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  1. Okamio

    Okamio I'm a gentle beast. Do not fear.

    In life we suffer many trials, hardships, yet we push through, and it’s why we reach out to others in the community when things get too ruff.
    For me, though, I personally find humor in life makes it easier to deal with.
    So let’s have some fun? Got a joke? A video, pic, or gif? Got some puns?Maybe we can play something or pull pranks. Let’s just have fun!

    As for me, I always thought about progressing my career in comedy by doing stand-up, but honestly I’d rather sit down.

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  2. Fuzzylumkin

    Fuzzylumkin Fuzzbutt

    Two lions were sitting outside a clinic. One of them was crying like hell. So the other asked, “Why are you crying?” The first one replied, “I came here for a blood test” Second one asked, “So, are you afraid?” First one replied, “No, not that. During the blood test they cut my finger.” Hearing this, the second lion started crying. The first one was astonished and asked the other, “Why are you crying?” The other replied, “I have come for my urine test.”
  3. Open_Mind

    Open_Mind Well-Known Member

    A fox and a giraffe walk into a bar. They have a great time, and party to the wee hours of the morning. After a bit too much to drink, the giraffe passes out on the floor. The fox, also drunk but just able to walk, starts to head for the door. The bartender shouts "HEY FOX" then points to the giraffe and says "You can't leave that lyin' there!" The fox turns unsteadily and looks at his friend on the floor, then up to the bartender. With a bemused grin he slurs, "You're thhhillly! That's not a Lion, its a Giraffe!"
  4. Okamio

    Okamio I'm a gentle beast. Do not fear.

  5. -..Legacy..-

    -..Legacy..- Sergal Mafia :P

    There once was a woman, who wanted nothing as much as a talking parrot.

    Tirelessly, she constantly searched online, visited pet stores everywhere, and quickly discovered how expensive a talking bird can cost. This discouraged her a great deal, because she still had a family that didn't have a lot of extra income.

    One day, a detour forced her to take an abnormal route home. As she turned down the new streets, she noticed a run down pet store amongst the derelict homes. In the front window read a sign: "Talking Parrot $50". She excitedly pulled over to see this incredible deal.

    Upon entering the store, a grizzled shopkeeper greeted her. She wanted the parrot. In the corner, a beautiful Scarlet Macaw stared at her.

    "Does he talk?"
    "Of course he does, but he has a bit of a mouth on him. He's been returned several times. I just want him gone."

    During her visit to the store, the parrot didn't make a sound. On the ride home, again, the parrot just stared at her. Upon arriving at her home, the bird looked around and finally spoke.

    "Hmm, new house, new madam."

    The woman was ecstatic about how clearly he spoke, and quickly brought the bird inside to show her two daughters. When the bird seen the daughters admiring him, he spoke again.

    "Hmm, new house, new madam, new girls."

    They didn't quite understand, but they put the birds cage in the dining room and covered him with a sheet. She was going to surprise her husband with the incredible deal she had found.

    A couple hours later, the bird hadn't made another sound. The husband came home and the family sat down for dinner. He asked what was under the sheet, and the wife quickly pulled the sheet off the cage.

    The bird looked around, cocked his head sideways when he seen the man, and spoke yet again.

    "Hmm, new house, new madam, new girls."

    "How are you doing Ray?"
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  6. Fuzzylumkin

    Fuzzylumkin Fuzzbutt

    Why did Simbas dad die?

    Because he couldn't Mufasa :p
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  7. RuffusTheLynx

    RuffusTheLynx Pff... just a casual lynx...

    Goddddd... you just killed me :D:D:D
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  8. Fuzzylumkin

    Fuzzylumkin Fuzzbutt

    In a circus a lion tamer does the following trick: orders a lion to open his mouth, comes closer and puts his dick into the lion's mouth. He offers $10,000 to anyone who will repeat the trick. A girl from the audience says quietly: - I would do it. But you take the lion away first.
  9. Open_Mind

    Open_Mind Well-Known Member

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