From Hearing to Being A Furry

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  1. I first learned about the fandom from general stereotypical depictions from tv and media coverage, but some years later I learned more about furries from more open-minded people on the web who had friends that were furries. More recently I started watching some good members of the fandom who produce amazing work, ranging from blogs, comics, art, writing, or even just general good advice.

    Since I started liking and following a good deal of what individuals in the fandom were doing/making/producing, and since I thought highly of the people I've seen, I joined up to find some camaraderie with like-minded people. I've never been a part of a community or group, so a lot of this is new to me anyways.
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  2. aloveablebunny

    aloveablebunny don't pull my ears!

    I first "learned" of the fandom from Gaia online. I had given myself the nickname of "Bunny" back in high school because I loved bunnies, dressed up as one for Halloween, and wanted one as a pet. Thus my handle "aloveablebunny" was born.

    I was not involved with the fandom actively until last year, when my BF told me that he is a furry. Prior to that, I didn't think much about it except the passing reference (usually always sexual) from Reddit or other sites/conversations. I decided to explore the fandom to get familiar with terminology and such, and discovered that it's a pretty cool thing to be involved with. I have mad respect for all of the artists the fandom has. Of course there are aspects that I can't wrap my head around, but such is the case with any following. I have met cool people on here and on Reddit (/r/furry), and am planning on attending my first con next year. I don't know if I'll ever get a suit (full or partial), but who knows?
  3. sharprealmcomics


    heard of it back in 07...i though i was spelled Fury XD (bring of pics of MGs fury) lol but he furry thats showed me the fandom wher bullies so my first expece was negative (i know right furrys that are JERKS) ...yup very mean ones wher all that i meet in HS but i never heald that ageanst the fandom. i saw the fandome as somthing RIGHT up my ally so for 10 years the though of uplouding on FA was a dream to me ( no scanner for years) when i got one i went in the fandome FULL force :p love furrys! ever 3000 k for a fur suit NO thanks ill make my own XD
  4. Karatine

    Karatine Mostly a lurker

    I've seen furry art before I even knew about the fandom. I'd always get really excited to see furry art because I thought well drawn anthros were really cool. Then, in 2011, I listened to an interview of DasBoSchitt where he briefly brings up the fandom. Telling us to not google it.

    Well I googled it and immediately wanted in. ;P
    It took a while though...
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  5. sharprealmcomics


    yea me to when i was a kid id have my eyes glued to a anthro that a really likee was a mouse from hillbilly blue....he was really hot for a red neck lol
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  6. I already used to fap to some lewd furry things back when i was 13 years old, but i didn't knew that was furry, i saw it just like something normal, when i started to learnt about what a furry was (and to realize that the stuff i used to fap wasn't normal...), the negative view that i saw on it seemed like nonsense rejection, i could understand if it was fan hating (hate towards an specific aspect), but hating a whole community only for their likings didn't made sense to me, from where it came from all this rejection?

    By overtime, i started to be more open and embrace it that i was a furry, and it wasn't so hard at least for me, the people near to me i was open with them because they have no idea what a furry is, and my friend s that know me, that knows what it is, they just see it like something funny to talk about, blablabla but we are still normal friends, no awkards looks or reactions whatsoever.
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  7. Sarcastic Coffeecup

    Sarcastic Coffeecup Hand. Cannot. Erase.

    I blame Renard. "I wonder if there's more art like in his albums" and down the rabbit hole I went.
    And it really is a crazy ride in here
  8. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    Huh, have been in the fandom maybe 10 years?

    At first, I was really, really happy and upbeat about it, seemed so open and welcoming, had a lot of very in depth RPs, which was not only fun, but a great way to involve something I love doing that tends to be a solitary activity (writing) along with a social aspect. And I loved the art, and talking to people of various diverse backgrounds. I suppose the one thing, as time went on, I came to find that as a fandom, it could be also a bit clique-ish, and there was a contingency of what I might call 'self' loathing' furs who brought a lot of negativity into things?

    But in any event, I doubled down, and focused on the aspects and people I found positive and affirming, and ignored the negative static as best I could, while trying to be a down to earth, and welcoming sort.
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  9. dogryme6

    dogryme6 Destructive Faffer

    Heard about it. Lurked moar for years before hopping in. I still don't get it. :(
    Not in that I don't understand what a furry is, but in what being a furry means.
  10. Crimcyan

    Crimcyan Another fucking wolf

    Being a furry just means you like to argue small things on the internet
  11. dogryme6

    dogryme6 Destructive Faffer

    Well, I argue about things all the time on the internet, so feliz no frikken duh.
  12. Ayespacecake

    Ayespacecake Member

    I don't remember when I found about about the fandom specifically and how I felt then but I found an old post I made in 2015 on FB saying "Why does the furry fandom exist/why is this even a thing"

    Forgot about it all for a while until...Zootopia.
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