.

    *looks at game* "Well shit" You are going to have some problems in "competition" and when i mean that i mean people that will say your game is a "rip off" or "indie cash in" or "nostalgia bait" because of yooka laylee.
    If that game is your true passion or you want financial gain
    you need a team you can live with! Small team developers get suicidal, break themselves become so obsessed with their game being perfect they leave life long lasting physical effects from overworking, never become financially stable and give up on their dreams and finally see life as better without them and they ____ .

    The times this turns out well still breaks the person.

    Antichamber by Alexander bruce.
    He overworked himself to where he was constantly straining himself never able to not be look at his game and say it's going to work and i can be successful constantly filled with self degradation . (he cries on stage in the video)

    Fez by Phil fish.
    ignorant and wasn't able to handle the criticism he got out of game development & art entirely.

    Five nights at freddies. by Scott cawthon. He made christian video games for the most part the games always got bad reception. He wanted to commit suicide and probably would of if he didn't have his two sons. But he snapped when he got criticized for having robotic like animations and made fnaf. Even then he created fnaf world where he constantly ridicules himself in a way that makes you think hes not mentally healthy.

    super meatboy/binding of issac by: Team meat I'm not even gonna list what is going on in this fucked up shit he made a game around this story.

    Find a team thats fairly large that's how we got doom, Rareware creators of banjo-kazooie, Bungie, bethesda and also no mans sky bad example but it was financially successful. I do suggest getting a team please do, i don't want you to give up on your art because it did not pay out well.

    Also if what you create becomes immensely popular prepare to take a possible hit of everyone knowing you are a furry because someone wanted to know your entire history of art you made. and we all know how that might end well with the way the media is. Especially if you do have a history of making nsfw art. Just keep that in mind please.
  13. SSJ3Mewtwo

    SSJ3Mewtwo Administrator Staff Member

    Just a friendly reminder from staff: This thread is about approaching the artist for commission opportunities.

    If anyone would like to offer the artist critique on their material, or completely off-topic subject matter, please take that to conversation messages.
  14. fluffgator

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    ..~* b u m p *~..
  15. Sn1ck

    Sn1ck New Member

    Would love to commission a sticker. Message me if you can!
  16. fluffgator

    fluffgator Member

    Message sent!
  17. fluffgator

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    ..~* b u m p *~..

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