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    Scotland does not get most of these UK shops but i guess thats what internet is for. Great thread though. Thankx!
  2. Deo

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    Okay here's an update for people looking to build fursuits.

    http://fursuit.livejournal.com is the biggest community of fursuit builders to go to when you have a question. People post WIPs, tutorials, give advise and critique, provide redlines, and are a general wealth of information. Lurk there a bit and you'll learn a lot. They have a great section called "memories" which has listed memorably helpful fursuit building posts.

    http://honestfurcrits.livejournal.com this is the place to go for hard critique during a build. These guys will rake you over the coals and make you better for all the harshness. Do not, DO NOT, post to this community if you are sensitive or can't stand critique, they will not molly coddle you there.

    http://fursuitauctions.livejournal.com is the place to go to buy fur scraps. So you have a million different colored spots on your design and don't want to buy a full yard of each color? Do here. Buying scraps, full yards, and yard pieces is common. Along with claws, noses, eyes, partials, fullsuits, used suits, and new suits.

    http://rarsuit.livejournal.com is run by the amazing Foofers. No one, and I mean no one, is more helpful or handy with electronics than Foofers. So if you need to rig up some LEDs or a fan for your fursuit go here. It's also the place to seek advice on building realistic or "rar"/scary suits.

    http://quadsuits.livejournal.com is the place to go for all your quadsuit advise.

    More on quadsuits later folks.
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    I use paper mache and cover it with faux fur, I never thought about it absorbing sweat and stinking over time; but, I have enough air circulation in the head that I don't really have to worry about it.
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  4. Deo

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    NO. Paper mache is NEVER a fursuit building material. NEVER.

    Also, do you have permission by Beastcub to use her picture as your avatar? Or the permission of the person who owns the suit?
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    I didn't know whom it belonged to or how to ask permission, I just liked how the photo looked; I'll just remove it ( I don't want to make anybody mad )
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    I will forget about paper mache then, those links that you posted will be very useful ^_^ Tank you
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  7. Deo

    Deo The hatred of FAF personified

    Ususually they are all 11 year old children hacking shit together with glue and paper plates. Don't learn from them, learn from experienced makers.
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    the list is acutely pretty good only thing i add to the materials list you need is a electric shaver/clippers and exacto knife
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  10. Jaeli

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    Two things: I used to work at Fabric Depot. Sign up for the mailing list via email. You get coupons. 40% off one item (including a piece of fabric) per week of the flyer. if you find your fabrics there, it's an excellent way to save a little cash.

    Also... (without going through all the links on making suits... yet) do folks make an undersuit... much like thermals, but you can get wickaway fabric through (occasionally) Fabric Depot, and make your own... another resource that's completely awesome and has TONS of wickaway fabrics is Rose City Textiles [ http://stores.rctfabrics.com/StoreFront.bok ]. They're local to me, so I can always just run up there, but they do a lot of internet ordering. They have a wholesale side as well as a retail side. If you make (and this is something I'm thinking of doing) undergarments of wickaway, it helps with the breathability of the suit. You won't be pouring sweat, as the fabric pulls it away from your skin. (I'm already a costumer in other things, so fabric is my thing).

    Just a couple things to maybe let folks know about...
    Back to lurking
  11. Deo

    Deo The hatred of FAF personified

    Undersuits are common. I personally wear UnderArmor Heat Wear shorts and shirts, which do wonders, but some people buy full lycra wick away dive skins and such. Compartments for fans are also sometimes added to heads and such.

    And news of sales travels fast in this community. If you watch the LJ Fursuit group the furs who work for Hancock's, JoAnnes, DF, and other places and are on their mailing lists will post about foam and fur sales, ads, and special deal codes.
  12. Moony

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    Are there any store names you could give me that sell Buckram? I've been trying to find some for a while now, but all I've found are online places that require you to buy at least by 1 yard of it, whereas I only need a very tiny amount of it (About 1 foot by 1 foot sheet)

    Is this possible?
  13. Deo

    Deo The hatred of FAF personified

    Most fabric stores carry it. So if you have a local fabric store, go there.
  14. Trpdwarf

    Trpdwarf Lurking in Castle Moats

    Also try large craft stores that carry a variety of items.
  15. Unca

    Unca KJ4PTD

    Please add "Mary Jo's Cloth Store" to the list. They are not a chain and only have one location, I don't think they ship but the selection is great. They are considered the Mecca of fabric in North and South Carolina, people come from all around to shop there. I just got back from fur shopping, they have a wall or fur on rolls, solids of every color and more patterns than you can shake a stick at. I would say they have over 60 different furs, they are not all suit quality but they have some NICE stuff, I got two yards of white 1.5" fur, very soft, flexible backing, all in all great fur for $14.99/YRD. Yea that's right $14.99 a yard for top quality fur, it you want to go extra cheep and quality is not that big of a concern they have fur from $9.00/YRD also.

    Here is the website, not that great of a site but easily one of the best stores I have ever been to.

  16. Tati

    Tati New Member

    WHat would be the best foam for heads.
  17. Unca

    Unca KJ4PTD

    Almost anything but most people use standard upholstery foam, it is light weight, easy to work, and breaths about as good as you can hope for.

  18. Inashne117

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    I've actually got a question about making foot paws. Would it be better to go get a pair of slip on/off shoes for a base or could I make do with an old pair of skate shoes?
  19. Blessed Wolfie

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    Looking at what not to use, specifically the aerosol part...so should I just hot glue seams on the fur and not add spray adhesive to make the fur stick better? I never even thought about residual fumes from it...
  20. Inashne117

    Inashne117 Member

    Its much better and cheaper to just sew them together. There are however some washable fabric glues that are sold in arts and crafts stores.

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