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Discussion in 'Art Exchange and Trades' started by LinnyChanPL, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Bedlams

    Bedlams 'Cause sanity is boring

    Looks great! Thanks!
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  2. LinnyChanPL

    LinnyChanPL Linnie :3

    Hope you like it :)

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  3. LinnyChanPL

    LinnyChanPL Linnie :3

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  4. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru Logically chaotic and twice as charming

    What the hell is this?

    Seriously. Thanks a lot! :D
  5. Battle Foxxo

    Battle Foxxo Member

  6. SveltColt

    SveltColt NANI?!?

    Hello if this is still open can you make something for my sona here

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  7. fearlesstiger

    fearlesstiger Dreamslayer

    Oh man, and here I was waiting for you to finish the first batch. I didn't realize a full second batch had already amassed before the first had been decided.
  8. LinnyChanPL

    LinnyChanPL Linnie :3

    Lol, ikr! I'm kinda drowning in requests now xD
  9. -..Legacy..-

    -..Legacy..- Sergal Mafia :P

    You do good work, keep it up!
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  10. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru Logically chaotic and twice as charming

    Any free art thread's gonna have people crawl out from the shadows. :p
  11. sunburst_odell

    sunburst_odell I like Imagine Dragons too much

    Could you draw something SFW of Sunburst?
  12. SveltColt

    SveltColt NANI?!?

    Free art.jpg
  13. Grimm Hund

    Grimm Hund Active Member

    Dang! Missed both batches!
  14. LinnyChanPL

    LinnyChanPL Linnie :3

    Done! Hope you like it!
  15. Rimna

    Rimna Far from the madding crowd

    Oh, I didn't see that you picked me. If you want more details about my sona and/or want to draw him NSFW, just let me know in a private message and I'll provide additional info.
    Thank you!
  16. Battle Foxxo

    Battle Foxxo Member

    Thank you!
  17. GigaBit

    GigaBit A hyperactive computer lovin' nerd.

  18. LinnyChanPL

    LinnyChanPL Linnie :3

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  19. AceWolfGaming

    AceWolfGaming New Member

  20. LinnyChanPL

    LinnyChanPL Linnie :3


    I've got real sick today so the arts may got delayed ! ! !
  21. Zerohi

    Zerohi The South African Dutchie

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  22. Belatucadros

    Belatucadros Sláinte chugat!

    Get well Linnie! No rush, take a break from the art and rest!
  23. Fuzzylumkin

    Fuzzylumkin Fuzzbutt

    Hiya.. if you are still doing commissions, I would love some pics of my Lion, would totally cheer me up! Its been a rough night
  24. LinnyChanPL

    LinnyChanPL Linnie :3

    I still remember about this thread :D

    I feel better now, thanks for patience.

    I'll get to drawing as soon as my tablet will start working. Since it's wacom, you know these can be stubborn sometimes. Drivers are not working for now.
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  25. Lithooves

    Lithooves A hybrid that loves to party

    No worries! Take your time. Your life comes first.

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