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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by Shameful_Cole, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Shameful_Cole

    Shameful_Cole Shameful Idiot

    Anyone that has been here for even a week knows that this forum has regular issues with spambots. I think that everyone would like some solution for that problem, whether it's more restrictions at account creation or more people to look and clean up the mess, something needs to be done. I know that XenForo has good tools for handling problems, but the fact is that with the way things are now, the staff cannot keep up because they have lives. The staff members listed are only about ten, and very few of them are actually active on the forums. There are a lot of people in the community here (myself included) that I'm am absolutely sure would check in on the forums a few times a day just to clean up spam bots. It's been months, please consider looking for people to help.

    At the time that I posted this message, a spam bot posted 937 messages without a staff member having a chance to clean it up.

    EDIT:1300 Posts now.

    EDIT2: A staff member has finally had a chance to come on and clean up. Thank You!

    Post Bump Edit:

    This image is from the spam ladt night, there were 6 different bots (if I remember correctly, there were more than 6 bots total last night) spamming all at once. This morning, the bots were finally stopped, but the threads still haven't been cleaned up, because of the sheer amount threads posted. There is clearly not enough here to regulate the bots, and there needs to be more, preventative or otherwise.

    I understand that this thread will likely get locked, like the last one, but I hope that a staff member, from the forums or the main site, tells us some kind of plan to handle this.

    And keep up the work staff members! We know that you are doing your best, and we appreciate it!
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  2. LycanTheory

    LycanTheory Free to good home.


    While I'm not too familiar with the software this forum runs, I'll add my two cents in as an admin/co-owner of another forum. There might be some settings or plug-ins available in admin control panel to largely reduce the problem without having to add additional staff or manually clean up such a mess.

    Given the magnitude of the spam bot problem, it might be a worthwhile endeavor to pursue.
  3. Voresh

    Voresh Member

    Would also be nice to have additional staff available to approve threads, waiting time is pretty bad some days/weeks.
  4. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    My two cents?, I'll offer my help. If the staff are interested, PM me.
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  5. Shameful_Cole

    Shameful_Cole Shameful Idiot

    This would be the ideal solution. The community that I work in now also runs Xenforo and has no issues with bots. I'm guessing Fur Affinity runs an older version, which spammers have found exploit's in.

    This is the biggest danger with adding new staff. Commissions are real business and need smart people to approve threads. I've noticed that much of the current staff are over 30 years old. I'm going to assume that they need nature people for these things.
  6. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    From what I can gather FA is running version 1.5.0 currently. Which isn't the latest but is definitely more secure than previous versions.

    True, commissions are real business and mature/sensible etc staff members should be in-charge of that specific section. but as for cleaning out spam-bots, making sticky appropriate threads and helping to resolve user issues, that could be done easily with little to no training, something which staff here require apparently.
  7. Shameful_Cole

    Shameful_Cole Shameful Idiot

    Last night was great. Shit this is just a bump
  8. tales

    tales Pixel Artist

    I agree with this thread. Last night was especially bad. I had to use the 'block user' on at least 8 different bots. Probably more.
  9. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    My block list jumped from 6 to 18 in the last few days (and only 3 of that 18 are actual people).

    It seemed crazy today, like every other minute there was a new one. Noticeably they all have birth dates of Jan 1 1995/1996/1997.
    (Not saying those born on that day are bots, but at least it's a trend you can pair up with the usernames.
  10. Prometheus_Fox

    Prometheus_Fox Fire Thief

    I wouldn't mind moderating.
    I have experience with both front-end and databases, specifically SQL.

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